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Karan Johar, Khan and Bollywood distort reality and should be made to pay for Pune victims

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2010

“This is why you shouldn’t take Bollywood at face value. They are not on the side of the vast majority of Indian people nor the wider national interest of India.

The terror attacks in Pune over the weekend may or may not have been avoided, but one thing is clear if Bollywood had cared half as much about reality of Islamic Jihadis instead of making movie after movie distorting reality of how these people actually operate, we may have had more security forces, and more rigorous methods on the ground to protect the innocents who were killed in Pune yesterday. Not to ignore the possibility of a more immediate cause of this, diversion of national and state security forces for the stake of some Khan movie.”

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Pakistan lover Shahrukh Khan mum on Pune terror attack which killed 9 and injured 60

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2010


Khan felt that the youth should circumvent all that is said about India and Pakistan by the politicians and say, “It (Pakistan) is a great neighbour to have. We are great neighbours, They are good neighbours. Let us love each other.”

“Let me be honest. My family is from Pakistan, my father was born there and his family is from there,” he said.
Shahrukh Khan silent on Pune blast

February 15,  2010 By: Subhadeep Bhattacharjee

Terrorism doesn’t usually concern Bollywood but the recent bomb blast at the German Bakery in Pune couldn’t have come at a worst time for the Maharashtra Government and Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan. In the last few days there has been a ego clash been the Congress and the Shiv Sena over the release of the Shahrukh’s movie My Name Is Khan. The movie had released all across Maharashtra especially in Mumbai amidst tight security.

This after Shiv Sena had called for a boycott of the movie after Shahrukh has supported the cause of the Pakistani players in the IPL. Sena had termed Shahrukh as a traitor who supported the cause of the Pakistan whose hand has been confirmed in the Mumbai attack. If Pakistan’s hand in the Pune blasts is proven, Shahrukh will find it tough to save his face. For now the My Name Is Khan actor has been silent on the issue.

Shiv Sena which has been vocal in it’s opposition to Shahrukh Khan has criticised the government. In the party mouthpiece Uddhav Thackeray said “It is the sin of (Ashok) Chavan that killed nine innocents in the terror attack” Criticising the extra security cover given to Shahrukh’s movie instead of busy market areas he added “The bomb blast could have been avoided if the same security was given at appropriate places.”

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Jihad in Australia: Five Islamic terrorists get 23 to 28 years jail term

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2010

Hefty jail terms for terrorism plotters
By Shane McLeod for PM

Five Sydney men jailed over terrorism plot Australia’s longest-running criminal trial ended in a specially-built courthouse in Sydney’s West on Monday, with five men sentenced to jail terms of up to 28 years.

In a televised hearing, Supreme Court judge Antony Whealy said their fundamentalist Islamic beliefs drove them to plot a terrorist attack on a large scale.

The actual target of their planning was never revealed in court.

Legal experts say the case shows anti-terrorism laws can lead to successful prosecutions, but they worry the long-term consequences of the tough laws could harm counter-terrorism efforts.

It took Justice Anthony Whealy more than three hours to read out his judgement in the case of the five men, who were found guilty by a jury last year of plotting a large scale terrorist attack.

Four of their co-conspirators had already pleaded guilty to being part of a plot.

Justice Whealy described the motivation for what he called a criminal enterprise.

“Each was driven by the concept that the world was, in essence, divided between those who adhered strictly and fundamentally to a rigid concept of the Muslim faith – indeed a medieval view of it – and those who did not,” he said.

“Secondly, each was driven by the conviction that Islam throughout the world was under attack, particularly at the hands of the United States and its allies – in this context Australia was plainly included.

“Thirdly, each offender was convinced that his obligation as a devout Muslim was to come to the defence of Islam and other Muslims overseas.

“Fourthly, it was the duty of each individual offender, indeed a religious obligation, to respond to the worldwide situation by preparing for violent Jihad in this country, here in Australia.”

Justice Whealy detailed the preparations the men had made for the terrorist act, gathering chemicals that could be used for bomb making, firearms, and Jihadist propaganda.

He referred to one video in particular that was viewed during the the trial where a masked Mudjahedeen spoke in English “with a very obvious Australian accent”, proclaiming, “you kill us, so you will be killed; you bomb us, so you will be bombed.”

“This is an overly simplistic, but reasonably accurate summation of the mindset of each of the offenders in this trial,” Justice Whealy added.

“It is the mindset, in my view, that prompted the entry of each man into the conspiracy, and no doubt motivated his actions in relation to the furtherance of the enterprise.”

And while the intended target was never revealed and plotting had in fact been interrupted by the men’s arrests, Justice Whealy says it was clear.

“An intolerant and inflexible fundamentalist religious conviction was the principal motivation for the commission of the offence,” he said.

“This is the most startling and intransigent feature of the crime.

“It sets it apart from other criminal enterprises, motivated by financial gain, by passion, by anger or revenge.”

Justice Whealy sentenced the five men to terms in jail from 21 up to 28 years, with long non-parole terms.

