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67 % of Pakistanis want Islamisation of society

Posted by jagoindia on June 6, 2011

67% Pakistanis want Islamisation of society

Updated on Wednesday, June 01, 2011,

Lahore: As many as 67 percent Pakistanis want the government to take steps for Islamisation, which is a clear indication that they have lost faith in the existing system.

According to a survey carried out by Gilani Research Foundation, 31 percent people want the government to take steps for Islamisation immediately, however, 48 percent think that the needed steps should be taken one by one.

People approached for survey had been asked: “In your opinion should the government take steps to Islamise the society?”

These findings clearly show that the claims made by various elements that Pakistan should be a secular state are totally baseless and contrary to the wishes of the people, The Nation reports.

This is a unique kind of survey carried out by an organization (Gallup Pakistan) in a society where more than 90 percent people are Muslims, no matter which sect they belong to.

That 31 percent people want ‘immediate’ steps for Islamisation means that they are totally disappointed with the ability of the existing system to solve their problems and want to switch over to the Islamic system, for the sake of which the country had been created in 1947.

The 48 percent people, who want a gradual approach, also pin their hopes on the Islamic system, but want it to be introduced gradually, which ostensibly means that they think any hasty steps might have the potential to backfire.

Thirteen percent of those approached for their opinions said that there was no need for Islamisation. Such people could be secularists, liberals or of the minority communities.

Twenty percent people gave no response, which may mean that Islamization is not that important for them.

Their silence could also be taken to mean that they are not concerned for what the government does or does not do on this front.


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