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Indian spy Madhuri Gupta converted to Islam

Posted by jagoindia on May 5, 2010

Madhuri Gupta may have embraced Islam: Report

Islamabad: Madhuri Gupta, the 53-year-old second secretary arrested on charges of spying for Pakistan, may have embraced Islam about six years ago, a media report has claimed.

Gupta, who was posted at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad was perhaps a Shia Muslim, according to a media report. 

“She was really inspired by the teachings of Islam but was scared to announce her new faith,” reads a report in the Post. 

“Her kin has very close relations with a well-known Muslim family of Ashiq Hussain Jafri in Lucknow”. 

Ms Gupta spent her early life in Lucknow with Jafri’s family where she enthused (sic) Islamic values,” the Post quoted a source as saying. 

Gupta was spotted in the month of Ramzan by a local journalist wearing a bangle and rings which usually members of the Shia sect wear. 

“I am fasting and I have great respect for Islam,” she told the journalist.

Source: Indian Express

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