Each of them will have their sentence reduced by the years they have already spent in jail.

Justice Whealy noted, in handing down his sentence, that the men seemed to view the prospect of prison as a “test of their faith”.

“These men, while they undoubtedly face the prospect of many years in prison with a degree of trepidation and concern, do appear to wear their imprisonment like some kind of badge of honour,” he said.

“This is because they see it as a test of their faith, and a burden willingly to be borne as a duty arising from their fundamentalist religious conviction.”

Family lashes out

Outside the Parramatta court, the sister of one of the men read a poem for her brother, who was sentenced to 23 years in jail.

“They handcuffed your spirit, they stole your freedom, they locked you up for a crime you didn’t commit. They locked you up because you fit the perp’s descript,” she said.

And she lashed out over the prosecution.

“Which family in this world wouldn’t be surprised? Which family? Twenty-three years, that’s half of his life,” she said.

“That is half of his life. This is not fair. This is not fair to our community nor to our religion.

“My brother is innocent. Yes I am saying that he is innocent.”

When asked if her brother was plotting mass murder, the woman accused ASIO officials of being “extremists”.

“No he was not planning no mass murder, he was not planning any terrorist attacks,” she said.

“No plots and he’s not an extremist. The only form of extremists are the people like ASIO. They go deep.

“They go way deep into this. The whole case was extreme.”

Federal Police commissioner Tony Negus was not commenting on the sentences, but paid tribute to the investigators who put the case together.

“Certainly the investigation by both the New South Wales police, ASIO and ourselves has prevented a significant act of terrorism occurring in this country,” he said.

“And look, the sentence is a matter for the courts and we really don’t want to pass judgement on that.

“Obviously they are significant sentences and I’d applaud that from the courts.”

‘Effective and counter-productive’

Terrorism law expert Nicola McGarrity, from the Gilbert and Tobin Centre for Public Law at the University of New South Wales, says the prosecution shows the anti-terror laws result in convictions.

“On the one hand, this terrorism trial indicates that the terrorism offences are effective in taking people off the streets who were going to engage in terrorist acts,” she said.

“But on the other hand, these terrorism offences have severe human rights implications and can actually be counter-productive in the sense that already alienated communities within Australia often regard these terrorism laws as targeting them rather than being applied neutrally across the community.”

Outside the court today the lawyer acting for one of the convicted men indicated he was considering an appeal.

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JKLF terrorist Yasin Malik wants to be included on India, Pakistan dialogue

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2010


Yasin Malik, the Butcher of Kashmir is a terrorist-turned separatist. He belongs to the terror outfit Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) which was banned by the Government of India till 2000. He has been lately been accused of being a double agent of Pakistan and India both.

There is a no crime known to mankind that Yasin Malik has not been involved in. You name it and he has done it all…killings, kidnappings, hawala, gun running. He is the one who along with Shawkat Bakshi pumped bullets into the then Director of Doordarshan (Srinagar) Lassa Kaul to silence the media once and for all. He and his JKLF goons are singularly responsible for the largest forced exodus of the modern history – that of the Kashmiri Pandits from the Kashmir Valley.

Kashmiri Hindus were not the only victims of his communal killings but he was also involved in the killings of 4 Indian Air Force officers in the valley. He was also involved in the kidnapping of Rubiya Sayeed, the daughter of then Union Home-Minster Mufti Mohd. Sayeed. It was this kidnapping and the resultant release of hardcore terrorists like Hamid Mir, Javed Nalka etc. that emboldened the terrorists operating in the valley.

Yasin Malik seeks a place on India, Pakistan dialogue table

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Yasin Malik on Sunday sought a place on the dialogue table between India and Pakistan. He asked New Delhi to restore the credibility of institution of dialogue.

Speaking after a function here to release a book on JKLF founder Maqbool Butt, Mr. Malik said he was never against dialogue and believed that solutions came from this process only. But he asked how a solution could emerge without the participation of the basic party. India and Pakistan were holding talks without taking the people of Kashmir into confidence.

On the recently floated proposal of amnesty to militants returning from across the Line of Control, he said: “The surrender policy of the government may be a cause for dialogue between India and Pakistan, but to the Kashmiri people it is nothing but humiliation.”

Taking a dig at Pakistan, he quoted a recent statement by its Foreign Secretary in which he had termed the dialogue between the Kashmiri leadership and India as “treachery.” He said: “Then what will be this dialogue process called, if Kashmiris are kept away from it.”

“A must”
Mr. Malik said inclusion of the Kashmiri people in the dialogue process was a must, as they only had the right to decide their future.

The institution of dialogue had lost its credibility in Kashmir. “This needs to be restored.”

Paying tribute to Maqbool Butt, who was hanged in the Tihar Jail in 1984, Mr. Malik said: “He was not only a great leader but an ideology, which should be a source of inspiration for all Kashmiris.” “Bhat was romanticism, he was a dreamer, an ideology, who always thought that the Kashmiris should be left to decide their own future.”

