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Pune youths start facebook on German bakery Islamic terror blast

Posted by jagoindia on February 23, 2010

These youth need a foundation course on Islamic terrorism in India

History of Jihad and Islamic terrorism in India
Pune youngsters vent anger in virtual world on blast

Pune/New Delhi, Feb 14 (IANS) ‘How dare they touch Pune?’, fumed an angry and anguished Swaroopa Sanap, a Pune youngster, on popular social networking website Facebook, a day after a blast ripped through the popular German bakery in the city leaving nine people dead.

Hapless and angry, hundreds of people – mostly youngsters – gave vent to their emotions in the virtual world after the blast took place.

A community created on Facebook, ‘In Memory of those who died in the Pune Koregaon Park bomb blast’, just hours after the terror bombing, immediately registered 1,339 members and is adding on more.

One of the members, Shivdeep Deokar, wrote how he tried to help the victims after the blast took place.

‘I was at the German Bakery 5 minutes after the bomb blast. Tried to help a lot of people there. My house is in lane five (at a distance from the bakery) but I felt the vibrations till my house. We rushed to see what’s wrong… there were around 10 to 15 bodies lying on the road,’ Deokar described.

Sharing his predicament, he wrote: ‘Did not know what to do. Only four cops were there. There were not less than 20-25 bodies, but reports say it’s much less.’

The Koregaon park where the German bakery is located, is a popular hangout zone for youngsters since it has a number of pubs, lounges and cafes. The area is often called a foodie’s delight.

Even as the city’s youngsters opened up their hearts in the virtual world, strangers offered condolences and motivation to fight back.

Said Akash Narangi: ‘Our city, our German bakery blown up – how dare these people torch anything and everything? What are our politicians doing? If our home ministry knew that Pune was a target, why didn’t they do anything to prevent it?’

Replied Ananya Sengupta of Delhi: ‘Don’t worry, Pune and German Bakery will fight back.’

The Facebook group has sent out a message to observe five minutes silence at 7.15 p.m. Sunday – the time of the blast Saturday – in memory of those who were killed and injured in the blast.

At least 60 people were also injured in the blast, including 10 foreign nationals.
Indo Asian News Service

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Karachi Project: ISI, LeT getting Indian Muslim terrorists together in Karachi for attack

Posted by jagoindia on February 23, 2010

‘ISI, LeT getting Indian jihadis together in Karachi for attack’

Feb 01, 2010

Headley is accused of recceing Mumbai and other Indian cities for the Lashkar-e-Toiba as part of the preparations for 26/11.

The ISI has put together a team of Indian jihadis in Karachi, and is waiting to launch them into the country on a terrorist project, alleged terror suspects David Coleman Headley and Mohammad Amjad Khwaja have told their interrogators.

Headley was arrested by the FBI in Chicago in October last year, and is accused of recceing Mumbai and other Indian cities for the Lashkar-e-Toiba as part of the preparations for 26/11. Khwaja, belonging to the Harkat-ul Jihad-i Islami, was arrested on January 18, and is being held in Hyderabad.

Headley has described the “Karachi project” to FBI interrogators, details of which have been shared with New Delhi, sources said. He is believed to have said that both the ISI and the Lashkar have been training Indian nationals in terrorist activities, and using them for anti-India “projects” from time to time.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has also been able to unearth significant details about Headley’s movements in Pakistan through his e-mail correspondence. Contents of his Gmail account were shared with New Delhi following an official request to Google.

Details of Headley’s movements in and out of India, reported in The Indian Express last Thursday, show that he flew into Mumbai from Karachi and returned to the same city twice over the last three years — once in late 2006, and then again in April 2008.

Evidence of the ISI-Lashkar Karachi project has also come independently from HuJI man Khwaja, who was picked up by Chennai Police on his return from Saudi Arabia on a Pakistani passport. Top sources said Khwaja has told his interrogators that a large number of highly-indoctrinated jihadi Indian nationals have been housed in the Pakistani port city.

Khwaja is understood to have revealed that he met alleged Indian Mujahideen terrorists Amir Raza Khan and Riyaz Bhatkal in Karachi, both of whom are staying in the city’s Defence enclave, probably under the ISI’s protection.

Khwaja, who visited Mecca and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia before he was arrested, is believed to have confessed to planning the October 2005 attack on the STF office in Hyderabad, but has been silent on his suspected role in the Mecca Masjid and Gokul Chat blasts in 2007.

Khwaja is learnt to have provided details of HuJI operations in Bangladesh, and the outfit’s coordination with Lashkar leaders based in Manshera and Muridke in Pakistan. The Hyderabad Police are expected to approach the court for permission to carry out a narco test on him shortly.

Meanwhile, a team of officers from Bangalore are also expected to interrogate Khwaja in connection with his revelations on Riaz Bhatkal, who, along with his brother Iqbal, are believed to have joined hands with hardline elements from the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) to carry out the bombings attributed to the Indian Mujahideen between 2006 and 2008. Much of the planning and preparation for these attacks took place at the port town of Bhatkal near Mangalore.

Khwaja is of interest to the Karnataka Police also on account of his alleged interaction with Amir Raza Khan, the gangster-turned-jihadi who is believed to have played a crucial supporting role in Indian Mujahideen operations.

(With Johnson TA in Bangalore)

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