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Six Muslim members of Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan unit denied US visa

Posted by jagoindia on July 15, 2009

KJo’s team denied US visa
Six Muslim members of SRK-Kajol’s My Name Is Khan unit are facing problems
By Buzz18 . Dec 23, 2008

The 26/11 terror attacks that shook Mumbai seems to have spread terror across the globe. The American consulate rejected six visa applications of Muslim members of Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan unit recently. And the list includes even television actor-turned film star Aamir Bashir.

My Name Is Khan stars Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol and is currently being shot in Los Angeles. The six team members who were denied a visa also included SRK’s personal staff and others from the production team reported Mid Day.

Elizabeth Kauffman, spokesperson of the US consulate refused to comment on the same and told Mid Day, “As a policy, we don’t talk about any specific visa cases.”

A source however disclosed, “Those who were denied the visa tried to reason that it was only for a film shoot. They proved their bonafides and made it clear that they were actors. The fact that they were part of a unit that had leading B-Town names like KJo and SRK also did not help.”

Talking about his case, actor Aamir Bashir said to Mumbai Mirror, “Yes, I have been refused the US visa. It is also true that I was questioned about why I hadn’t mentioned my visit to Iran in the application form. I told them that it was simple oversight. However, I do not wish to say anything more at this point.”

Meanwhile, the rejected members are said to have submitted fresh applications hoping they’d be lucky this time around.

One Response to “Six Muslim members of Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan unit denied US visa”

  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    My one humble prayer cum request to the Editorial team. I am now a septugenerian and my eye sight is getting weak. This does not help me read your very small prints. Whereas I want to read and comment on your articles, but my eye sight does not help much. See if you can kindly help my this aging handicap.

    I have already made a professy that WWIII is now very close to our door. Do not get scared because those living in India and are loyal to this land will be saved. I promise it. To speak more at this juncture may be unwise. You all may be thinking that I have gone mad. You may say so. But just wait and see. It will be a real Holocaust, the world would not have witnessed so far.

    Regarding SRK, I would only suggest that he is a part of our Indian family. India has its dignity unlike Pakistan. We must not behave like Pakistan in an irresponsible manner. Secondly, we are a democratic country. Everybody has his right of free speech. We have enough enemies inside the country. What good will it serve by making and increasing more enemies. If we do not like his actions, we are also free to criticise him. Do that with your heart’s full but in Indian style, not in Pakistan style. Did you notice, I have already abused Pakistan in a gentleman’s language. I certainly shall not lower my status to somebody elses level. Then what will be the difference.

    God bless. “Jo jaisaa karegaa, vaisaa hi bharegaa”. See, god has already cursed him by denying the visa. Why do you want to soil your hands in the mud? Could you have given him bigger punishment than this?

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

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