Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Islamic Terrorism India’s greatest threat: Justice V R Krishna Iyer

Posted by jagoindia on July 23, 2011

Terrorism India’s greatest threat: Krishna Iyer
July 16, 2011

Justice V R Krishna Iyer has said that currently the greatest enemy of
India is not so much Pakistan but terrorism.

In a statement issued here Krishna Iyer said: “A sense of insecurity
prevails in not knowing where the terrorist enemy is operating from. The
greatest enemy of India is not Pakistan but terrorism. Terrorism is not
possible without corruption. Any secret operation by Pakistanis within
India has to be secret and secrecy is possible only by bribery and other
devices all of which involved corrupt money. The Indian intelligence
apparently is not able to ferret it out. The secret processes by which
corruption operates, if every Indian discloses what his neighbour is
doing, terrorism cannot flourish as it does today.”

Though the Pakistan Government has condemned the Mumbai blasts,
important Muslim organisations in India have not condemned the dastardly
act. “I am not challenging the patriotism of the Muslim organisations in
India but do suspect the degree of their loyalty.
If every Muslim in
India feels India to be his motherland and wants to defend it, the
Indian police intelligence will easily get information about the secret
manoueuvres of hostile Muslim elements.”

Stating that there was something wrong in people not communicating with
the police when the terrorist manipulations were being organised with
such success, Krishna Iyer said:”What we require therefore is not so
much policemen or weapons but burning patriotism. Every Muslim must
watch the secret doings of other Muslim organisations especially
foreigners. A new wave of patriotism must begin in every school, college
and research organisation. Every Indian must watch what his neighbour is
doing with a patriotic vision and mission to save the nation. Even
children’s organisations should be permeated with the spirit of
Bharatmatha. Then alone India has hope. New intelligence methodologies
are necessary.”

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  1. Kush said

    A must read article: How can India tackle terrorism from Pakistan?

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