Islamic Terrorism in India

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Three groups in India are obsessed with friendship with Pakistan

Posted by jagoindia on February 9, 2010

“There are three groups in India which are obsessed with friendship with Pakistan. The first group comprises elderly people born in that part before partition and who are nostalgic about Lahore havelis, halwa and mujra. The second group comprises Bollywood actors, directors and assorted outfits who look at Pakistan as a big market. Dawood Ibrahim’s gang has financed many of these useful idiots. The third group comprises bleeding heart liberals who hold candle light vigils and who cannot imagine India doing well without its ‘younger brother’ taken care of. All three have been proved wrong a hundred times but they unfortunately play an important role in moulding opinion.”

Click  Just boycott Pakistan

“It is futile to persist with talking to a country whose politics, society and economy are controlled by its Army and which will never abandon its policy of promoting cross-border terrorism. Corporate India must get real and simply enforce a total boycott of Pakistan. It will yield results”

One Response to “Three groups in India are obsessed with friendship with Pakistan”

  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    With an enough background about Islam, I am more than convinced that until Islam has clearly demarcated the two aspects completely separate, i.e. – Religion and Politics; it can not escape indignation of promoting violence and atrocities in the name of religion. Further t is loosing its relevance as a religion. Politics and Religion deal with two totally divergent aspects of life which can not be mixed together. Politics will do better under the ‘guidance’ of Religion but not the vice versa. Politics in the name Religion is totally a different philosophy. This is where the Islamic stalwarts are not able to differentiate. Some Islamic religious serious practitioners bifurcated out as “Sufi” saints. Their thinking and philosophy is truely guided by the peace, love and unity in diversity principle. But the majority Islamic hard liners do not
    acept them. They even fight among themselves in the name of Sunni-Shia, a common occurrence in Sindh province of Pakistan. Islam as on today is a delinquent child of Prophet Abraham born out of the maid of Sarah, the wife of the prophet.
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

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