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India a terribly soft state: US experts

Posted by jagoindia on September 6, 2009

India a terribly soft state: US experts
TNN 30 January 2009

NEW DELHI: India will be vulnerable to more terrorist attacks along the lines of Mumbai, terrorism analyst Brian Jenkins from RAND and Ashley Tellis  have told the US Senate’s committee on homeland security.

“India will continue to face a serious jihadi terrorist threat from Pakistan-based terrorist groups. However, India lacks military options that have strategic-level effects without a significant risk of a military response by Pakistan. Neither Indian nor US policy is likely to be able to reduce that threat significantly in the short to medium term,” they said.

Tellis said, “LeT represents a threat to regional and global security second only to al-Qaida. Although LeT is linked in popular perceptions mainly to the terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir, the operations and ideology of this group transcend the violence directed at India.” He cautioned that US should work with India to deal with terrorism from Pakistan, otherwise India would be tempted to take steps that could endanger regional security.

“To the chagrin of its citizens, India has also turned out to be a terribly soft state neither able to prevent many of the terrorist acts that have confronted it over the years nor capable of retaliating effectively against either its terrorist adversaries or their state sponsors in Pakistan,” the two experts said. Jenkins added that the poor quality of India’s response to the terror attacks, intelligence failure and inadequate counter-terrorist training and equipment added to India’s misery.

3 Responses to “India a terribly soft state: US experts”

  1. APatel said

    yeah all thanks to our beloved old politicians who have lost their balls sometime in last 6 decades.

  2. Mahendra said

    On the contrary, India is very strong in terrorism. No other country promotes islamic terrorism like India.. If a Mohemmed cartoon appears in Denmark, or President Bushvisits India Muslim marauders create riots, shut down cities but when Muslims kill Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan not a dog barks. Indian PM opens the wealth created by Hindus for Muslims to have the first bite and India’s Home Minister joins Muslim findamentalists in anti-India ativities. Even Pakistan and Afghanistan go after the terrorists but India only treats them as unsolvable criminal matters to strengthen islamic terrorism. No amount of criticism or positive suggestions shakes the resolve of Indian gov to keep islamic terrorism strong.

  3. car313 said

    America is just being nice. What they actually mean but do not say is that is that India is a coward state or is a state of cowardice.

    We were licked by Alexander, then by the Muslims. Our strength lies mainly in harassing Shudras and Dalits.

    When terrorists hijack a plane we have the relatives of passengers begging the government to bend over backwards and release all jailed terrorists.

    Our courage comes out superbly in serving tea in separate glasses to Dalits and grabbing the land of the poor.

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