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Muslim Prophet’s picture in textbook stirs row in Uttar Pradesh

Posted by jagoindia on July 29, 2009

Prophet’s picture in textbook stirs row in Uttar Pradesh
Indo-Asian News Service
Lucknow, July 28, 2009
Taking serious note of a picture of Prophet Mohammed published in an officially prescribed textbook, the Uttar Pradesh Minorities Commission on Tuesday issued a show-cause notice to the state government.

This followed an uproar among Islamic scholars and the clergy, who consider publication of the Prophet’s picture “blasphemy”.

“We have asked the state higher education department to clarify how it could give its go-ahead to a textbook, prescribed for B.Ed courses, to carry the picture of the Prophet,” newly-appointed minorities commission chairman SMA Kazmi told IANS in Lucknow.

The textbook is prescribed for the B.Ed course run by the Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University based in Faizabad.

The book titled “Udayimaan Bhartiya Samaj ke Shikshak” (Teachers in Emerging Indian Society) is authored by Karan Singh, a retired university professor, and published by Lakhimpur-based Govind Prakashan.

Earlier, a meeting of Islamic scholars and clerics was convened at the Islamic Centre of India here Monday evening. Prominent among those who attended the meet were Maulana Khalid Rasheed, the Naib Imam of Lucknow and head of Firangi Mahal, Lucknow’s oldest Islamic seminary and Maulana Athar, president of the All India Shia Muslim Personal Law Board.

“Firstly, it was against the tenets of Islam to carry any picture of the Prophet and secondly, no one on this earth has a picture of the Prophet; therefore, sure enough the picture carried in the said book was simply imaginary,” observed Maulana Khalid Rasheed.

“Earlier, it was a Danish cartoonist who sought to sketch the Prophet in a derogatory manner and now it is this book. While there was nothing derogatory about the Prophet in the contents of the chapter on him, yet considering the sensitivity of the issue, the book needs to be immediately withdrawn,” he stressed.

“The picture of the Prophet needs to be removed from the book before it is brought back into circulation in the market,” the Maulana added.

9 Responses to “Muslim Prophet’s picture in textbook stirs row in Uttar Pradesh”

  1. Mahendra said

    Why is publishing a picture of Mohammed considered a blasphemy when it violated no local law or any verse of Quran? In fact, a picture of his, presented to the monk Abd al Muttalib and the inhabitants of Mecca, 18th century Ottoman copy of a supposedly 8th century original is now located in the Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul. Let Maulana Athar try to remove that first.
    A complete archive of his pictures available worldwide can be seen at the following site:

  2. Ali said

    Why Muhmad is with no figure. Is he a imaginary ? virtual ? If it is a blashphemy then logically faith is should also virtual or imaginary.

  3. Mahendra said

    Actually the Prophet’s picture is not prohibited in Quran. Secondly his picture has been painted by Muslims right from 8th Century onwards and preserved even now in Istanbul. Any one can see his pictures painted by Muslims on the internet – just Google for his images.

  4. Peace said

    I think we are thinking in an opposite direction. Why are we finding justifications of whether the pictures of the Prophet (pbuh) are prohibited. Since Muslims find it objectionable, why cant we just respect their religion and not do it. Also, I think that all religions must repsect each other and should not do something that hurts the other religions’ sentiments. Would’nt it be great if we all did that? Respect each others’ religion and it would create harmony in the society.

    We should not also judge each other by their respective religions but as human beings and crimes committed by any persion should not be burdened upon their respective religion.

    Let Peace prevail.

  5. Thomas Kurian said

    Islam – the work cult ever.

    MohaMad – Child rapicist and womanizer; According to Quran this man raped 6 year old Aiysha when he was 54 yearsold and he had 20+ wives in addition ! What a jerk ….

  6. Dr. O. P. sudrania said

    @Thomas Kurian,

    Aisha was bequathed to Mohammad at the age of 6 and Mohammad was 51. But he did not consummate his marriage till next three years, i.e. when Aisha was 9 and Mohammad was 54.I think this is the precise historical fact.


    Couldn’t agree more with you. But who needs this lesson? Will you kindly also go and preach it to Reverant Mr. M. F. Hussain. This can not be a one way only. Simply because the Muslims (some) have developped a reactionary mass frenzied attitude to inflict grievous injuries to others and perpetrate the fear psychosis in all other societies, others should suffer them silently. It is the Muslims who go out to commit murders and shout, “Alahh-o Akbar”. Is it a fair use of a religious ideology? Shouting the name of God in hienous crimes? Why do they go out to and hurt the peace of others in the first place?

    Should a sane civilised society accept and allow such barbaric practices? These are the big questions today, the rest of the world comity has to debate, decide and fight, if need be. This is why, I in fact, most of the times criticise religion. It is being misused as misplaced political oppressive tool to rally round gullible innocent masses for their illicit agendas. In fact, President Musharraf himself (himself a diehard Muslim) had bombarded the Red Mosque in Islamabad himself when he could not contain these Islamic Wahhabi/Salafi Sunni fanatics.

