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Talibanisation of Kerala

Posted by jagoindia on September 9, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Talibanisation of Kerala

The Pioneer Edit Desk

A professor loses his right hand

Sunday’s gruesome attack on a college professor at Muvattupuzha in Kerala for preparing a controversial question paper that allegedly ‘blasphemed’ Prophet Mohammed is proof of the ominous growth of Islamist terror in God’s Own Country. The police have confirmed that the perpetrators belong to the Popular Front of India, the Islamist resistance outfit formerly known as NDF, a source of ruthless operatives for the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba. The assailants cut the right hand of the professor at the wrist and threw it into a nearby compound. The message is clear: They will chop off the hand or head of anyone who writes anything against Islam or is critical of Islamism and the terrorist violence it breeds. Such actions can emanate only from a criminal mindset comparable to the one behind the Iranian fatwa against Salman Rushdie and the attacks on as well as murder of writers and film-makers. The attack was obviously well-planned and carried out in the presence of several people, which also demonstrates the demonic intent of the perpetrators of the crime. In brief, the Islamists’ action was an open declaration that they have nothing but contempt for the law of the land and do not fear the state.

The Popular Front, while offering the expected customary denial of responsibility, has sought to justify the attack by claiming that a huge conspiracy has been hatched against Islam in Kerala. They cite the example of some church-affiliated schools banning the headscarf to bolster their bogus claim. What makes the situation particularly scary is that Islamist leaders have warned similar incidents cannot be ruled out in the future. The ruling CPI(M), the Opposition Congress, and their allies have all condemned the gruesome attack on the professor, but that does not exonerate them of encouraging outfits like the Popular Front, Jama’at-e-Islami and Abdul Nasser Madani’s PDP to flourish in Kerala, known till some years ago for its peace and religious harmony. The CPI(M) has been in an electoral alliance with terror case-accused Madani and Jama’at-e-Islami while the Congress-led UDF is a recipient of the Popular Front’s support. Tragically, despite the overwhelming evidence, the two main political fronts are in denial mode and unwilling to admit that Kerala is fast turning into a hub of Islamism in the country: For evidence, consider the fact that majority of the culprits behind several of the recent terror strikes in India are from Kerala. The police alone cannot bring the criminals to heel; what is required is consensus among political parties and the commitment to stamp out extremism of the sort witnessed on Sunday. Unless this is done immediately, Kerala is headed for troubled times. Surely nobody wants that to happen.

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  1. haadi said

    No evidence of connection between PFI, Let and Hizbul Mujahideen

    By Abdul Khader Manjeshwar – Newfrontworld
    Kochi: The Kerala Government today informed the state high court that Investigators have not obtained evidence regarding the alleged connections of Popular Front of India (PFI), which allegedly launched an attack on a college lecturer in July.
    These facts are however, being probe into, R Rajashekharan Nair, Deputy Secretary (Home) submitted in a counter affdaivit filed in a PIL by Gireesh babu seeking a ban on PFI and to handover the investigation on the attack of the lecturer to National Investigation Agency (NIA).
    It was suspected that some members of banned SIMI have joined NDF/PFI. The government assured that proper and detailed investigation shall be conducted by the state against the activities of PFI.
    The allegations that PFI and its sister organisation SDPI, were tryiing destabilise the central and state governments in the country was a matter which was being enquired into, he stated. The allegation that these organisations are ciculating large number of leaflets, books, notices to propogate their extreme idealogies was also being looked into. Some of the seized materials are indeed trying to propogate certain extreme idealogies to its cadres, he said. However, a clear picture will emerge only the completion of investigation.
    The state government also claimed that terrorism is not deeprooted in the state. There has been no major terrorist attack in the state.
    The power to ban PFI rests with the Union Government, it was stated.
    The investigation into the attack on college lecturer, Prof T J Joseph, was progressing and this cannot be transferred to the National Investigation Agency. The case is being investigated by senior officials on a daily basis.

    Pillai, who reviewed the Centre sponored state police force modernisation schemes during a meeting with DGP Jacob Punose and other officials, said grwoth of religious fundamentalism in Kerala has become become a matter of concern. “Kerala is a state known for communal harmony and any threat to it will have very adverse consequences”, he said. However, he said state government was well aware of the situation and was taking necessary steps to combat the same. Centre was closely watching the activities of Popular Front of India (PFI), whose members were allegedly reposnible for chopping of the hand of college lecturer T J Joseph,

    Pillai said. ’Some elements in the outfit are with extremist ideas though many others in the organisation did not aware of this, he said. Asked about the question of banning PFI,Pilla said that they have not come under the ’unlawfull activities’ parameters. We can not ban PFI as it is a social welfare organisations and good reputation in the society. We find no question of banning the organisation, he added.

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