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Pune youths start facebook on German bakery Islamic terror blast

Posted by jagoindia on February 23, 2010

These youth need a foundation course on Islamic terrorism in India

History of Jihad and Islamic terrorism in India
Pune youngsters vent anger in virtual world on blast

Pune/New Delhi, Feb 14 (IANS) ‘How dare they touch Pune?’, fumed an angry and anguished Swaroopa Sanap, a Pune youngster, on popular social networking website Facebook, a day after a blast ripped through the popular German bakery in the city leaving nine people dead.

Hapless and angry, hundreds of people – mostly youngsters – gave vent to their emotions in the virtual world after the blast took place.

A community created on Facebook, ‘In Memory of those who died in the Pune Koregaon Park bomb blast’, just hours after the terror bombing, immediately registered 1,339 members and is adding on more.

One of the members, Shivdeep Deokar, wrote how he tried to help the victims after the blast took place.

‘I was at the German Bakery 5 minutes after the bomb blast. Tried to help a lot of people there. My house is in lane five (at a distance from the bakery) but I felt the vibrations till my house. We rushed to see what’s wrong… there were around 10 to 15 bodies lying on the road,’ Deokar described.

Sharing his predicament, he wrote: ‘Did not know what to do. Only four cops were there. There were not less than 20-25 bodies, but reports say it’s much less.’

The Koregaon park where the German bakery is located, is a popular hangout zone for youngsters since it has a number of pubs, lounges and cafes. The area is often called a foodie’s delight.

Even as the city’s youngsters opened up their hearts in the virtual world, strangers offered condolences and motivation to fight back.

Said Akash Narangi: ‘Our city, our German bakery blown up – how dare these people torch anything and everything? What are our politicians doing? If our home ministry knew that Pune was a target, why didn’t they do anything to prevent it?’

Replied Ananya Sengupta of Delhi: ‘Don’t worry, Pune and German Bakery will fight back.’

The Facebook group has sent out a message to observe five minutes silence at 7.15 p.m. Sunday – the time of the blast Saturday – in memory of those who were killed and injured in the blast.

At least 60 people were also injured in the blast, including 10 foreign nationals.
Indo Asian News Service

3 Responses to “Pune youths start facebook on German bakery Islamic terror blast”

  1. Chnadn K Biswas said

    Dear fellow countrymen: My heart goes out with the families those who lost their young son and daughter to such heinous Islamic terror attacks. If I have to comment on this, I should ask our fellow country men why a political party like Congress, led by Sonia Gandhi/Manmohan Singh, those who totally depend on Muslim votes, brought them to power after what had ahppened in Mumbai during 26/11.And also why the Hindus jointly strongly protest by organizing huge rally demanding to overthrow the current ruling party, which is trying hard to deviate attention of the Indian public from real cause of terror attacks(Islamic terror). The majority of the Indian Muslims have already radicalized. Muslim community in India with the help from Let or Huji are deeply engaged to kill Hindus at random with no action from this Sonia/Manmohan Congress party because of the fear of losing Muslim votes in the next election. Without the support of the Muslims and manipulated EVM machines, they had hardly any chance to Win the election. This Congress party under Sonia Gandhi rot to it’s core and She specially ordered Karkare to invent Hindu terrorism angle to save the Muslim atrocities against the Hindus. Please my fellow country men, you are the future to protect our mother land India, this is the only country for us the the Hindus, Under Sonia/Manmohan Singh rule it is going to be Islamic republic of India very soon. Wake up, form political groups, write blogs and exposed these spineless, corrupt, criminal Congress leaders from destroying our beloved country. Please support BJP and throw this dynastic Congress government in the next Election. Just think during Pune blast, the Maharshtra CM was busy protecting SRK’s movie “My name is Khan”. The actor who thought that Islam is a pissful religion and ‘terrorist has no religion” so it can be imaginary Hindu outfit.Outrageous indeed. Under Congress regime Hindus have lost the right of citizenry and with the help of corrupt media like NDTV , Times of India Muslim/Congress party has manupulated the gullible general peace loving Hindus in that line of thinking. Just think how privilege these Muslims are under this Corrupt Congress regime that they are literally running the country to marginalize the majority Hindus under a Catholic Italian born under educated lady who only considered the safety and protection of the Muslims.Recently, two Sikh brothers are beheaded in Pakistan by Islamic terrorist Taleban, and this Hizra Congress government can not even protest against such horrific animalistic savagery.These minority Hindus and Sikhs only fault that they did not want to convert to Islam.Please wake up and throw this corrupt vote bank Congress party to the Arabian Sea, We are I billions Hindus and grwing many Westerners are now accepting our way of lives, if we together with our Sikhs, Buddhists, Janis and other fellow peace loving citizens of India ,stand united against such heinous animal terror attacks by the Muslims,they will be sacred, and we will be able finish this Islamic terror for ever and break the backbone of this corrupt Muslim terror appeasing Congress party for ever.

    Jai Hind

  2. Sujit Das said

    Good day all

    The only way to fight Islam is by exposing it. In this regard, the ex-Muslim websites are doing a very good job.

    Why not we advertise them?

    Islam is a culture based on hate and deception. This is what we have to expose.

    Best regards

    Sujit Das

  3. Sujit Das said

    Dear Sir,

    I have written a book on Malignant narcissism and the religion of Islam. According to my research, the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam was suffering from Malignant Narcissism and because if this he considered himself a Prophet.

    I wish to give this book for free download. It’s of 295 pages. You can download it from Islam-watch website; published on 27th Apr 2010. The link is,

    Best regards

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