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Love jihad in Bollywood: Khans marrying Hindu actresses

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2010

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Everybody in Khans viz. Salman Khan, Saharuk Khan, Ameer Khan, Fardeen Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Arrbaz Khan, Sohel Khan and so on deserve their hidden agenda to plan spoiling Ash to Amrita in many ways.

One scoundrel named Saif Ali Khan spoiled Amrita Singh for the years and divorced her with his two children and now throwing a spell of Islamic light upon Kareena Kapoor. What a bad luck to KK ! She is entering an ultimate process of tallaquk in Islam. The another hidden agenda of a Great Khan could not be materialized when Ash married an Avisekh of lower age to get rid of series of disturbance by that Khan. These stories are unfinished as the Islamic plans to encroach every sphere are enormous.

There was a time to disguise the name of Yusuf Khan to be a Dilip Kumar as hero. That was a different story. But now the Khans are overwhelming the MFI in every pride of Khans to allure the Hindu actresses and their girls are mysteriously absent in the Mumbai Film Industries now a days. Only two Muslim actresses are in the picture. Though both Katrina Kaif and Soha Ali Khan are of mixed blood. The days of Mamtaz, Saira Banu, Wahida Rehman, Nargis, Jeenat Aman, Parveen Babi are gone. “D” Company just restricted the entrance of Muslim girls into the Film Industries to make it as the play zone with Hindu girls by the Khan and other Muslim financers, producers, directors and actors. These Khan bacchas marry Sharmila, Gouri, Amrita, Madhuri and other Hindu girls, but never send their girls to Hindu families as a mark of so-called broadness of Islam.

9 Responses to “Love jihad in Bollywood: Khans marrying Hindu actresses”

  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    Although love Jihad is a very sensitive issue in the “Hindu” parlance, but please allow me to get into its practical dimension than sentimental one. I apologise from all who may not agree and are opposed to my suggestion. But I appeal to all of you to kindly give a patient and a cool thinking on my view.

    I would use it as an opportunity to dig in their conclave through this love Jihad to turn tide in our favour by a good spying instrument. Where is the problem? I would say, encourage more girls and honour them in our society to do this difficult job; in stead of looking down at them.
    We can not prevent it given the circumstances. Then why not use it?

    We regards,

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  2. Wondering said

    The person responsible for love Jihad is Hindu girls only. None of them are coerced into but voluntarily getting encouraging Moslims… This trend with most Hindu girls as they sport Khan posters in their rooms… Looks like these Hindu girls prefer Sunnat males.

  3. Mehtab said

    In the US black athletes who are rich marry white women because white women are educated, attractive, poised and have great self confidence. Yet its rare to find a successful white man marry a black woman in the US.Its the same way in India where the Hindu girls come from very rich households, are attractive, educated, poised and have absolute self confidence. That is why Muslim men who are rich tend to marry rich successful educated Hindu women from the upper class. The Indian Muslims were low caste Hindus at one time who escaped the lower caste stigma by embracing Islam. So Muslim men who become rich and successful always marry Hindu women from the upper class. Its very rare for rich successful upper class Hindu men to marry Muslim girls from the slums. Its all about education low class or caste stigma and money. Not that much about religion.

  4. arun said

    idiot khans are only used to sleep with only a hindu girls because they want to generate their muslim pig in to our hindu girls,they won’t respect any girl they only to know to fuck the girls fuckers.i think that aishwarya rai is cent percent correct pig muslim salman will give his ugly muslim child to the aishwarya rai she has a better escape from that.

  5. OM said


    I am Black sportsman and most of the Black sports guys marry uneducated and unattractive white women.

    Thank you,


  6. Rosa Mimosa said

    Mehtab, do not come to conclusions about African American men and why they marry who they marry. You are not among that class and do not live here, so you can not speak for them. Your lack of knowledge is obvious that you know nothing about the racial dynamics in this country which are mutli-faceted and have a long sad history. Regardless, there are lovely, graceful and educated women of all races and religions here in America. And then there are females from those same races who have not reached their potential — I am being very polite.

    There are also loving couples of so-called mixed races, men and women, women and men, black and white, or white and black. People fall in love with who they desire for different reasons. Often African American men are extremely appealing to white women for physical reasons so these relationships develop. It is is fact throughout the world that most cultures have been sold on the myth that a blonde white woman is a prize, often considered a trophy wife. Fortunately, many people do not believe this per se, but being a white woman or man gives the person certain privileges simply because of the color of their skin. Your own culture prizes lighter skin, although in the states most people look at the “whole package” when considering a mate. And we certainly do not have a “high” or “low” class system. There are rich and poor in the states and many rich people are “low class” so to speak.

    There are far more white people in the upper classes so if you are not white, most of the people you socialize with will be white. Whether you are male or female. And chances are you will probably marry someone who is white. And many African American actresses marry white men.

    As a lovely, professional African American business woman who has been mistaken for being a model although I am a grandmother, and the mother of two very beautiful talented daughters, I take offense at your ridiculous comments. Despite my talents and the blessing the Creator has given me by being pretty, most of my friends are far more prettier than me. For the record, many articulate, well read people in the states do not concern themselves with color and race when it comes to who they will marry, but rather with fidelity, good character and integrity. And for the record, my darling husband of more than 30 years is a gorgeous African American man who reminds many of Denzel. He comes home every single night and treats me like a princess. There is nothing I would not do for him.

    Oh, and Arun is just a troubled person who probably did not get enough hugs as a child.

  7. hindu militant said

    Will these muslim film stars, allow their muslim sisters to marry hindu men? Bloody hypocrites.

  8. jay said

    Hinduism dies in next 20 yrs …only because of Hindu women….muslims call it GHAZWA – E – HIND…..soon India well be 2nd Pakistan and remaining Hindus in India well be treated like Hindus in Pakistan ……. i feel sorry for Hinduism …but if u see Muslim women are more loyal to there religion than any other women of any religion…Hindu women are not even counted in there league may be because of there up bring

  9. SARVESWAR said

    How, we Hindus, can look into the face of our grandchildren and say that we all knew this(the decay of Hinduism) and did nothing to stop the rot.
    Shame on our part-the present generation and the preceding generations.

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