“This is the reason he was termed double agent, as he dared to tell this to both India and Pakistan,” he said.

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Islamic terrorist attacks have killed 780 in India since 2005

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2010

Terror trail in India: 780 killed since 2005

Sun, Feb 14 01:53 PM

Pune, Feb 14 (IANS) The Pune bombing, which killed nine people and left 57 injured, is the latest in a trail of terror strikes in India in recent years which have left at least 780 people dead since 2005.

Following is a chronology of major attacks in India in recent years:

Oct 29, 2005:  Sixty-six people were killed in three bomb blasts in New Delhi.

March 7, 2006:  Fifteen people were killed in three blasts in the Hindu holy city of Varanasi.

July 11, 2006:  Over 180 people were killed in bombings in seven local trains in Mumbai.

Sep 8, 2006:  At least 32 people were killed in Malegaon town in Maharashtra.

Feb 19, 2007:  At least 66 people were killed when two bombs exploded on the Samjhauta Express train between India and Pakistan.

May 18, 2007:  Eleven people were killed when a bomb exploded during Friday prayers at Makkah Masjid in Hyderabad.

Aug 25, 2007:  Forty people were killed when explosions rocked an amusement park and an eatery in Hyderabad.

May 13, 2008:  Over 60 people were killed when seven bombs ripped through the tourist city of Jaipur.

July 25, 2008:  One woman was killed and nearly two dozen injured when coordinated small bomb blasts hit Bangalore.

July 26, 2008:  Forty-five people were killed and over 150 injured when 16 small bombs exploded in Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

Sep 13, 2008:  At least 25 people were killed when five bombs exploded in crowded markets and streets in Delhi.

Oct 30, 2008:  Guwahati, the main city of Assam, was rocked by 11 bomb blasts triggered in quick succession killing nearly 70 people and wounding over 300 people.

Nov 26-29, 2008:  Ten Pakistani terrorists sailed into Mumbai and laid a terror siege on the financial capital of India, killing 166 people and injuring 244.

Feb 13, 2010:  Nine people were killed and 57 injured when a bomb blast ripped through a popular eatery in Pune.

Indo Asian News Service

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Love jihad in Bollywood: Khans marrying Hindu actresses

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2010

Visit this link:

Everybody in Khans viz. Salman Khan, Saharuk Khan, Ameer Khan, Fardeen Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Arrbaz Khan, Sohel Khan and so on deserve their hidden agenda to plan spoiling Ash to Amrita in many ways.

One scoundrel named Saif Ali Khan spoiled Amrita Singh for the years and divorced her with his two children and now throwing a spell of Islamic light upon Kareena Kapoor. What a bad luck to KK ! She is entering an ultimate process of tallaquk in Islam. The another hidden agenda of a Great Khan could not be materialized when Ash married an Avisekh of lower age to get rid of series of disturbance by that Khan. These stories are unfinished as the Islamic plans to encroach every sphere are enormous.

There was a time to disguise the name of Yusuf Khan to be a Dilip Kumar as hero. That was a different story. But now the Khans are overwhelming the MFI in every pride of Khans to allure the Hindu actresses and their girls are mysteriously absent in the Mumbai Film Industries now a days. Only two Muslim actresses are in the picture. Though both Katrina Kaif and Soha Ali Khan are of mixed blood. The days of Mamtaz, Saira Banu, Wahida Rehman, Nargis, Jeenat Aman, Parveen Babi are gone. “D” Company just restricted the entrance of Muslim girls into the Film Industries to make it as the play zone with Hindu girls by the Khan and other Muslim financers, producers, directors and actors. These Khan bacchas marry Sharmila, Gouri, Amrita, Madhuri and other Hindu girls, but never send their girls to Hindu families as a mark of so-called broadness of Islam.

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Indian Muslim arrested for man plotting 9/11-type aerial attack on educational institution in Uttar Pradesh

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2010

Cops arrest man plotting 9/11-type attack in UP

Deepak Gidwani / DNA

Mumbai: Shahzad Ahmad, the Indian Mujahideen (IM) terrorist arrested in Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh district on Monday, was planning a 9/11-type attack with a small chartered aircraft.

The Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) of the UP police said Shahzad alias Pappu had targeted an educational institution in the state for the aerial attack. The assault was scheduled for May, when the place is normally crowded with students attending counselling sessions.

Shahzad, 21, had learnt flying at a private aviation academy in Bangalore for the purpose. Sources, however, said his aerial terror module could be aiming at more sensitive targets like the disputed Ayodhya structure, the Taj or the Narora atomic plant in west UP. The ATS is probing Shahzad’s links with Pakistani-born American terrorist David Coleman Headley. The National Investigation Agency had shared inputs on these lines with the stateagencies.

“Shahzad was wanted in connection with the September 2008 Delhi serial blasts. He is also an accused in the killing of Delhi police inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, who was killed during the Batla House encounter,’’ ADG Brij Lal told reporters.

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