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Jihad in Europe: Canadian Islamic terrorist gets life sentence

Posted by jagoindia on February 18, 2010

Canadian terrorist handed life sentence

A handout photo of Said Namouh who was accused of disseminating terrorist propaganda in Montreal Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2009.

Judge calls Saïd Namouh extremely dangerous, hands out the toughest sentence for a convicted Canadian terrorist.

The group had a long list of potential targets in Europe, particularly in Germany and Austria.

Mr. Namouh, a member of the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF),was also found guilty of trying to extort Germany and Austria into withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and other propaganda activities.

In internet jihad circles, the GIMF is known as one of the oldest and most far-reaching networks. Writing under the pseudonym “Ashraf,” Mr. Namouh submitted 1,075 postings to a GIMF site.


One Response to “Jihad in Europe: Canadian Islamic terrorist gets life sentence”

  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    This is why the time has come for the world community to sit and assess the danger from the Hydra of so-called Religion they proudly pronounce as “Islam”. It is a dangerous philosophy incompatible with the modern world and its civility. They have a self generated misgiving of “Superior Chosen People” race born to fight, kill, fatwa, jihad, rapes, atrocities, plunders, marauding, crusading, gender inequality, pedophilia, polygamy, violence, subjugation, persecution; I fall short of words but the description of this Trozan Horse remain grossly incomplete of its deserved adjectives.

    Where people find it a matter of pride and optimism in brutalities in the name of a religion, then the relevance of the Religion become completely irrelevant to its very purpose of leading people towards cohesion, unity, love, brotherhood, formation of social orders, promotion of ethics and morality, Human values, dignity and decorum of the individual rights and above all “Peace and Love” so essential for the survival of the mankind and the Globe as a whole.

    Today people are spending billions in correcting the “Natural Environment Pollution” which is only second to the “Human Moral Pollution”. The later has become far more urgent to prevent from further progression lest it engulf the world like “Sursa”. I quote Lord Macaulay who quoted
    Lord Baron (veracity unspecified) saying that the three quarters of the World’s problems are due to a combination of “High Intelligence with Low Desires”. But in the present context, I find the equation being reversed,”High Desires with Low Intelligence”. One fish spoils the whole pond.

    The World community and the modern society need to awaken to this new upsurge of a challenge like a “Flock of Locust” ready to devour the entire “Greenary” of this “Flouring Garden” of what we proudly cherish as the “Modern Civilisation”, lest it thrust us back to the primitive days. “Awake, Arise, Face, Fight and Finish” the game. Time to become Vigilant, Practical and Pragmatic, since the “Sentiments” has become a mis-match.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

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