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Shahrukh Khan loves Pakistan, Video of Mumbai terror attack by Pakistani terrorists

Posted by jagoindia on February 11, 2010

”I and my family is from Pakistan, my father was born there and his family was from there. Can we just circumvent all that is said about India and Pakistan by the politicians, by anybody else and say ‘it’s a great neighbour to have, we’re great neighbours..let’s just love each other’,” the actor said.

View photos of Mumbai attacks and find out how great a neighbour Pakistan is!

View disturbing video of Pakistani terrorists massacring Indians.

Pakistani Cricketer  Sohail Tanvir blames Hindus for IPL snub.  Video
Pakistani players are the best T20 players: SRK

”I and my family is from Pakistan, my father was born there and his family was from there. Can we just circumvent all that is said about India and Pakistan by the politicians, by anybody else and say ‘it’s a great neighbour to have, we’re great neighbours..let’s just love each other’,” the actor said.

Stating that ”sports should be kept out of politics”, Shah Rukh said, ”When my team had five Pakistani players in the first year, there were people saying “Aap ke pass bahut saare Pakistani players hain” (Your team has so many Pakistani players). Come on man, sports should be left alone. I think before we react to any of these incidents, I think we should hold back and say “yeah there is an issue, both sides have a point, so let’s keep it easy”.

Mumbai Attack that ShahrukhKhan  prefers to forget in favour of his Muslim brothers in Pakistan

The 2008 Mumbai attacks were more than ten coordinated shooting and bombing attacks across Mumbai, India’s largest city, by terrorists from Pakistan.[6] The attacks, which drew widespread condemnation across the world, began on 26 November 2008 and lasted until 29 November, killing at least 173 people and wounding at least 308

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17 Responses to “Shahrukh Khan loves Pakistan, Video of Mumbai terror attack by Pakistani terrorists”

  1. Rajput said

    SRK is pakistani..and it is proved that.

  2. smiley890 said

    Our Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh was born in Pakistan and Pervez General Musharraf was born in India. It does not mean that he is a pakistani. After partition Shahrukh family resided to India and his father was a India freedom figther. Please look his contribuion to Indian Cinema.

  3. cute dude said


  4. The Game said

    Ohh.. When SRK says “Phir Bhi Dil Hey Hindustani”, his Heart says “Phir Bhi Dil Hey pakistani”. U know if our people completely believe upon these guys then our country’s reputation going to spoil. May be Dr.Manmohan Singh was born in Pakistan but he is an Indian. Did u ever heard any comments from SRK for our common Ppls(Both Hindu and our Muslim Brothers and others)who were lost their lives in 26/11, noo!!! Because he can’t say anything bad about Pakistan and if he will give any comments in the favor of Pakistan at that time, then he was completely Unsafe in India. I am a Hindu but I like my Muslim brothers as my Hindu Brothers. May be they are Muslim but they were born In India. And Woo jante hain “Jis Thaali mee Khaoo usee ched nahin Karte”. I am proud of my Muslim friends, they are really great. But I don’t like these type of PPls…

  5. Rajguru said

    Firstly the Kind of attention these artists get in our country is completely unwarranted and unnecessary. Its the public which makes them bigger than the Heroes in real life, be it sportsman or scientists . Treat them as entertainers nothing more nothing less. There is no need to be affected by their comments.
    What have they done for the betterment of the human race, nothing…just because he woos you with someone else’s voice and someone else’s story by “acting” he ain’t big.

  6. Iknowthat said

    Hi guys,
    SRK has been drawn again into controversies, for his concert in London for fund relief in Pakistan. Please recall that Pakistan was thinking 10 times when India offered them relief funds. Now SRK is willingly performing for them.
    Just see his movies starting from ‘Mai hoon na’ were he is portraying Indian terrorism which is no were there. But in that movie not a single in fingers were raised on terrorism from pakistan. Further going Chak De shows him loyal India muslim. Them comes MNIK. All his movies try to prove one point, his love towards Pakistan and his lesser or may be no love towards his own country.

    This guy supports Pakistanis like anything, as if he is a Pakistani while in fact he is an Indian. He performs for cricketers of both countries only, you will not see him in performing for only Indian cricketers. SRK has time again proved that his love for Pakistan is more then that for India.

