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Muslims fare better in Gujarat than elsewhere in India

Posted by jagoindia on June 13, 2010

Muslims fare better in Gujarat than elsewhere in India:  Saurabh Patel
Jun 12 2010

State energy minister Saurabh Patel has strongly objected to Planning Commission member Sayeeda Hameed’s remarks about the plight of minorities in Gujarat, saying Muslims here were in a better position than anywhere else in the country.

In a letter to Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Patel contended that Muslims in Gujarat are far better off than their counterparts in other states as per the Sachar Committee report, a government release stated on Friday.

“Her remarks about Muslims in Gujarat and their plight and allegations against the Modi government reflect the member of the Planning Commission member is biased against Gujarat,” Patel said, adding that “Hamid has quoted the figures provided by the NGOs and activists and not the government authorities.”

Muslims here fared better in view of per capita income, expenditure and other social and economic parameters and the UPA government-constituted Sachar Committee has noted it, wrote Patel.

Patel urged Ahluwalia to restrain Hamid from making such “baseless allegations and off the cuff remarks against Gujarat government,” the release said.

The Planning Commission member, during her recent visit to the state, had said the condition of the minority community in Gujarat was poor.

Via  Link Muslims in Gujarat have equal opportunities: Advani
May 17, 2010

New Delhi: Senior BJP leader L K Advani Monday referred to the Sachar Committee report on status of minorities to defend Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, saying progress made by Muslims in the state shows they had access to equal opportunities in education and jobs as compared to other communities.

“In terms of literacy level, Muslims in Gujarat stood at 73.5 per cent as compared to the national average of 59.1 per cent. While the figure for the urban males was 76, it was 81 for those living in rural areas as compared to the national average of 70 and 62, respectively in similar category,” Advani wrote in his blog today.

Even Muslim women in the urban areas of Gujarat have average literacy rate 5 point higher than the national average, whereas their counterparts in rural areas of Gujarat fare even better with a literacy rate of 57 per cent as compared to the national average of 43 in similar category, he added.

“Also in Gujarat, a greater percentage of Muslims have attained primary, secondary and higher secondary level education compared to the national average and compared to other states,” Advani’s blog said.

Modi has faced charges of giving a free-hand to the post-Godhra rioters and often accused of being anti-Muslim.

“In terms of per month per capita income, Muslims in the urban areas of Gujarat earn an average Rs 875 which is more than the national average of Rs 804. In contrast, it is Rs 662 in UP, Rs 748 in West Bengal, Rs 811 in Punjab, Rs 803 in Andhra Pradesh and Rs 837 in Karnataka,” Advani said.

The BJP parliamentary party leader pointed out that Gujarat had 54 per cent Muslims living below the poverty line in 1987-88 while the figure stood at 34 per cent in 2004-2005, showing a healthy pace of improvement.

Even in terms of share of Muslims in government jobs, it is 5.4 per cent in Gujarat while it is 2.1 per cent in West Bengal, 3.2 per cent in Delhi and 4.4 per cent in Maharashtra, he asserted.

“Overall, the total picture dispels the malicious propaganda that injustice is being done to Muslims in the state of Gujarat,” Advani said.

He maintained that the findings of the Sachar Committee on educational condition, job opportunities and economic condition of Muslims clearly shows that they are progressing well in Gujarat, belying all myths.


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