    Islam can not be used as a political ideology on one side, and then taken shelter as religion of peace on the other side, when its victims cry and lament in pain and grievous injuries inflicted by somebody in the name of a religion. It is simply not acceptable in the modern civilised society. They have to convince the world. A forcefully throttled distasteful food mischievously in the name of a tasty pudding is just not on. I am sorry for hard words. But violence has to be quelled by use of promulgation of a “Curfew Order”, which may, but, involve some retributory violence. Both are violence but there is a difference.

    War and peace, can not be carried in the same container. Just wont work.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  7. Dr. O. P. sudrania said


    I agree with you and also remember having seen these pictures. Of course, it should not be in “MF Hussain” style and then run away to save his disputed image to accept the citizenship of another country (read muslim).

    I have several times reminded of “Hussaini Brahmins”. Please read,”Brahmins Fought for Imam Hussain in the Battle of Karbala” at the following link:

    One Hindu Brahmin had sacrificed his seven sons for the one head of Ali. And the present day Muslims should take some lessons from them. Late Sunil Dutta and Sanjay Dutta family are one of them.

    In fact, the recent researches are coming out, which claim that the place of “Mecca Mosque” was a “Shiv Temple” and the ‘Black Stone’ called “Hajre Aswad” at the “Ruknu l-Aswad” on Kaaba in the Holy Mosque is a replica of a “Shiv Linga”. In fact I have written several times myself that “Idolatry” is misinterpreted by the ignorants who neither knew nor attempted to know its esoteric meaning. It is perfectly scientific. Hajj/Umrah is another good example of an ill-understood practice of “Idolatry”. Think over.

    You will not subscribe a small kidergarten child straight away a book of post-graduate standard! or will you? Then in the kindergatens, you show an “Apple” to teach the child letter “A”. That “Apple” is nothing but the “Idols” for a “Spiritual Seeker” in the beginning of his “Kindergarten” spiritual carrier. It is a vast subject in Vedas. Simply because it is not understood by some, then it is wrong. It is because of the sheer ignorance and hatred by them.

    Hate is another side of business. Mirwaiz Omar Farooq is the best example of it. Where shall he get all the luxury that he is enjoying today in that “Hate Business”. He had been to Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, China as a very special guest. Also gets all the press and media attention, besides the visits by the foreign dignitaries to elevate the personal image. One could rightly ask for his literary/educational credentials to deserve it all? Are you surprised, why the hate India/Kashmir pot is all the time boiling?

    Another word used is “Monotheism” now-a-days vis-a-vis
    “Polytheism”. In Vedas, “Ekam sat, vipra bahudha vadanti” is very old ideology propounded by the “Ancient Seers” in India. It clearly means, the “Truth” (i.e. God) is “One” (i.e. Monotheism) but the “Wisemen” call it in “Different Names” (i.e. Polytheism).
    As the various languages vary, so the various themes vary.

    This is a part of “Higher” studies. A small comment like this may not fully justify the “Entire Wisdom” contained in the ancient vedic scriptures. But the “Shop of Religion” will be shut if the “Shop of Truth” is disclosed. The “Spiritual” aspect of “Religion” has been “Hijacked” by the “Business” aspect of “Organised Religion”.

    Unfortunately, these subtle hidden agendas of these “Religious” so
    called “Contractors (Thekedaars)” are kept “Hidden” from the masses to save the multi-billion industry of “Organised Religion”.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  8. Mahendra said

    How wonderful this world can become once every body realizes that there is only one God or Supreme Reality which has created this world and all beings and that humans are not different from that Reality. All else – God being born, son of God rising from his grave, God sending a message to a prophet – are myths. While every body is entitled to believe his myth as truth, they can’t force it on others who see those myths as lies. It is unacceptable that one creed can assume the right of destroying the icons of other faiths and preventing them to draw a picture of a man who followers of other faiths do not even consider to be a prophet.

  9. Dr. Gour Mohanty said

    I am still at a loss to understand as to how Muslims are allowed to have their way everywhere in all countries,and yet in the Muslim countries no freedom is allowed by them to people of other religions.The international relations exist,continue and thrive on the principle of reciprocity;and this is the guiding principle in matters of diplomatic relations.But while muslims would insist on doing five times Namaj in all countries,the muezzin yelling from top of the mosqe;their women wearing burqa in all countries,pursuing all professions,dishonoring the laws of the land-even ;in the muslim countries like Arabia they do not even allow people to carry the photograph of deities.They would use and misuse the freedom and democratic liberties of the other countries and yet have their autocratic and dictatorial ways with respect to people of other countries and religions.How the western world with all its might swallows it all these years is a conundrum.Basically the world since long has succumbed to their blatant psychological terrorism,and it is high time that there must be an end to it forthwith.

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