    So sad that those who speak for this point are just waved off just because he is a star. So what he needs to prove his love for this country. Never did we hear him condemning 26/11 attacks but you will always find him favoring the country which has been the biggest hurdle in it’s own development and our development as well.

  7. RAHUL said

    I think shahrukh truly loves pakistan because
    1. in 1st ipl most no. of pak players in kkr.
    2. in 2nd and 3rd ipl only he wanted to take pak players.
    3. his movie MY NAME. . . .
    is related to pak.

    he totally loves pak.
    wo sacche indian muslimon ka naam kharab kar raha hai.. .

  8. arun said

    he is 100% pakistani…sharukh is the king of pakistan..please send him back since he loves pakistan….wats wrong in that if he loves pakistan send him back know…all this 3’KHANS…are like a 3 ideots..who are fooling us…sharukh you are the citizen of pakistan …darling its better you go back…we are fed up of seeing your BAKRI styles in movies….sharukh you the bas….you are very lucky that our indian government and indian netas they back you whenever you are in trouble….please go back khans…

  9. vijay said

    U all r idiots saying that ShahRuk Khan is pakistani. What`s wrong in that if he had mostly pakistan players in his team only because they all r great players as we all have to admit. Shahruk Khan is a greatest man excellent actor on the earth no one equals to him we should respect him as he is doing a great job to joining to countries. I LOVE SHAH RUK KHAN and we all should.

  10. Prashant said

    I do agree….

    He hosted a party at his house during India Vs Pakistan match. But did not hear any such party during the final game between India Vs Srilanka. Looks like his Mannath party has gone wasted since his favourite country lost this match.

    MNIK has nothing to do with India and it is a story about terrorism in Pakistan.

    When you stay with your brother at your home and if someone B is your brother’s enemy any normal person will treat B as his own enemy. I too belive this and I can never even think about being in good terms with those who are responsible for Mumbai attack. But SRK did never have any issue with that rather he was more keen to include more and more Pakistani players in his team.

  11. dan said

    he is a paki and will remain paki, we INDIANS ARE FOOLS , specially his wife marrying a paki, and us treating him like a God , he is just an actor a nautanki man to make us laugh, he is not all worth it. He is a copy cat of Amitabh. but illiterate Indians dont get it.Boycott this Paki

  12. Rahul said

    hey don’t say anything bad about Shahrukh khan. He is great actor and moreover pakistani people are not bad neither Pakistan. Only the terrorists are evil people. Even in our country we also have terrorists Ulfa terrorists. They are all Indian. Neither India nor Pakistan is bad. Shahrukh khan is great actor.

  13. Amit said

    Oh Come on forget it???? After your neighbor shoots you at the back? Huh! What kind of an Indian is this SRK????

  14. srk love with both country Pakistan and india.he had also relatives in pakistan.

  15. Rajesh Kumar said

    of course srk is best and king of bollywood .. but its true srk is pakistnai.. in his heart is only pakistan.. he is in India bcz India has given him the reputation and at present so many indian and worldwide are his fan due to his acting and his romantic attitude.No doubt srk is Pakistani . bca in his every interview he mention about Pakistan..and u can watch his many movies related to pakistan .. like veer zara, Mnik, chak de India, Mai hu na,……..Anyways I dont know why shahrukh dont have positive mind About India.. Anyways Friends not even shahrukh many muslims brothers supports pakistan.. i remeber when india paskistan comes many muslims pray for paskistan winning. Why is happening like this in i think if a war again starts between India vs Pakistan.. India will win but will not be strongly win .. bcz even Indian will not support for India.what a sad…

  16. deepak kumar said

    friends i’m nt here to start an arguement
    ya he loves pakistan bcoz his father is from there
    his cousines r der
    if u all were in his place,u would have also done the same

  17. deepak said

    shah rukh khan is a committed Islamist..his statements clearly point that way. He wants to present the real picture of Islam to the world by making misleading movies like My Name is Khan. Conveniently he leaves out the every day terror threats to the west, particularly USA. SRK leaves out how Islam is eating away into not just the Indian way of life, but the world at large. You will never find SRK or Indian Islamists talk abt the killing of Van Gogh’s grandson for making a movie on Islam, or the Danish cartoons fiasco. Guys like SRK are far more dnagerous than the open terrorist. SRK should openly condemn Islam and adopt the Hindu way of life after his wife.

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