Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Thousands of Islamic terrorists riot in Bareilly

Posted by jagoindia on March 13, 2010

Muslim terrorists riot in Bareilly

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3 Responses to “Thousands of Islamic terrorists riot in Bareilly”

  1. Watch more videos of Islamic terrorists attacking Hindu houses in Bareilly on “Tears of Bareilly – Muslim led riots burnt Hindu houses”

  2. gaurav said

    where is barkha dutt now ,where is rajdeep serdesai all these people are national shame ,shame on the baised media .

  3. GANGWAR S S said

    dear islamic pundits
    tell me what u got from this..i saw most of the muslim poor children hungry and greedy.i swear and telling they will think of this again in therir future .they i think now understand what is behind JIHAD……………MAY GOD GIVE U ALL SOME INTELLIGENCE REGARDING THIS .MY BARBER(MUSLIM BHAI) JUST WEEPING WHEN HE REOPENED HIS BURNT SHOP WHEN I MET HIM AFTER 13 DAYS HE WAS IN MY BODY.WAS WEEPING AND SAID !YE KYA KAR DIYA HARAMIO NE ….MERE BACHHE BHUKHE MAR GAYE .I WAS FULL OF TEARS U ALL KATILS……..SORRY I AM GETTING IMOTIONAL…….THANKS DO REPLY ME………

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