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VHP launches Hindu Helpline in Kerala to help Jihadi victims

Posted by jagoindia on May 29, 2010

VHP launches Hindu Helpline in Kerala

May 27, 2010 

In the Marxists-ruled Kerala [ Images ], the Vishwa Hindu Parishad Kerala chapter has launched a helpline offering assistance to “Hindus in distress”.

Named Shivaji Hindu Helpline, the service particularly offers “help for Hindu girls who are being lured into what they call the trap of “love-jihad”.

The helpline service, set up at the Hindu Cultural Centre at the Paavakkulam temple complex at Kaloor in Ernakulam, has been receiving large number of distress calls, state VHP leaders said.  

Though the helpline will provide assistance such as legal and medical help to Hindus in distress, they say, it is also meant to receive information on terrorist activities and cow slaughter.

Cibin, the helpline co-ordinator, said the helpline number (9497545511) had received around 8,000 calls so far. A diary has been maintained to keep information regarding the callers.

According to Cibin, around 750 cases have been reported to the police. Of this, 366 girls from various communities, he said, had been rescued by Bajrang Dal workers from the love trap. 

According to Cibin, 72 Nair, 33 Ezhava, 14 Christians and more than 90 Brahmin girls were among the rescued.

VHP state secretary Kalady Manikantan told mediapersons that many girls get converted after being selectively employed in shops run by Muslims. 

A counseling centre has also been opened in Kochi. An All-India Hindu Helpline will be launched in Pune soon on the direction of VHP International secretary Praveen Togaida, Manikantan said.

Arun Lakshman in Thiruvananthapuram 

5 Responses to “VHP launches Hindu Helpline in Kerala to help Jihadi victims”

  1. raj said

    Great job VHP….

    India has given total freedom for muslims to practice their religion and live happily in India though it is hindu majority country, but still
    what is the problem with these guys?
    They have to see how in pakistan and Bangladesh minorities(hindus) are treated and how minoirity community women is treated and compare
    how safely they and their females are living in India.

    We hindus should awake now…we don’t have unity.
    We should help orgs like VHP to do the good work and do Dharma Samrakshan.

    Good work VHP!!

    All the best

  2. Mathews said

    Thanks for the great intiative. They must be stopped because they hate us.

  3. Vishnu said

    Hi. good job VHP. Please make this movement more popular and help more people.

  4. karan said

    i hv suffered the same in north India.pls help us as well by opening a help center over here in north.

  5. Raj Kumar said

    Karan, please contact local VHP center in the north India where you.
    I totally agree more Hindu work has to be done in North….people in North have become more liberal and north Indian hindu females are on high target by these muslim guys….the liberal nature of hindus in north exploited by these muslim guys.

    We should Activily involve in updating our hindu people about our rich culture and values to keep away from these muslim guys…especially our temples and religious centers should involve more and more families in these kind of talk and explain parents and girls how “Love Jihad” is taking place and after going to those guys how these girls life are spoiled and how those girls parents and family is suffering is what should be explained to people in mass….so parents and elders keep watch on girls and as well girls know these guys bad intension.

    we hindu men are more successful, educated, smart, good looking, maintain good hygine( we don’t keep ourself with no bath for weeks and just put attar..:) )….so we take U turn we can also get muslim females converted to hindu religion and they will happily do that because of freedome and respect our religion give to women…we are not doing that with a good will which these muslims should understand.

    Well…altogether we need some strict dicipline to keep our religion and ladies safe.
    We need to educated our kids from childwood what is our religion and how these people are misusing out goodwill that way next generation will be much stronger to avoid this nonsense.

    Jai Hind…Jai Hindus….

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