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Over 2,000 violent Muslim mob attack police outpost in Jharkhand during Chhath celebrations

Posted by jagoindia on November 14, 2010

Sunday , November 14 , 2010 |

Mob attacks police outpost

Hazaribagh, Nov. 13: A mob of over 2,000 attacked a police outpost here today, pelting stones and torching a DSP’s jeep, to protest against alleged inaction after Muslims complained about loudspeaker use during Chhath celebrations yesterday during the time of Friday prayers.

Five policemen of Pelawal police outpost were injured while 13 troublemakers have been arrested.

The mob gathered at the outpost around 10am after which DSP Naushad Alam and sub-divisional officer Binay Rai asked that 10 members of the group come in for talks.

While this was being negotiated and 10 chosen representatives were coming inside, the mob started pelting stones, forcing the senior officers to take shelter inside.

Sanjay Kumar, the DSP’s bodyguard, managed to escort the group inside. “But when I came out again, a huge boulder hit me on the chest. I fell down and lost consciousness,” Kumar said.

By then, policemen inside the outpost took position and began firing teargas shells. But, the mob had other ideas. As the police were using short-range shells, some of the agitators picked them up and lobbed them back at the outpost.

“We began suffocating inside and were, therefore, forced to come out,” said Arun Kumar Singh, one of the policemen firing the shells.

The police then started firing long range shells, which worked, and the mob began to recede. As many as 48 rounds were fired.

Alam’s driver, Binod Kumar, then tried to drive away using his boss’s jeep, but he was hit by a stone. The mob then beat him up and set fire to the jeep. But the SDO’s driver managed to speed away and save his vehicle.

Earlier, the mob had dragged out a policeman’s motorbike from the outpost and set it afire. Another bike belonging to a journalist, who was with officials inside the outpost, was also torched.

Deputy commissioner Ravindra Kumar Agarwal and SP Pankaj Kamboj ordered a search of nearby houses and identified and arrested 13 culprits.

A local politician, Razi Ahmed, who had to come intervene, was also detained, but was later released.

“This is the handiwork of anti-social elements who tried to take advantage of the ongoing panchayat poll process,” said Kamboj.

“The police have identified those behind the attack. We will deal with them strictly.”

Yesterday in Pasai, 6km from the district headquarters, Muslims objected to the use of loudspeakers by Chhath vratis while namaz was being offered at a nearby mosque.

Yesterday in Pasai, 6km from the district headquarters, Muslims objected to the use of loudspeakers by Chhath vratis while namaz was being offered at a nearby mosque.

Chhath devotees also objected to water from the mosque spilling onto the road that was being used by the vratis.

This led to an altercation followed by pelting of stones. As many as 17 people were injured. While some were sent to Hazaribagh district hospital, a few others were shifted to Ranchi.

Agarwal said the situation was now under control in the town where security forces had been stationed to keep vigil.

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