Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

The Savage History Of Jihad and Islamic Terrorism In India

Posted by jagoindia on May 9, 2010

At the Battle of Chamkaur Sahib, 40 Sikhs fought the army of the Emperor Aurangzeb said to number about 100,000 soldiers. Aurangzeb was a notorious fanatic who carried on a lifelong policy of forced conversions. The picture shows Sahibzadah Ajit Singh, aged 17 years, engaging the enemy. In this battle, Sahibzadah Fateh Singh aged 14 also laid down his life in battle. This battle ranks as the absolute apex of Sikh heroism.

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3 Responses to “The Savage History Of Jihad and Islamic Terrorism In India”

  1. Ashok said

    Such incredible exaggerations do not belong in any serious discussion of history. Does anyone seriously believe that ANY army of 40 people can stand up to a trained force of 100,000? And would Aurangzeb have sent a force of 100,000 to fight a small band of 40? Come on.

    Plus, none of these “battles” are recorded in any serious history of the time. They exist only in the imagination. The great war of Aurangzeb’s life was the 27 year mughal maratha war. Aurangzeb spend the last 27 years of his life camped in the Deccan, not in PUnjab. Those wars were documented by both sides, as well as by foreign historians. Please do not insult our intelligence by saying things like 40 people fought 100,000. And if you look at the map of India at the time of Aurangzeb, you will find that there was NO territory where the sikhs had any control. Their kingdom, which lasted only 50 years, began AFTER the maratha-afghan conflict, late in the 1700s, about 100 years after Aurangzeb.

    The real heroes of the resistance to Islam are 3:
    1. The rajputs who resisted for almost 500 years
    2. Vijayanagar which stopped Islam for 300 years in the Deccan
    3. The marathas who reversed the tide and essentially won back all of the land Hindus had lost to Islam.

    The sikh kingdom was restricted to West Punjab, and came AFTER islam had been defeated. Pl. google map of India in 1761 (at the time of British arrival into India) and you will find almost all of India under maratha, control, with large areas controlled by rajputs and jats as well.

  2. Dr. O. P. sudrania said

    It is a nice experiment but still remain selective in a limited corner. Unfortunately, the good teaching institutions are not interested in the real Indian history and the government is interested in vote bank. Who will teach it? It is the big question mark.

    Good. Better than nothing.
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  3. Agneya said

    Jihad and Islamic terrorism have not been helped by Hindus willing to go untold lengths to appease Muslims. One such man, an inspiration for modern secularists, was Mahatma Gandhi. I invite all readers of this blog to take a look at the following series of essays on Gandhi examining little-known beliefs of his, such as his idea that woman who are being raped should not be defended with violent force. The essays cover his long period of loyalty to Britain, his racism, the Christian origins of his religious beliefs, his unusual relations with the women of his ashram, and his desire for the Hindus of partition to willingly let themselves be slaughtered by Muslims. Also discussed are his belief in the equality of all religions, the true dharma of a kshatriya, and even the Aryan Invasion Theory. Finally, I analyze the continued Gandhian influence on India’s current political class.

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