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Soft jihadi, Omar Khalidi’s Biased MIT Conference April 2010

Posted by jagoindia on April 10, 2010

The conference is this weekend at MIT is Organized by Omar Khalidi who is staff at MIT. Information about Omar Khalidi can be found in the book ‘Defeating Political Islam’ by Moorthy Muthuswamy that received good reviews from Washington Review. ( In that book the author wrote about 2 pages on Omar Khalidi). The conference is selective in its speakers and topics to paint a given picture.

Mr. Omar Khalidi advocates different laws for Muslims such as Polygamy etc, different constituencies for Muslims to elect Muslim lawmakers, would have issues with Christian nature of USA and is known even by Muslims as someone who selects his data to paint a picture that suits Islamic agenda. Some people are of opinion he is what you call ’soft’ jihadi.

In addition, one of the speakers Mr. Mukul Sinha has apparently written with a welcoming tone on terror attack on World Trade Center. Other speaker Anjana Chatterjee said sending money to help families of firefighters at World Trade Center attack was anti-Muslim.

Such speakers may not be Jihadi’s but they are “Jihadi enablers” by espousing the causes of Jihadis through selective use of data, lies and deception that provides fodder for jihadi recruitment and their acts. Today there are talking about countries outside USA (in this case India), but when the forces are stronger, they will turn against US from within.

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3 Responses to “Soft jihadi, Omar Khalidi’s Biased MIT Conference April 2010”

  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    Pandit Nehru, sounds familiar, doesn’t it? He was the first communally secular leader of India and the last English Prime Minister of India. Don’t get angry at me! I am just quoting our beloved Panditji only.

    Rahul Gandhi puts a red mark on his forehead. The Hindus feel evened out. He puts on a Kashmiri cap in his visit to Aligarh Muslim University to appease Muslims. Yet the Congress is Secular party and BJP is a communal party. Talking Hindu is communal and Muslims belong to secular sect. So what is wrong in it?

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  2. Prabhakar Tijare said

    All those who believe in Democracy, Multiethnicity & human values to survive must open their eyes to the soft islamic terrorism who is taking the shelter under human right violation & freedom of religion wherever they are in minority but do not oppose intolerance of muslims wherever they are in majority.

  3. gaurav said

    omara khalidi has also written one more book “Khaki & Ethnic Violence In India” in which this dog has said indian defence,police and intelligence are working against muslims.
    In which he critcized BJP and police.

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