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Past and Present Muslim Leaders on India

Posted by jagoindia on September 18, 2009

What Muslim Leaders have said
Rashtriya Chetna,  August 2006

Syed Shahabuddin: Syed Shahabuddin, MP, the leader of Samata Party, once expressed his venomous views: Muslims should have ruled India after the departure of the British, and not the Hindus. Population growth helped Muslims to annex a large part of India for creating a separate Islamic State of Pakistan. Such efforts on the part of the Muslims should be continued to gradually convert the rest of India into Dar-ul-Islam (land of the Muslims).

Syed Abdullah Bukhari: Syed Abdullah Bukahri, the Imam of Jama Masjid Delhi, poured out a poisonous statement in December 1986: Secularism has no place in Islam. Propagation of Islam is the first duty of Muslim. Muslim youths will propagate Islam with swords in their hands.

On another occasion in 1987, he openly uttered: I consider Islam greater than the country. I am first a Muslim, then everything else…. For me there is no meaning to Independence Day (of India)….. I have told Muslims thousands of time and telling them again to burn down bungalows of Muslim ministers of the Congress Party, cut off their legs and throw them away. Islam is first, nation afterwards.

Azam Khan: Azam Khan, the then MLA of UP Legislative Assembly burst into vile words against the motherland, Bharat Mata, at a public meeting in Kanpur on March 23, 1987: Is this our motherland? This is a blood-thirsty mother. This is not mother, this is a witch.

Salahuddin Oweisi: Salahuddin Oweisi, a member of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly, publicly suggested: There should be a separate Muslim state within each state of India.
Abul Kalam Azad: Abul Kalam Azad, while addressing his students, said A country like India, which has once been under Mohammedan rule, must never be given up, and it was incumbent on them to strive to regain their lost contol.

On another occassion, Maulana Azad, who held the responsible position of the president of All India Congress, burst out venomously in an irresponsible manner: Against the non-Muslim Government, Islam prescribes only sword, protracted battle and the cutting of throats.

Liaqat Ali Khan: Liaqat Ali Khan was the secretary of the Muslim League. He was the right hand of Jinnah. It was Liaqat Ali, who, during the election campaign in 1946, boasted in Delhi. The Muslim is a born fighter. He may hesitate to cast a vote for Pakistan, but he would not hesitate to shed his blood. After the partition, he became the first prime minister of Pakistan. Nature is too strict and stern to spare anybody. Liaqat Ali, who got Pakistan through artifical riots, did not die a natural death. He was assassinated.

H.S. Suhrawardy: Hassan Shahid Suhrawardy was political disciple of Jinnah. He is notoriously known in history as the great killer of Hindus in the Calcutta massacre. While addressing the Muslim League Legislators Convention held in Delhi on April 9, 1946, Suhrawardy declared like Hitler that Pakistan was the Muslims latest, but not the last demand, and that if the British rulers entrusted the destiny of India to the Congress, the Muslim League would not allow the Central Government to function even for a day. On another occasion he, in his capacity as chief minister of Bengal, threatened: If the Congress was entrusted with power at the Centre, I would declare Bengal independent.

Feroz Khan Noon: Feroz Khan Noon, a fanatic leader of the Muslim League, while addressing the Muslim League legislators meeting, said: The havoc, that the Muslims would play, would put to shame what Changez Khan and Halaku did.

Ghaznafar Ali Khan: Ghaznafar Ali Khan, who was the health minister in the Viceroys Interim Government, headed by Pandit Nehru, spoke at Lahore: If Mohammed-Bin-Kasim and Mahmood Ghaznavi could invade India with armies composed of a few thousands, and yet were able to overpower lakhs of Hindus, God willing a few lakhs of Muslims will yet overwhelm crores of Hindus. It was he, who openly advised Hindus to embrace Islam to save themselves from the holocaust.

Dr. Ali Mohammed Naqvi: Dr. Ali Mohammed Naqvi was a follower of the Deoband School of Islamic ideology, which totally thwarted the concept of nationalism and democracy. He authored a book, Islam and Nationalism, in which he unequivocally stated: Nationalism is incompatible with Islam… The concept of a nationalist Muslim is as absurd as that of a religious Communist or capitalist Marxist. ….. When the ideology of Islam expands, nationalism is destroyed, and when nationalism grows, Islam is annihilated.

Hamid Dalwai: Hamid Dalwai, a nationlist Muslim and true son of Hindusthan, rightly reveals the attitude of fanatic Muslims in his book, Muslim Politics in India. He unambiguously states: In sum, Muslims cannot reconcile themselves with the nationalism of any country, where they are in a minority.

