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Inside Iran’s sex slave industry

Posted by jagoindia on June 14, 2010

Inside Iran’s sex slave industry

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2 Responses to “Inside Iran’s sex slave industry”

  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    Islam provides them the license one need. That is why I call Islam an “Earthly Religion”.
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  2. satwa gunam said

    There is no question that Islam – especially, Saudi Arabian “Wahabi” Islam (that has been exported to Pakistan since late 1970s) – is in desperate need of reform.

    Just recently I read about a fatwa from a Saudi cleric according to which a female car owner must breast feed her (unrelated) male driver in order to make him her son so as to get around the restriction of an un-related male being her chauffeur. This is height of insanity from so called religious elite. Seriously, these people need to get their heads examined… before they do even more damage.

    This is what one Saudi female intellectual had to say about the fatwa:

    “Saudi writer Suzan Al Mashhadi sarcastically asked Al Obaikan: ‘Do the women have to breastfeed the driver in the presence of their husbands or can they do this alone? … Who will protect the wife if the husband entered the house unexpectedly and found his wife breastfeeding the driver?’”

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