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Kerala Islamic Terrorist Madani, Part Of Bangalore Serial Blasts From Start To Finish

Posted by jagoindia on August 20, 2010

Madani is that he was part of the conspiracy from start to finish.”

Based on Nasir’s statements, cops to probe Madani LeT links

Wed, Aug 18

With leader of the People’s Democratic Party Abdul Naser Madani arrested by the Bangalore police in connection with the July 25, 2008 serial blasts in Bangalore, the focus of investigation by the police is expected to be on the extent of Madani’s involvement in the blasts as well as his possible links to terror outfits.

The former Islamic Sevak Sangh leader has been arrested largely on the basis of statements made against him by his associate Tadiayandavede Nasir, the main accused in the blasts case, who has told the police that Madani was in the loop on the Lashkar-e-Toiba-sponsored bomb plot that killed one person and injured 20.

At three different points in his confession statement to the Bangalore police Nasir has alluded to Madani’s role in the blasts and the Bangalore police has corroborated this with witness accounts.

According to Nasir’s statement, he met Madani around June 2008 when men and materials were being prepared for the bomb plot in Bangalore.

“In this context I met my leader Abdul Naser Madani at his home in Ernakulam and told him about the plans to carry out bomb blasts in Bangalore and took suggestions from him,” says Nasir’s statement recorded in December 2009 after he was nabbed in Bangladesh and brought to Bangalore.

This statement was the first time Madani, who was acquitted in the 1998 Coimbatore blasts case that killed 58 people, was implicated in the Bangalore blasts case and investigators had until this point believed that the plot was largely executed by former associates of a formerly radical leader.

“When we informed Madani about the blasts, he said that he would support us in any way we wanted in carrying out jihadi activities,” says Nasir’s statement.

At another point in his statement Nasir says: “After the explosion of the bombs in Bangalore we spoke to Sarfaraz Nawaz (a Gulf-based former SIMI activist who liasoned with the LeT) then we spoke to Madani on a mobile phone and as per his advice we met him a month later at his office in Anwarserry.”

The case being made out by the Bangalore police against Madani is that he was part of the conspiracy from start to finish. The police have placed statements made by other witnesses supporting the statements made by Nasir.

With the arrest of Madani, a total of 22 people from Kerala have been nabbed in connection with the Bangalore blasts case. Four others named in the case were killed by the security forces in Kashmir in October 2008 when they attempted to slip into PoK, allegedly for terrorism training in a plan allegedly hatched by Nasir.

Among the Indian accused in the case who are still at large are Indian Mujahideen co-founder Riyaz Bhatkal and his associate Ibrahim Moulvi. A red corner notice has been issued for Wali alias Rehan, a Pakistani national and alleged leader of the LeT for the Gulf who facilitated the Bangalore attacks. A total of 31 people are accused in the case.

2 Responses to “Kerala Islamic Terrorist Madani, Part Of Bangalore Serial Blasts From Start To Finish”

  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    I am glad to have some informations on this terror links I am looking for. Connection of Kerala to Kasmir and LeT and other Islamic NGOs. Good job keep it up.
    God bless
    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

  2. fahus said

    In fact, the CPM the main party in the ruling Left Democratic Front in Kerala side withe Islamic Terrorists like Madani for vote bank and also collecting money to protect them

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