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Kerala Muslim arrested for role in July 2008 Bangalore serial blasts

Posted by jagoindia on July 23, 2009

Terrorists held in Kerala

Statesman News Service

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, 22 JULY: Kerala police has apprehended two terrorists who recruited youths and trained them in bomb-making to carry out terror missions across India. Md Abdul Halim (33), a native of Kannur, was caught two days ago and confessed to his role in the 2006 twin bomb blasts at Kozhikode bus stand. Kochi police commissioner Mr Manoj Abraham said that Md Halim admitted that the blasts were an aftermath of the Marad violence and was meant serve as a warning to the government. The police could have made headway in the case as Md Halim was caught earlier but managed to escape serious scrutiny as he was only booked for vehicle theft in mid-2008.

Md Halim is said to be involved in more than 13 pipe-bomb cases in Kerala since the late 90s, two murders an attempt on the life of late chief minister Mr EK Nayanar, and the burning of a Tamil Nadu state-owned bus at Kalamassery. His connection to the Kochi Collectorate blast is yet to be ascertained.

Suspect in Bangalore blasts held in Kerala

Ananthakrishnan G, TNN 23 July 2009

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Raised in Kerala, trained in Hyderabad and linked to jihadi terror networks across India. That is Mohammed Abdul Haleem, a suspected terrorist arrested by Kerala police on Wednesday for his alleged role in the July 2008 Bangalore serial blasts and a series of low-intensity blasts in the state in the last decade.

Haleem, 33, was picked up from Kannur and brought to Kochi where he was placed under arrest. Police say he was associated with the ultra-Islamic Noorish Tariquat based in Hyderabad and received terror training there.

What led the cops to him was the investigation into the three-year-old twin explosions at the transport bus stand in Kozhikode. Announcing his arrest, Kochi police commissioner Manoj Abraham said the vehicle, used to plant bombs in Bangalore, was the one stolen by Haleem from Aluva in Ernakulam. Though he was picked up earlier also in connection with the theft, Haleem duped the police then by stating that it was done to raise money for his wife’s medical treatment.

A former activist of the People’s Democratic Party founded by Abdul Nasser Madani, Haleem was an aide of Tadiyantavide Nasir, a key LeT operative wanted for the Bangalore blasts. Police also established his links with Abdul Sattar, another accused in the Bangalore blasts.

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