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Al Qaeda vows more Islamic attacks across India

Posted by jagoindia on February 16, 2010

Al Qaeda vows more attacks across India

February 16, 2010

Lahore: Just days after the deadly Pune terror attack, top al Qaeda terrorist commander Ilyas Kashmiri has vowed to continue attacks across India. 

In a message sent to a media group, Kashmiri, whose 313 Brigade is an operational arm of the al Qaeda, said that his group will attack India until the Army leaves Kashmir. 

He also issued a threat against the major sporting events like the Commonwealth Games scheduled to be held in Delhi later this year. 

“We warn the international community not to send their people to the 2010 Hockey World Cup, the Indian Premier League and Commonwealth Games – to be held in New Delhi later this year. Nor should their people visit India – if they do, they will be responsible for the consequences,” Kashmiri warned. 

The al Qaeda threat comes at a time when India and Pakistan are scheduled to hold bilateral talks on February 25 – first time since the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. 

Pakistan has all along been demanding that the Kashmir issue should be discussed during the talks, while India wants the counter-terror cooperation to be at the centre of all talks. 

With regard to the Pune blast, India has been pointing to the involvement of Pak-based groups like Jamaat-ud-Dawah and Lashkar-e-Toiba in the entire conspiracy. The actual attack may have been carried out by Indian Mujahideen but they could have been instigated by the LeT or JuD in Karachi as some arrested operatives had said they were shown videos made by David C Headley, wanted by India in 26/11 terror attacks and under American custody, including clips of the Osho Ashram in Pune. 

Home Secretary GK Pillai has also asserted that the Pune attack – which has so far claimed nine lives, including two foreigners – was part of the notorious Karachi Project which was aimed at attacking India. 

What has raised doubts about the involvement of the Qaida-LeT-JuD nexus is the mention of Pune attack during the so called Kashmir Solidarity Day conference held by terror groups in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) on February 4. 

Hafiz Abdur Rahman Makki, leader of terror outfit amalgam Jamaat-ud-Dawah, in his hate India speech during the conference mentioned about attacks on Indian cities, including Pune. 

Makki, brother-in-law of LeT founder and JuD chief Hafiz Saeed, in his speech said three Indian cities, including Pune, would be targeted by the “Jihadis to teach India a lesson”. 

Saeed, one of the mastermind of the November 26, 2008 Mumbai attacks that were carried out by LeT, too vowed to renew terror attacks in India. JuD is the frontal outfit of Lashkar-e-Toiba. 

The Muzaffarabad conference was also addressed by Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin, Al-Badr leader Bakht Zamin, United Jehad Council general secretary Sheikh Jamilur Rehman, senior JuD leaders Abdul Aziz Alvi and Abdur Rehman Makki, and former Inter-Services Intelligence agency chief Hamid Gul. 

7 Responses to “Al Qaeda vows more Islamic attacks across India”

  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    Ambassador Harriet Isom quoted recently through a study by an NGO that 3/4 of people in Pakistan of all shades and grades believe that first they are Muslims and only second they feel as Pakistanis. Then she also observed that this makes it easy for the Islamic organisations involved in hardline terrorist and jihadi activities in Pakistan to attract the support & workers from the people.

    We all know how the muslims have been recruited from various parts of Islamic World to be trained and transported to Afghanistan and Kashmir as non-state actors but with a covertly overt support of established Pakistani Institutions like ISI and Military.

    Now that it has started bitting Pakistan, they are now crying foul against these players in a new brand name of non-state actors (a crude lie) and Pakistan is attempting to wash their hands off this murky trade. Not only that, Pak sent these fugitives a clear signal and license too, of committing these grievous offences as and where they like. A free license to Hafiz Md Saeed type Inc from their land. Confer this latest Pune carnage.

    Pakistan brands them as foreign terrorists beyond their control. Can a civilised society and world accept such lame excuses? Thus the roots of terrorism are not just limited to Af/Pak bed but they are entrenched deep in the very Ideology of a religion itself preached through Mosque-Madarsa deadly combination. Or else the present elected Pak Govt. is unfit for “Governance”, reflected in the fact that since 1947, Pak has been mostly ruled by the Military Dictators.

    It is a bigger danger to the survival of the legitimate State of Pakistan itself, and the civil world community at large than the threat posed by Co2 pollution.

    Time has come to pause and reinvent the real threat from the “Ideology” which has been advanced in the name of a “Peaceful Religion”.
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  2. ibnqassim said

    To op sudrania:

    what is it that you propose?how is it that you suggest things can be reinvented??

    All solutions except those addressing the root cause of this righteous terror campaign will only yield blood than peace.

    Islam is no doubt a religion of peace but in situations of peace,but when threatened with oppression and annihilation,Islam has the ability to convert muslims into fearless warriors,bringing about the nemesis of its enemies.

    The terror attacks in india are but a response to its atrocities in kashmir and gujrat,its covert support of hindu fanatics which its unilateral war against muslims who stand up against these fanatics and its support for the war against the islamic emirate of afghanistan.

    If peace has to come,then the condition of peace have to be fulfilled.The soldiers of indian army might have thought that they could kill kashmiri muslims and then go back to their homes as if on a vacation,but all that has changed now.Every bullet fired in kashmir or afghanistan will be answered with a supersonic shock waves.

