Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Since 2005, almost 400 Mumbaikars dead in Islamic terrorist strikes. Kasab is still alive

Posted by jagoindia on July 31, 2011

Many in Mumbai ask why Kasab is still alive

Yet another terror strike, yet another tragedy for the people of Mumbai.
Nineteen people died and 131 were injured in the deadly blasts that
struck Mumbai on Wednesday.

Following the blasts, the common man’s anger is directed at Ajmal Kasab,
the face of 26/11. The people want to know why the terrorist is fed,
looked after and protected at the expense of the nation.

“There is video evidence against Kasab, but still no action is being
taken against him,” says an angry Mumbaikar.

“Well, point, that it takes a long time is a fact. We need to expedite
that. I appreciate the point. That’s the way things stand today. It
takes time,” Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said.

Since 2005, almost 400 Mumbaikars have died in several terror strikes.
It’s a situation that’s almost as bad as terror-torn Karachi and Kabul.

Yet, for years, most terror cases are still stuck at the stage of the

Every accused is entitled to a free and fair trial. That’s how any
civilised democracy behaves. But can the legal process, which is
currently slow and tardy, be expedited?

“There is no problem with the law. The infrastructure has to improve
with technology and computerisation. In the 21st century we can’t still
have bullock-cart technology,” said senior advocate KTS Tulsi.

The Opposition, however, insists that the law is weak.

“Countries across the world have enacted tough laws against terror, but
India the law has been weakened and terrorists are almost invited,” said
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

And with a conviction rate that’s less than six per cent, for
terrorists, such attacks remain a low risk business.

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