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Sachar Committee’s Rajinder Sachar admits soft spot for Pakistan and Muslims

Posted by jagoindia on July 23, 2011

One of the sessions was chaired by Mr Boothalingam, son of the illustrious ICS officer. A participant of the session was Mr Sachar. When questions were being answered, I asked Mr Sachar whether he had harboured a particularly soft corner in his heart for the Muslim community and whether the city of Lahore enjoyed his special affection. His answer to both the questions was, “Yes of course.” Which in turn led me to inquire as to why had he then come away from Lahore in 1947, never to go back. His forthright reply was that the Sachar family had no plans to leave Pakistan and, therefore, his father, Bhimsen Sachar, went to hear Mohammed Ali Jinnah address Pakistan’s Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947. He had accompanied his father.

After attending the session, Mr Sachar expressed his deep desire to travel in an aeroplane, which he had not done before, to his father. Since there was no plane service then between Karachi and Lahore, father and son flew to Delhi. The next day, they called on Jawaharlal Nehru who told them that they must not return to Lahore as it was burning and insisted on their staying back in Delhi. They had no choice but to obey him and thus they stayed back in India, said Mr Sachar. The narrative, however, convinced only a few and amused everyone.

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One Response to “Sachar Committee’s Rajinder Sachar admits soft spot for Pakistan and Muslims”

  1. hindu militant said

    I KNEW IT. This idiot must be having a soft corner in his heart for muslims, thats why he came out with a biased report. Add a few more idiots to this list.
    Arundhati Roy ( saw her public speech in karachi on youtube)
    Mani shankar aiyer ( he was ambassador to Pak)
    Kuldeep nayyar (writes pro paki stuff, even writes for pak newspapers)
    Our onw PM Manmohan singh.(instead of hating pak, he wants open borders for trade)
    Film maker karan johar

    Big problem is kukdeep nayyar and karan johar are originally from lahore, instead of having hatred for throwing them out of their ancestral towns, these idiots have sympathy? Need some psychiatric treatment.

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