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US Sets Up Audit Office To Monitor Corrupt Pakistan, Withholds $400m

Posted by jagoindia on March 4, 2010

US raises doubt over Pak billing, withholds $400m
Chidanand Rajghatta, TNN, Mar 4, 2010

WASHINGTON: The Obama administration is setting up an audit office in Pakistan to monitor the huge American aid flow running into billions after discovering Islamabad was ripping off hundreds of millions of American tax-payer dollars through fraud and falsification.

In the latest instance of Washington’s profound distrust of Pakistan despite public noises to the contrary, the Obama administration has rejected claims amounting to around $400 million — almost a third of the $1.4 billion Islamabad billed Washington as Coalition Support Funds (CSF) — causing much bitterness in Pakistani government circles.

The CSF was created after 9/11 to reimburse purported US allies for their expenses in the war on terror. But Pakistan has been the largest beneficiary of the scheme as it has billed Washington even for its own ongoing war in the frontier region.

But auditors and the Congress have questioned Pakistan’s billing practice and insisted on a tighter scrutiny of the claims. US insistence that a team of auditors visit Pakistan to monitor the costs and billing led to a spat lasting months in which Islamabad denied visas to the US team and Washington withheld payment for 2008.

The issue was finally resolved some weeks back after Pakistan allowed a limited number of auditors to come in. It now turns out that Washington has cleared only $997 million, rejecting $400 million on grounds like over-billing.

But there is an alternative narrative in some quarters in Washington and New Delhi, which is that the US aid is leaving Pakistan’s military budget free to be used against India.

The US has announced that it is going to deliver 1000 laser-guided MK-82 bomb kits to Pakistan to enable it “strike insurgent targets with greater precision”. Washington is also slated to supply Pakistan 18 new F-16 fighter jets later this summer. Some experts feel they are largely useless in the war against terrorists and Pakistan has India-specific use for them.

One Response to “US Sets Up Audit Office To Monitor Corrupt Pakistan, Withholds $400m”

  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    Yes, this rhetoric is now not a new story of Pak being India centric. This is their treasured dream. In fact, after the USSR defeat in Af bed and their retreat in 1989, led to the emergence of the Al Qaeda and Talibans as a result of a stepmotherly treatment meted out by the US bloc. This dream has become globalised leading to their discomfiture.

    Following (in fact a retaliation) 9/11 attacks on WTO and Pentagon, with Bush’s ambush in Afganistan, Obama’s worries lie in his memories of Vietnam. He wants to get out from there starting next summer. Pakistan has become a bone in their throat. As Ambassador Harriet Isom said,”Pakistan: Supporter or a Spoiler”. Obama can neither backtrack nor step ahead on Pakistan. Despite their all the Kerry-lugar drama and these audit surfeits, ultimately all these fiscal and military aid will be used against India.

    Pakistan leaders including the ISI, Military and other foreign (so called) and home grown muslim
    jihadis and mujahidin fundamentalists, are basically a violent brute force, full of hate for, not just the India, but the entire world non-muslim, or rather better expressed as non-sunni Wahhabi/Sanafi followers are the “Enemies” of “their” ‘Islam’. As if Islam is their ‘slave religion’ or a ‘masterly cult’. They feel, it is their self proclaimed responsibility to protect, preach, promulgate, and if this does not succeed, then invoke Shaaria, impose and impeach, not by word but by “Sword”. You like it or not.

    This “Obama Audit” is a camouflage to satisfy the world body and the opponents of this Islamic jihadist cult at home. Directly, he can not do it, while themselves impeaching Iran for the same reasons. India is not a US priority, for a matter of fact, even Pakistan is their least worry if they can be assured of Islamic terror. India needs a very carefully articulated and political manoeuvring of this subtle US/Pak relations and developments. Must not forget that US/UK are old debunkers. Man Mohan Singh seem to be less adapted to such politics.

    India should stop begging and tail wagging and waddling in front of US/UK and Saudi Arabia, who will never support India against Pakistan at least, in her crisis. Rather, India should strengthen her own home front, rely on old trusted allies and concentrate on home grown man and machinery power. With no offence, the Indian leadership should learn from British/US bloc to respect their manpower. Because if Einstein would not have produced the bomb, Truman could not have declared the US as a World Hero in WW II, superceding the traditional European Colonial masters.

    I could recommend the regular classes of Indian politicians on the life and works of Lord Macaulay and Lord Mountbatten, to grasp the sense of Nationalism and Patriotism. I hate them as an Indian, but I am the greatest admirer of them as a British. Hats off to the British style of administration, who could control the colonies from thousands of miles away, whereas these Macaulayiites can not control them right under their nose. Of course, they can deliver the master piece lectures, which even the British can not match. The Indian leaders ‘Have’ to; I stress, “Have” to reform their attitudes of governance if they want to raise their heads high in the world. I can not be more assertive than this.

    Till that time, our rhetorics are only a self indulgent, self inflicted insult to the injury on ourselves. It hardly matters to anybody else. Least of it to US/Pak imbroglio. Better not talked about or refer them in passing. If I were there, I would recommend,”Talk less and do more” strategy. Learn to discriminate between ‘mine and thine’.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

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