F.K. Khan Durrani: In the preface to his book. The Meaning of Pakistan, Mr. Durrani boastfully brags: There is not an inch of the soil of India which our forefathers did not once purchase with their blood. We cannot be false to the blood of our fathers. India, the whole of it, is therefore our heritage, and it must be reconquered for Islam…. Our ultimate ideal should be the unification of India, spiritually as well as politically under the banner of Islam. The final political salvation of India is not otherwise possible.

Attaullah Suhrawardy: Attaullah Suhrawardy, a senior leader of the National Conference of Kashmir, and former minister and deputy speaker of Kashmir, unquivocally asserted in his speech in the state legislative council: I am first a Muslim and then an Indian. Islam does not need the support of anyone for its spread. It is spreading on its own. At the time of partition, there were only four and a half crore Muslims in the country. However, in spite of the bloody communal riots in Bhiwandi, Moradabad, Aligarh and other areas, killing thousands of Muslims, the population of Muslims has increased to 14 crores, …..As for the question of conversion of all to Islam, it is the fundamental duty of a Muslim to strive for conversion and any Muslim who does not remember this duty, does not deserve to be called a Muslim.

Syed Ali Shah Geelani: Syed Ali Shah Geelani, a leader of Jamaat-i-islami categorically expresses his political ideology: The politics of socialism and secularism is totally unsound. I do not like any Muslim to adopt socialsim and secularism as his political ideal.

Dr. Mushir-ul-Haq: Dr. Mushir-ul-Haq honestly unfolds the inner psyche of the Muslims of India in his book, Islam in Secular India. He candidly states: The Muslim community of India also welcomed the idea of a secular state, because they feared the alternative would be a Hindu State. Many of them seem to believe that the state must remain secular, but the Muslims should be saved from secularism.

Syed Ahmad Hussain: Syed Ahmad Hussain, another leader of Jamaat-i-Islami addressed the Muslims in a mosque in Aurangabad on February 7, 1961: Shall the Muslims with all their ideology merge into sweeping current of secularism or change the current itself and establish the sovreignty of Islam? That is the serious question which confronts the Mussalmans of India today. Islam has been born to turn the whole world into Islamic. We have to change this secular rule in Bharat and establish Islamic rule in its place. The idea of secular rule is itself a contradiction of Islam. We have, therefore, to slowly work for the establishment of the sovereignty of Islam here.

In sharp contrast to all this, Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sringeri, in his interview with me, said that Muslims are our brothers as our forefathers were common. Hence I wish them prosperity and happiness.

4 Responses to “Past and Present Muslim Leaders on India”

  1. ciccio said

    Courtesy of the UK govt. statistics. 22% ofPakistani/Bangladeshi (PC speak for muslim)boys achieve 5 good GSCE’s. So do 67% of Indian (PC speak for Hindu) girls. Taking these statistics as a basis, and I am sure you can find many many more, is it not about time that the truth was more actively disseminated? The muslim rape of India did did bring about the conversion of many Hindus to Islam, but genetics do not lie, it was only the lowest caste of Hindu who converted.

  2. Meena said

    We are all Indian. For thousands of years, India did not have caste discrimination- The word Islam means submit (to the sword)- every Abrahamic faith had full fledged slavery of foreign nations. Arab slave trade was very profitable in latter part of millenia. Hindu Vedic texts in reality preach equality among castes- caste is division of labor. Vedic texts including Mahabharata state NEITHER BIRTH Nor SACRAMENTS NOR STUDY NOR ANCESTRY can decide whether a person is twice born a BRAHMIN or a PRIEST; CHARACTER & CONDUCT ONLY CAN DECIDE
    Shabari’s chapter in the Ramayana proves that God loves all regardless of caste, creed, gender, race, wealth and faith. Ravana, a Brahmin was slayed by Rama. So it means that the Lord does not discriminate against anyone

    Vedic people had no caste or Varna divisions by birth. Rig Veda – 7/64/2 & 8/11/6 call Mitra and Varun as Kshatriyas in the ‘powerful’ sense as neither they were Kshatriya born nor were there any Kshatriya race, then. Similarly, Agni is also called Vipra or Brahmin in the sense of ‘intelligent’. R.V (112/3) says: I am a carpenter, my son a doctor& my daughter a wheat grinder. This was possible as there were no caste or work distinction based on birth.

  3. Pavan Urs said

    If you are so much devotional towards Islam, why dont you quit India & make Pakistan or Afghanistan as your home… I think this country need 1 more Prithviraj Chouhan Or MahaRana Pratap to do this job….

  4. dharmayoddha said

    this country needs a hindu jinnah or a bengali hindu suhrawardy, and ofcourse India needs to become a hindu pakistan.

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