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Delhi Muslims take over roads, block traffic for Friday Prayers

Posted by jagoindia on April 28, 2010

“The problem of namazis spilling over on to the roads is not limited to Madni Mosque. We face this problem all over Delhi.

Row over namaz on road

Rahul Tripathi & Abhinav Garg, TNN, Apr 21, 2010

NEW DELHI: Residents of Aravali Apartment in Alaknanda in south Delhi and people offering namaz at a local mosque are locked in a dispute over the devout occupying road space and blocking traffic in the area. The residents had filed a contempt petition against Delhi Police after the Delhi high court passed an order in January last year asking the cops to ensure that the prayers were offered within the walls of the mosque.

However, on Tuesday the HC dismissed the contempt petition after getting an assurance from the police that the area beyond the mosque boundary will be kept free of the namazis. The Madni mosque is located at Gate no. 10 of Aravali Apartment and more than 600 people offer prayers every Friday, forcing closure of the road. Recently, more than 300 cops were deployed to prevent the namazis from coming to the road but they have pleaded that it’s not possible for them to make this arrangement every Friday.

“The problem of namazis spilling over on to the roads is not limited to Madni Mosque. We face this problem all over Delhi. The mosques do not have the capacity to accommodate so many people due to which they are forced to offer prayers on the road. We have to close down one carriageway near Mata Anandmai Marg every Friday. A lot of our manpower is being wasted on these arrangements,” said a senior police officer.

He claimed they have been making efforts to comply with the high court order. “Between February and March 2010, we have detained 113 people for encroaching on the road while offering prayers. They were booked under section 65 of Delhi Police Act,” the officer added.

The cops had also called a meeting with 23 representatives of the Muslim community after which notices were put up around the mosque about the high court order. Meanwhile, representatives of the mosque too had filed a contempt petition against Delhi Police and the residents for not allowing them to offer prayers. A complaint has also been sent to the ministry of home affairs. Speaking to TOI, the Imam of the mosque, Mufti Nasimuddin Qasmi, said, “We have been forced to go on to the road to offer prayers. The place where we used to offer prayers has been taken up by the residents for parking. It is the courtyard of the mosque and namazis have the right to offer prayers there. We have been cooperating with Delhi Police.”

RWA vice-president R G Gupta said, “When the allotments of the flats were made, the mosque did not exist. It came up during the construction of the apartments and has been made in connivance with the contractor.” After receiving an assurance from the police, Justice G S Sistani made it clear in his order on Tuesday that they would be bound in future by the assurance given in court that the HC’s orders will be complied with.

3 Responses to “Delhi Muslims take over roads, block traffic for Friday Prayers”

  1. Dr. O. P. sudrania said

    Pakistan is a failed state based on the premise of a most ill concieved ideology of untenable rule. It is unfortunate that their
    bug is now spreading across the border. It is a bad sign, not for the muslims or India alone but for the whole of world. Because the bug of religious violent extremism has taken a global shape. The world comity has to sit back and devote a far more serious thought than they have been giving. The core word is the distorted Islamic Ideology, advancing violence with a view of domination over the world. It is their this twisted psychology, which is the main cause of the whole problem world over.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  2. ramram said

    When in minority , pretend to be secular , like in India , USA , Europe.
    When in majority , declare Islamic country , like in Pakistan , Saudi , Iran and the 53 other Islamic countries.

    Mullah logic:
    1)KasabIsRSS setup but they still dont want Kasab to be hanged!!
    2)They want women in burqa butPorkistan tops the list of google trends for searches of “sexAndNudeBoys”
    3) As long as anything isPusslim, it is good for them. Anything non-PusslimIsBad for them.
    4) SRKIsGood because he doesMullahgiri everywhere. Aamir is bad because he supportedBombingPorkistan
    5) NoMullah can ever beATerrorist according toPusslims.
    6) Only theirAssRaisingReligion is true and all other faiths doent deserve their respect(as if we are dying to get the respect ofPusslims)
    7) Given a chance, 90%PusslimsWill supportPorkistan againstIndia in bothe cricket as well as war though they live and feed in our country.

    Dr. MMS weeps for Dr. Hanif and loses his sleep over Dr. Hanif, but remains unmoved when other Indians get blown to bits by bombs planted by Islamic terrorists in India :

    Currently, 17 Indians have been sentenced to death by an Islamic Kangaroo-court in the UAE, on trumped-up charges of killing a Paki drug-dealer in the UAE.

    More than 40 diamond-traders from India have been arrested in China, and are being tortured in Chinese prisons, on trumped-up charges of diamond-smuggling.

    Does MMS care about these Indians, none of whom is named Dr. Hanif ?

    uslims are first citizens of india.
    they have the first right on india`s resources.
    they should be given subsidies on taxpayers money for religious travel.
    they should be given reservations in every sector.
    they should not be hanged even if they are sentenced to death by supreme court.
    they should be given biryani in jail.

  3. Joseph said

    You Hindus are to be blamed. Why did you all the mosque to be built in the residential area ?
    Can you think of building a temple or mosque or a gurudwara or a buddist temple in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan ? If they don’t allow then why are you allowing it to be built at the first place. Raze it down with a bull dozer.

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