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Three Muslims appointed to Amarnath panel, samiti objects

Posted by jagoindia on June 23, 2009

Samiti objects to three Muslims on Amarnath panel
Ishfaq-ul-Hassan / DNA Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir governor NN Vohra has appointed three Muslims to the 13-member Shri Amarnath Yatra Advisory Committee for a smooth conduction of the yatra. But the committee is yet to meet, as the Shri Amarnath Sangharsh Samiti (SASS) has objected to inclusion of Muslims in the committee.

The samiti, which spearheaded the agitation for restoration of 39.88 hectares of forestland to the board last year, called the move “undesirable and unnecessary”. “The SASB Act clearly states that if a governor is non-Hindu, he has to nominate a Hindu to head the board. Taking it as a premise, how can a non-Hindu be part of Hindu religious body? Similarly no non-Muslim should be part of Muslim body,” said samiti convener Brig (retd) Suchet Singh.

This is the first time that the governor, who is also the board chairman, has nominated Muslims to the committee ever since the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) Act was passed.

The three Muslims are namely Lateef Ahmad Bhat, Mohammed Jabbar Malik and Dr Mubeen Shah.

Lateef Ahmad Bhat heads the Kashmir Hotel and Restaurants Owners Federation while Dr Mubeen Shah is the chairman of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI). Mohammed Jabbar Malik represents the family of Buta Malik, a Muslim shepherd from Pahalgam credited with discovering the cave shrine in the mountains in 1850. Buta and his family were the shrine’s custodian till 2000 when the National Conference government formed the shrine board.

“We are looking forward to put across our views for conduct of the yatra. There have been no meetings of the committee so far,” said Dr Mubeen Shah, a member of the coordination committee that spearheaded the struggle against the economic blockade of Kashmir by radical elements in Jammu.

“There has been no meeting of the committee so far. We have heard that some people have raised objections in Jammu over our inclusion in the committee,” said Lateef.

The board’s additional CEO, Madan Mantoo, said the advisory committee members have met the divisional commissioner though there has been no formal meeting with the Board.

One Response to “Three Muslims appointed to Amarnath panel, samiti objects”

  1. Urvashish/Saher Achwa said

    With reference to the above edition…all i have to say is being a Bhole Bhakt i strongly believe that in his eyes their is no muslim no hindu for him all is one…all his creation…and all are welcomed and blessed with their part and share of blessings….however a very strong question rather a concern would any hindu be accepted to be the chairman at makkah…will any hindu be accepted to preach islam or set ground rules even if they are educated with the teachings of islam without converting to a muslim….my Bholenath has and will always accepted anyone who believes in him not asking for conversion of religion or any materialistic ground rules set…JAI BHOLE..i am married to a muslim and i have been to my lord Amrnath Baba this very year after a long urge of 9 long yrs…and i love him lots…i have converted to a muslim after marrying a muslim, but i still felt the love he has for me when i visited him….thats y i got the courage to ask….i am sorry to discuss this at an open level but..the only mantra….be human first than discriminating the strength of any form of GOD, Allah or Jesus or My Bholenath….name this energy anything, its all one all up there from where he gives and where we all belong….HAR HAR MAHADEV…BISMILLAH E REHMANE RAHIM….

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