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Kashmiri Pandits criticise Amnesty International team of ignoring human rights violations by Islamic terrorists in Kashmir

Posted by jagoindia on May 25, 2010

Kashmiri Pandits criticise Amnesty International team

Mon, May 24

Jammu, May 24 (PTI) Slamming the conduct of an Amnesty International team during its visit to Kashmir, two organisations of displaced Kashmiri Pandits today accused it of ignoring human rights violations by ”jehadi” terrorist groups in J-K. “The way the Amnesty team has conducted itself during its recent visit to Kashmir demonstrates that their visit was guided more by political considerations than any concern for human rights,”

Chairman of Panun Kashmir Ajay Chrungoo told reporters here. The two-member team comprising B J Batra and Gopala Krishnan concluded its six-day visit to Kashmir yesterday.

President of All State Kashmiri Pandit Solidarity Conference (ASKPSC) O N Trisal alleged that the team “conveniently chose to sidetrack the issue of ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus, as it has over the years chosen to ignore the genocide of Hindus living in Pakistan and Bangladesh and in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK)”. The two leaders criticised the team for meeting Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Yasin Malik and compared the separatist leaders to the fascist war criminals of Germany.

Chrungoo said, “we want to clearly state that human rights violations in J&K, which the representatives of Amnesty came to assess, are mainly the violations committed by jehadi terrorist groups against the whole community of Hindus in the state who are subjected to genocide and extermination. “By persisting with its specific agenda, Amnesty has not been able to dispel the doubts about it being essentially and instrument of foreign policy of those who want to subvert the independence of India and destroy its national unity,” the leaders alleged.

They said the Centre should not have allowed the delegation to visit Kashmir after having denied it permission to do so during the last two decades.

One Response to “Kashmiri Pandits criticise Amnesty International team of ignoring human rights violations by Islamic terrorists in Kashmir”

  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    It is unfortunate. But Amnesty International is western dominated body and is guided by the western political interests. That is why they ignore the atrocities commited by the pro-pakistan faction in Kashmir. India is a highly soft and labile democracy. We are tied down by our vows. But the same monsters are going to out reach the US and Europe to create the havoc in those remote lands. Unfortunate. We just wait and silently strengthen our defence to counteract the Pakistani jihadis.

    God bless.
    Dr. O. P. sudrania

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