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Kerala is another Kashmir in the making

Posted by jagoindia on June 1, 2011

May 22, 2011

Kerala: Another Kashmir in the making

KERALA is another Kashmir in the making. A booklet, Kerala’s Radical Turn, published by India Foundation, New Delhi, has highlighted the similarities between present day Kashmir valley and Kerala in detail.

Beginning from the entry of Islam to Malabar of Kerala, forcible conversion of Hindus into Islam by Tippu Sultan of Mysore, violent attacks of Moplahs on Hindus to the present day violent activities by radical Muslims, the booklet also discusses in detail the UPA government’s attempts to deploy more Muslim-police in Muslim concentrated areas of the state.

The booklet, which prominently contains three articles—Islam in Kerala by TG Mohandas, Kerala-Waiting for the Big Role by Girish P, and In a Pluralistic Part of India Fears of Rising Islamic Extremism by Emily Wax, highlights the present day picture of Kerala and asks for immediate measures to arrest the growing Islamic extremism.

“Politicians are afraid of antagonizing Muslim vote bank. Result? There is no policing worth its name in Muslim dominated areas. It is a letter from the Internal Security Department of the Union Home Ministry. Malappuram, in this letter, is the Muslim majority district. Beemappalli is an area thickly populated by Muslims near Thiruvananthapuram air port. All foreign goods including drugs are openly sold there. Even the District Collector is not permitted to enter the area unless sanction is obtained from Muslim leaders. Pulled and pressurized from all sides, the Home Minster of Kerala, Shri Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, admitted openly that the PFI/NDF activists are directly implicated in 22 murders in the state. The situation is going to be worse by the Union Government’s instruction to deploy more Muslim-police in Muslim concentrated areas. This is being done in the name of Sachar Committee, while Sachar has not made such a recommendation,” said Shri TG Mohandas in his article.

“Many of the international jihad mongers regularly visit Kerala, especially Kozhikkode and Malappuram. The speeches made are highly anti-national, communal and vituperative. The world (in)famous terror cleric Yusuf-ul-Qaradawi tops among the foreign speakers. This man openly supports separatists in J&K by calling them Freedom Fighters. The book, Qaradavi’s Fatwas in two volumes was published by Islamic Publishing House in Malayalam. Another book, Al Iqwanul Muslimoon (meaning Muslim Brotherhood) in Malayalam is running the second edition now. It declares in unequivocal language “…Jihad is our path. Death in the path to Allah is our greatest wish.” This, briefly, is the ideological mindset being nurtured and nourished in the brains of the present day Muslim youth of Kerala,” the booklet says.

2 Responses to “Kerala is another Kashmir in the making”

  1. Roy said

    such s tragedy when this is staring us in the face and nothing is being done by congress , Yet you send a bunch of police to a peacful demo at 2 am in the morning ????

  2. manu said

    we th hindus will be minority in kerala…..we will be cruelly murdered….

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