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Muslim mob attack Janmashtami procession, pelt stones at Hindus in Ahmedabad

Posted by jagoindia on September 2, 2009

Muslims attack Janmashtami procession in Ahmedabad
By our correspondent
Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat, 15 August, 2009

Police lobbed five tear gas shells to disperse the Muslim mobs who were pelting stones over minority Hindu population in Ahmedabad’s Muslim dominated Shahpur area on Saturday evening.

The trouble started when Muslims attacked a Janmashtami procession that was passing near a Muslim place of worship and then started pelting stones over Hindus who are in minority in this area. After Hindus reacted to this, Muslim mobs started pelting stones from all the directions in Nagorivad area. Around three to four persons received minor injuries during the clashes.

The situation was brought under control and heavy police deployment has been arranged.

It should be mentioned here that Shahpur area was originally a Hindu dominated locality of Ahmedabad. But thanks to Muslim mafias, and property riots sponsored by them, Hindus had to sell their properties and ultimately the whole area started becoming Muslim dominated. Last year, Muslims had burnt a Hindu temple in Shahpur area.

2 Responses to “Muslim mob attack Janmashtami procession, pelt stones at Hindus in Ahmedabad”

  1. ANTIJIHAD said

    Islam has so much crept into our lives that it is critical time we did something to oppose it.

    People like Gujaratis have always shown that muslim violence can be answered effectively with violence.

    If only others also imitate this, the islamic problem in India can be solved.

  2. ANTIJIHAD said

    In continuation of my comment, I really wish that there be at least one crore Narendra Modis in India.

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