Islamic Terrorism in India

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Islamic terrorist organisations have radicalised entire western coast of India, says ex-Pune top cop

Posted by jagoindia on November 10, 2010

Entire western coast is radicalised, says ex-Pune top cop

Shailendra Mohan, Hindustan Times

Mumbai, November 10, 2010

“The entire Western coast is radicalised and the preachers of radical ideology constantly keep moving from one place to another in different groups and guises,” says Satyapal Singh, who was Pune’s police commissioner when German Bakery was bombed on February 13, in the latest issue of Protector, Maharashtra police’s in house magazine.

Singh is now posted as additional director general of police (establishment). In the article, Tackling Terror-Some key Issues, Singh says: “Jihadi organisations working in different parts of the country may have different and deceptive (forms), having camouflages of educational, social or cultural tags.”

He says India should wake up to homegrown terror outfits and should not blindly blame the external elements for it. He adds that the banned Students Islamic Movement of India has clandestinely floated a new group called ‘The White Falcon’. “Their job is to recruit and indoctrinate children aged between five and 10 years for the jihadi movement,” Singh states.

He adds that a strategy is being applied to subvert young impressionable minds, as terrorists know that students and youngsters are highly energetic and, if convinced about the cause, they can even be moulded to conduct suicide attacks. He goes on to say the idea that terrorism is a reaction to demolition of Babri Masjid and 2002 Gujarat riots is a myth. He cites that many terror acts like the one on Parliament and in Jammu and Kashmir took place before the riots. He also cites the case of Jalees Ansari who carried out over 50 bombings in the country much before the Babri masjid was demolished.

Singh says young minds should be diverted from the path of hate by educationists, psychologists, and parents. “We should learn a lesson from the US, where no defence counsel came forward to defend the terrorists of the 9/11 terror attacks,” Singh says.

Singh was unavailable for comment as he was not in Mumbai.

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