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My Name Is Khan glorifies Islam, message is Pan Islamic

Posted by jagoindia on February 20, 2010

In fact, the buzz is also strong that SRK couldn’t have taken an anti- Pakistan stand because MNIK has a strong pro- Muslim storyline. Also, SRK enjoys a huge fan base in Pakistan.

“My Name Is Khan glorifies Muslims with the line that not all Khans can be called terrorists. In such a scenario, the star cannot afford to anger Muslims and especially spoil his Pakistan market. Already, the buzz is strong about his film in the Muslim world after the Sena issue,” pointed out a trade analyst.


The stakes are high for MNIK , and a failure at the box- office would severely harm SRK’s position in the industry.

If you have seen MNIK you will know that the film’s theme and message is pan-Islamic, the audience spread all over the planet but concentrated in South Asia, the Middle East including the Gulf, and Europe.

The IPL-Pak players’ issue was secondary to MINK but at the same time central to ensure that MINK was accepted by Muslims worldwide. For once in his life SRK played the Muslim card. The man who said he wouldn’t apologise to the SS and asked why he should at all do that was to begin with willing to create a tense environment in Mumbai and India. That is the bottom line.

Looking back everything is clear as mirror. My Name Is Khan is an international hit. SRK played his cards well. I think he should now get his bearings right and head for northwest Pakistan, pick up the Raju/Rahul name/act and do an action flick with the last scene showing him at the entrance to Osama’s cave dwelling telling that long-beard in a measured tone ‘hey My Name Is Not Khan…’


5 Responses to “My Name Is Khan glorifies Islam, message is Pan Islamic”

  1. navin said

    my dear fellow Indians,please stop the blame game on MNIK,Sharukh has allready won the heart of millions in Germany,US, and across europe.We as Indians should be proud of him rather than blaming him because of the anti muslim mentality.He had given a platform for bollywood and Indian movies.Nowadays the germans ,polish and many europian’s keen in to Indian movies.They even don’t know who is India’s PM.We should change our backward mentality,and accept the truth .Still we r 20years behind in many sectors compared to US and your heart and try to do some good for the country and make a name in sector .When the foreigners can accept the movie,why should we as Indians?

  2. Appu said


    If Europeans have accepted Shahrukh, we should not attack him, so you say.

    We should also learn from European countries. They do not tolerate Burkha, minaret. They do not have quotas, haj subsidies, reseravations for Muslims. They do not tolerate Islamic fundamentalism nor terrorism.

    This is one sector Indians should learn from US and EU. Absolute intolerance towards Islamic terrorists. This will ensure peace and stability and bright investment climate.

    Shahrukh Khan anyway is not batting for India. He is batting for Pakistan and muslims and his profits.. If he had really cared for India, he would not have said Pakistan is the best neighbour to have. Or at least he should have apologised. We don’t need any Pakistani to advice us.

  3. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    India and its leadership needs a strong sense of nationality and care for its own intellectual property to build up their strong financial and military base. This is the only way to cope up with the growing dissimilarities. There is no point in indulging in self squabbles. The leaders need to learn to respect their scientific force in stead of bossing them. The colonial mentality of “Ruling” needs to be shed and the new mentality of “Serving” needs to be inculcated.

    In British India, I always count two major personalities who changed the entire history and course of India, not only during their rein, but for the times to come. One is Lord Macaulay and the other is Lord Mountbatten. Both were unwilling to come to India. But both were pampered and persuaded to come to India. Both served the interest of their “Master” to the best of their ability. The Indian “Leadership” need to read and peruse their past history a little more diligently if they want that the “Nation” should survive.

    Some of them bask in the false praises of the “Fastest” growing economy, while the actual base is being eroded from within by our own weaknesses of growing “internal and external threats”. The less I address, the more should it be understood in its right perspective and wider dimensions. The communication and information technology is developping fast. So are the terrorist and disruptive forces.

    Though it is not a problem for India alone, but when it comes to self defense, India seem to be left alone to fend for itself. This is the “Law of Nature” in the “Worldly Matters”. Sentimentalism and Theoretical Philosophies need to be replaced with the Pragmatism and Practicalities.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  4. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    The other thing the Indian leaders and bureaurocrats need to develop is their sense of wider thinking at global perspective; than remaining confined within their own coccoon of self aggrandised ego of myopic thinking with a narrow outlook. The first building block of anything is the “Thought Process”. If that “Basic” unit of “Thought Process” itself is defective, then what kind of the mansion can we expect to be strong. They need to replace their alien mentality of “Governance” with the home-rule mentality of “Subservience”.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  5. Rana Abid Ali Khan said

    Hello Indian(Appu). I think you are realy a fool person. Sharukh Khan is your Hero no doubt he orignally from Pakistan His ancestors are from pathan family belonging to peshawer. In Pakistan we also like him much more then any one else. If you are claiming about film “My name is khan” in which you say about Pakistan and Muslims this and that etc then you should also know about the “script” of’s simple script on Muslims. you should be ashamed on it as what you are saying about Muslims..

    Rana Abid Ali Khan

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