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My Name Is Khan glorifies Islam, message is Pan Islamic

Posted by jagoindia on February 20, 2010

In fact, the buzz is also strong that SRK couldn’t have taken an anti- Pakistan stand because MNIK has a strong pro- Muslim storyline. Also, SRK enjoys a huge fan base in Pakistan.

“My Name Is Khan glorifies Muslims with the line that not all Khans can be called terrorists. In such a scenario, the star cannot afford to anger Muslims and especially spoil his Pakistan market. Already, the buzz is strong about his film in the Muslim world after the Sena issue,” pointed out a trade analyst.


The stakes are high for MNIK , and a failure at the box- office would severely harm SRK’s position in the industry.

If you have seen MNIK you will know that the film’s theme and message is pan-Islamic, the audience spread all over the planet but concentrated in South Asia, the Middle East including the Gulf, and Europe.

The IPL-Pak players’ issue was secondary to MINK but at the same time central to ensure that MINK was accepted by Muslims worldwide. For once in his life SRK played the Muslim card. The man who said he wouldn’t apologise to the SS and asked why he should at all do that was to begin with willing to create a tense environment in Mumbai and India. That is the bottom line.

Looking back everything is clear as mirror. My Name Is Khan is an international hit. SRK played his cards well. I think he should now get his bearings right and head for northwest Pakistan, pick up the Raju/Rahul name/act and do an action flick with the last scene showing him at the entrance to Osama’s cave dwelling telling that long-beard in a measured tone ‘hey My Name Is Not Khan…’


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