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Four Muslims arrested for hoisting Pakistan flags over dargah in Anand, Gujarat

Posted by jagoindia on September 8, 2009

The five people arrested for hoisting the flag include dargah’s trustee Misri Khan Hussain Pathan, Habib Khan Rahim Khan Pathan, Sajid Khan Bismilakhan Pathan, Ismail Khan Sikandar Khan Pathan and Altaf Khan Sikandar Khan Pathan. Tailor Alpesh Vora of Navjeevan Khadi Bhandar was arrested late in the night.  link

Pakistani flag found hoisted in Gujarat’s Anand district

07, 2009, Zeenews Bureau

Anand (Gujarat): In a shocking incident, a Pakistani flag was found hoisted in Gujarat’s Anand district.

According to reports, a Pakistani flag was found hoisted in a graveyard in Amreth in Gujarat’s Anand district. The preliminary investigations have revealed that the flag had been there for the last two months.

The incident came to light when a Sub-Inspector informed his superiors about the flag following which he was asked to take action.

When asked about the incident, Executive Magistrate of Anand, A Jha said that the area has a huge neem tree as a result of which the flag could not be sighted earlier. Further, there was a cemetery in the vicinity which made it difficult to distinguish the flag. She, however, said that the flag has now been removed.

Talking about the investigations into the incident, Dy SP of Anand informed that four persons have been arrested and interrogation is on. He added that the flag was hoisted with the knowledge and permission of graveyard’s trustee, who is also among the arrested.

Locals say that they had earlier complained to the police about the incident but no action was taken.

The Union Home Ministry has been appraised of the situation.

Four arrested for hoisting Pak flag over dargah in Gujarat
PTI 7 September 2009, 08:35pm IST

ANAND (Gujarat): Four persons have been arrested for allegedly hoisting a Pakistani flag over a shrine in Umreth town of the district in Gujarat
here today.

Two Pakistani flags were seen tied to a neem tree above a ‘dargah’ by locals, who informed the police.

According to police, a complaint has been filed against five persons including two ‘trustees’ and three workers of the shrine for promoting enmity between different groups under IPC 153A.

Four people including one trustee of the shrine have been arrested, while another trustee has not been arrested due to poor health, the police said.

On preliminary investigation it was found that the flag was similar to Pakistan’s national flag but not an original one as it was printed on only on one side, the police said.

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