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656 Hindu-Muslim communal incidents in 2008

Posted by jagoindia on July 17, 2009

The report does not seem to include violence caused by Muslim terrorism from Pakistan.

943 communal violence incidents killed 167 in 2008

July 17, 2009, Rakesh K Singh

The Pioneer

After a head count on religious lines in the Armed forces during its previous stint, the UPA-II regime has classified the communal situation on similar lines. The annual report of the Union Home Ministry for 2008-09 released on Thursday mentions communal violence with specifics on Hindu-Muslim and Hindu-Christian lines.

As many as 943 communal incidents took place in 2008, in which 167 persons were killed and 2,354 persons were hurt. In 2007, there were 761 incidents in which 99 persons were killed and 2,227 persons were injured, the report said under the title ‘Communal Situation in the Country’.

The report, ‘Hindu-Muslim Communal Situation’, said, “During 2008, 656 Hindu-Muslim communal incidents, including 4 riots, took place resulting in death of 123 persons and injuries to 2,272.”

In 2007, 681 communal incidents were reported, leading to 96 deaths and injuries to 2,117 persons, the report said and added majority of the incidents in 2008 took place in MP, UP, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka.

In 2008, Hindi-Muslim communal riots were reported from Indore, Madhya Pradesh on July 3 resulting in the death of 8 persons and injuries to 30 persons, Dhule, Maharashtra between October 5 and October 8 leading to the death of nine persons and injuries to 176 persons, said the report.

Hindu-Muslim riot was also reported from Adilabad in AP between October 10 and October 12 in which 10 persons were killed and four injured and in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh on October 11, resulting in death of nine persons and injuries to 25 persons, the report further said on Hindu-Muslim Communal Situation.

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