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Two Muslim Women Strangle Own Daughters for Marrying Hindu Men

Posted by jagoindia on June 4, 2011

Killer moms jailed for honour killings in Uttar Pradesh
Mail Today Bureau | Baghpat, May 15, 2011 | Updated 08:14 IST

Not even a week has passed since the Supreme Court had sought capital punishment for those involved in honour killing. But that seemed to have had little effect on two Muslim women who strangled their daughters to death for eloping with two migrant Hindu labourers, whom they later married.

The women were arrested and sent to judicial custody by a trial court on Friday. What was horrifying was that the women – Khatun and Subrato, mothers of 19-year-old Zahida and Husna (26), respectively – showed no signs of remorse and justified their action in the name of family honour. And they killed their daughters despite signing a bond with the local district collector that they would not harm their children.

“People who take such steps require a befitting punishment. This should be the treatment meted out to young people from our religion who marry into families of other faiths,” Khatun said. Police are on the lookout for a third woman, Momin, who they believe was also involved in the murders. “We suspect that she was a conduit in the murders. We are expecting a breakthrough in the next 24 hours,” Baghpat SHO Anil Kumar Kusan, said.

The cold-blooded murders took place in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, on Wednesday night. Zahida and Husna were friends and lived in the same area. Both fell in love with two Bihari labourers working in a construction firm. Fearing that their families won’t give consent to their weddings, the two fled with their migrant boyfriends to Bihar. There they got married on May 3.

A week later the girls returned to Baghpat with a desire to reconcile with their parents. But fearing reprisals, they sought police protection. The police directed the matter to the district collector who made the mothers sign a bond forbidding them to harm their children. This, the collector said, was aimed at sorting out the problems amicably and prevent a possible communal riot among the Hindus and the Muslims in the area.

But a day after they returned to their respective homes, Zahida and Husna were tied to cots by their mothers while they were sleeping. They then strangled them.

The next day Saira, Zahida’s elder sister, woke up to see her mother sitting beside the body. Her mother confessed to the crime and Saira informed the police.

4 Responses to “Two Muslim Women Strangle Own Daughters for Marrying Hindu Men”

  1. RAJ said

    My god, no wonder this religion is so barbaric….no further proof is required for this peace loving and non-voilent religion……as how much true they are.

    Well, the girls who know the issue of the religion, shouldn’t have come back to their parents, instead they should have happily lived with their husbands.
    Unfortunate, to see the budding lifes got ended.

    Well, when these people are so concerned about other religion people, how come they are living, breathing and eating in the place where other religion people are living….the food is grown by other religion people, the air is also polutated by breathing of other religion people, work, school, neibhbours are all other religion people….so why should not these people kill or run away from India?….if other religion is so much issue.

    My god, please save those innocent muslim girls who like to have freedom in their life and want to marry a good men from other religion.

    Indian govt has to do something to protect these innocent muslim girls who get married to men from other religion.

  2. surj said

    ” Indian Govt has to do some thing to protect these innocent muslim girls who get married to men from other religion” You should know better that Indian Govt ,especially Congress Party, will NOT do any thing to protect these muslims girls, because Congress party depends of Muslim votes to stay in power. Down with corrupt Congress party.

  3. soumitra said

    Muslim terrorism, still growing… it’s a vote bank policy in many countries.

  4. Stochos said

    Imagine that the average Muslim believes that they are superior to people of other religions!

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