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Pakistan had 300 Hindu temples in 1947, hardly three dozen survive today

Posted by jagoindia on July 23, 2009

The messy state of the Hindu temples in Pakistan
Amir Mir
Tuesday 7 July 2009

Of the 300 Hindu temples that Pakistan inherited in 1947 atthe time of partition, hardly three dozen have managed to survive, many of whom are in ruins and set to disappear with the passage of time if due attention is not paid to their maintenance.

Following the demolition of the historic Babri Mosque in India in 1992by Hindu extremists, over 200 Hindu temples were destroyed across Pakistan by angry Muslims. Many of the Hindus living in Sindh and North West Frontier Province lost their homes as the largest outward migration of the Hindu community since Partition took place during these years. But despite all that, Hindus still exist in Pakistan, numbering more than 2 million. The Hindu population is largest in the Sindh province followed by the North West Frontier Province of the country, but there are Hindu communities dotted all over Pakistan who continue to suffer constant threats against their security, property and lives by extremist Muslims.

Together with the apathy of the general public, the Hindus of Pakistan remain a forgotten and voiceless people who have to live a low profile existence and have to put up with many insults to their honour and dignity, without any safeguards. The Pakistani authorities rarely ntervene to help their Hindu nationals, despite the fact that there are frequent reports of the kidnapping of Hindu women and children andlooting of Hindu property, besides other forms of discrimination and persecution.

As things stand, most Hindu temples in Pakistan are non-existent while idols in many ancient temples of historical importance are missing.The famous Temples at Katas, near Kalar Kahar, are in a dilapidated condition and require renovation. This is despite the fact that Pakistan had been already signed an agreement with India to restore the Katas temples. The temples had been falling into disrepair, and parts of them had been cemented before Indian leader L K Advani’s 2005 tour to Pakistan. One of the Katas temples in Pakistan had even beenconverted into a library, though Katas is sacred to Hindus.

The Katas Raj temples are located on a hill six kilometres from ChoaSaidan Shah of the Chakwal district of Pakistan’s Punjab province.Katas is mentioned in the Mahabharata, one of the three major ancientSanskrit epics of India.  According to the Hindu religious belief, both Katas and Paskar (Ajmer) are the eyes of Shiva, one of their gods. Paras Nath Jogi drew his last breath on Katas which also holds great historical significance, being the place where renowned Muslim scientist Alberuni attempted to measure the circumference of the Earth, studied Sanskrit and wrote his “Kitab-ul Hind”.

Similarly, the Doodhwali Mata Mandir and the Sheetla Mandir in Lahore,the Capital of the Pakistani Punjab province, built before the invasion of Alexander, are in dilapidated condition. The ancient idolsat these temples have either been looted or are missing and the government has denied permission to install new ones in place of these. The Sheetla Mandir at Lahore, built before the invasion of Alexander, has seen many of its precious idols either looted or handed over to archaeological department. The Doodhwali Mata Mandir between the Shah Almi and Lahori Gate in Lahore has somehow managed to survive in its dilapidated sanctum sanctorum.

The famous Parahlad Mandir and Jain Mandir near Anarkali in Lahore,which were largely damaged by fanatic Muslims after the demolition of Babri Mosque in India in 1992, have been locked and an Islamic schoolis being run in its compound. Bhagat Hakikat Rai’s Samadhi in Lahore,where a fair used to be held every Basant day is also in a bad shape.However, the Pakistan government is not allowing local Hindus to lookafter their desolate temples on the pattern of Sikh gurdwaras, for unknown reasons.

3 Responses to “Pakistan had 300 Hindu temples in 1947, hardly three dozen survive today”

  1. arun kumar said

    yes i truly agree im hindu and living in pakistan i cry after watching and looking at the condition of hidus in pakistan i ask the muslims why u r doing this stop this and let us live our lives in pakistan muslim terror has been increased alot they are raping innocent hindu girls and destroying tample we need help plz……..

  2. APatel said

    Hi Arun,

    I am deeply saddened by ur situation, I would recommend you get in touch with some hindi news channels to begin with and henceforth the english media in India. We empathize with you guys here in India but looking at the things going around us here at home, we’re helpless ourselves in a way. Indian muslims are enjoying many fruits today thanks to the GOI I think it’s high time Pakistan does the same.

    All the best brother I hope things improve for you guys there, if not u can be my guest for as long as you want. contact me at if u need any help or assistance regarding anything.

  3. hindu militant said

    @arun kumar

    I am sorry to hear yur plight. You can do one thing, write to Indian press, or TV channels on their websites. Or atleast The shivsena mouthpiece. They will definetely give publicity to your troubles. If any further help dont fear to contact me on Jai shri ram

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