    Peace is a two sided pleasure

  3. gaurav said

    To ibnqassim

    Which country do you belong india,pakistan,bangladesh,iran,afganistan, whichever do you belong,i dont care
    but i do want to remind that if you are a muslim living in any of these countries,then your great,great,great grandmothers would hav been raped and your great,great,great grandfather was killed for being a infidel(kafir).
    Embarrased to accept the fact you chose to convert.But i hav sympathy with you my friend.Open your eyes.A man with 16 wives can not be prophet.Become a atheist but leave islam.
    It is not true fact.Reject its law and follow civil code of conduct.Treat women well and provide them equality.
    Try to tolerate other religions.What do you want development or poverty.
    Islam blocks the path of development and tries to take you back to 7th century desert,nomadic,barbaric arabia with sole motive to islamize whole world.
    My dear friend there are multiple species on world,multiple colours,multiple foods,multiple ethnicities,multiple landscapes,multiple flowers,multiple oceans, then how can there be single religion in whole world.
    Try to think with open mind away from effect of mullahs,maulanas.
    You think that you became moslem by being impressed with islam.That is not true.You were converted at edge of the sword.
    I know muslim sub continent people sometimes introspect this fact.Mahmud ghaznavi and ghoris are not heros.They were slave childs who lost their childhood being brainwashed by beastly caliphs and then became beasts to kill,rape,murder,loot in name of islam.
    80% of world population can not be wrong.
    I somewhere read that taliban may be bad people but they are good musalmans because they are the ones who follw islamic laws of quran so accurately.
    Become atheist but leave islam otherwise u will hav no future.

  4. ibnqassim said

    To Gaurav,

    Thank you for your advice

    As for great great grandfathers being raped and converted,i dont care what made them do that…. am not a prisoner of religion rather i follow my religion with belief,this belief doesnt change with some history…rahter my great great grand mother could have been from indonesia,malaysia,or africa which never saw any invading muslim armies but have millions of muslims in them.

    As for our prophet,i dont understand how hindus who believe krishna had 50000 wives can ever object to our prophet legally marrying 11 women!… more of all you dont find any discrimation among wives and everybody were content,even today i know of arabs having mulitple wives but you can find them living happily infact spending their weekends in parks will all wives together.This concept is alien to the subcontinent and this doesnt make it wrong or unjust.

    as for our women,dont get carried away by propaganda.In places where muslim women have problems its more of a social problem rahter than religious and the same problem is faced by other women of different religions in those places.We muslims give the highest respect to our mothers,defend and love our sisters and fear Allah(swt) while dealing with our wives lest we be unjust with them and face God’s wrath.

    As for development,Islam stands for many muslim countries you will find top scientists and professors to be equally good in islamic knowledge,India aint any better than many muslim countries in the world,but that doesnt make india any bad.Faith is not tied to wordly development and progress.Development can progress always fluctuate therefore these can never be used as the basis or ciriteria for anything.

    As for taliban,they are loved by muslims for their courage and conviction for taking a stand against the only superpower in the world today,they rather decided to sacrifice their state and empire rather than to compromise their faith.Afghanistan was no better even under the communists so to blame taliban for poverty is foolishness.As for their harshness on women,it is nothing but western propaganda which is normally carried out by the west before attacking any country(remember the wmd hoax in iraq),taliban no doubt closed some girls schools in kabul but very few mention the facts that girls schools were running in kandahar,.showing a few videos of taliban executing some women who in any case was a murderer sentenced to death and another was a pimp.many countries in the world have capital punishment and taliban having it doesnt make them bad.

    As for the most important point,I invite you to accept Islam to save yourself from everlasting disgrace to the vastness of paradise.Accept Islam and save your afterlife,these banners of nationalism,tribalism etc etc are temporary and everything will be bought down one day.

    Message conveyed.

  5. Appu said


    You forgot to mention the 72 virgins in paradise that awaits the convert.

  6. Appu said


    I read your comments with great interest. You have not mentioned why your religion is better than Hinduism.

    You say, your women are content and happy. Is there any survey done? Are you their spokesman? Your women are not allowed to even speak for themselves?

    If our religion is great, why there is no freedom in your Muslim countries. If you are great in convincing, in fact your great religion may not need any convincing, then all will easily convert to your religion?

    Which Islam are you speaking of — Wahabbis? Shites, Sunnis. You muslims are fighting against each other. Which Islam should we follow? That of Iran or of Saudi Arabia or of Pakistan?

    You say “western propaganda”, why is yours not “Islamic propaganda”

    You say – accept Islam and save yourself. How do we know you have saved yourself. Indeed if you can offer convincing proof we non-Muslims will surely accept Islam and save ourselves.

    72 virgins is too tempting! Maybe you can visit your Islamic heaven, bring back the videos of the 72 virgins .. you can be assured the planet will become muslim in a heartbeat.

  7. ibnqassim said

    To appu,

    I am not here to convince you or anyone to accept Islam rather i only conveyed a message.As for proof,your a human and use your intellect in determining whats right and wrong rather than making silly requests for videos of virgins.

    And whats this whole issue with 72 virgins??if your gods can have 50000 wives then whats the problem with this concept.Muslims dont run behind these virgins rather its a belief that they will be rewarded with such.Any keen man who is man enough will acknowledge such a blessing.

    you talk about surveys to prove muslim women are happy.Rather do you have surveys to prove otherwise?? We muslims are more concerned about our mothers and sisters and dont need any half men to worry about them.

    And what freedom are you talking about??freedom to parade naked?engage in illicit sex?robbery?freedom to mock religon??then am sorry this is not freedom and any honourable society in the world doesnt permit such things.

    As for Islam being great religion or not.may be u misread my comment,i never said there is any competition between religions to ascertain the greatness of one over another rather the only acceptable religion that exists in Islam as for hinduism its more a culture than religion.religion as a basic doctrine demands codified principles,practices and source and this is found only in Islam and judaism,hinduism is out of context.

    Think hard before gassing out.

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