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Kashmir: the war for hearts and minds

Posted by jagoindia on July 19, 2008

“What kind of society do the Islamists want? Mr. Akhtar put it simply and honestly: “There should be no guilt in the effort to establish Allah’s rule over our nation.””

Kashmir: the war for hearts and minds
Praveen Swami, The Hindu, Jun 04, 2008

High capitalist culture and Islamism are colliding in Jammu and Kashmir. It promises to be a fateful confrontation.

Last week, thousands of young Srinagar residents turned out to hear the Pakistani rock band, Junoon, performing the hit, Sayonee. Days earlier, the Hizb ul-Mujahideen chief, Mohammad Yusuf Shah, demanded that the Pakistan government order Junoon not to perform in Jammu and Kashmir, claiming its presence in Srinagar would “add insult to injury.”

Defiant, Junoon leader Salman Ahmad invited the portly terror commander to join him “in a musical jihad for peace.” Not too many years ago, a remark like that would have invited certain death; now, all it provoked was an irate protest by a handful of Kashmir University campus Islamists.

A week before the Junoon concert, though, a more familiar script played itself out. In April, students from the Anantnag Women’s Degree College travelled across India on a college tour. One evening in Goa, the girls danced to the tunes of a rock band at a beach restaurant — dressed, it perhaps needs noting, in nothing more immodest than full-length trousers and shirts. A student videotaped the evening’s harmless fun. When she gave the tape to an Anantnag storeowner to have it transferred to the compact disc, someone made copies — and the girls’ dream holiday turned hell.

Islamist leader Hilal Ahmad War led the charge, alleging that the girls had been “made to dance in nightclubs outside the State.” It was “shameful and shocking that our sisters are being exploited and taken to dance clubs and bars in different States of India under the garb of educational and cultural tours.” He lashed out at officials for “not only encouraging promiscuity in Kashmir but also facilitating the exploitation of our girls at the hands of outsiders.”

No less than Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, the powerful Srinagar cleric who heads the All Parties Hurriyat Conference, weighed in with the claim that the Anantnag events pointed to Indian “cultural aggression to keep the younger generation [away] from religious and moral values.”

Several similar instances took place this summer, though their worrying message has been drowned out by the loud chorus of good news from Jammu and Kashmir — the flood of tourists, for example, or the decline of violence — and, of course, the resounding success of Junoon.

Mumbai-based Meenakshi Sharan, who visited Srinagar to counsel school students on their career options, found herself at the receiving end of a scurrilous campaign that she was spreading vice — this because, according to one account, she offered beauty tips and relationship advice to teenage students. Mirwaiz Farooq announced that “notorious beauticians” had been “introduced as career counsellors and sent to girls’ educational institutions to promote obscenity and immorality”.

For once, his far-right enemies agreed. Asiya Andrabi, head of the Dukhtaran-e-Millat, lashed out at Ms Sharan, claiming she was “actually doing the job of luring girls into modelling [to] later exploit them sexually.” This, the Islamist politician claimed, was part of a larger enterprise of “marketing Kashmiri girls [which] sometimes surfaces by means of education tours, sometimes through the Army’s Operation Sadbhawana and sometimes through the appointment of Kashmiri girls in different airlines and insurance companies.” “If we don’t wake up to this threat, the day won’t be far off when our daughters would be marketed like tulips in the outside world,” Ms Andrabi concluded emphatically. Leaving aside the minor point that Jammu and Kashmir does not yet have the infrastructure to market tulips to the world, her paranoiac language contains in it important clues to the concerns which drive Islamism in the State.

Islamists in Jammu and Kashmir — correctly — identify culture as a more elemental threat to their project than any number of Indian troops. Over the years, the idea that the West and Hindu India are together engaged in a cultural project to annihilate Kashmir and Islam has figured repeatedly in Islamist discourse.

Examples aren’t hard to come by. As scholar Yoginder Sikand has recorded, the Jamaat-e-Islami long claimed that “a carefully planned Indian conspiracy was at work to destroy the Islamic identity of the Kashmiris, through Hinduizing the school syllabus and spreading immorality and vice among the youth.” It was even alleged that “that the government of India had dispatched a team to Andalusia, headed by the Kashmiri Pandit [politician] D.P. Dhar, to investigate how Islam was driven out of Spain and to suggest measures as to how the Spanish experiment could be repeated in Kashmir, too.” Just how little distance there is between these ideas and the invective directed at the Anantnag students is startling — but it ought not to surprise anyone.

Among the first acts of jihadists in 1989 — when the long war in Jammu and Kashmir began — were attacks on bars and stores stocking liquor, followed by the proscription of popular film and television and the prohibition of beauty parlours. Women who resisted edicts to wear the veil were often attacked — some with acid; others with guns. One particularly gruesome incident was the 1993 murder of Shamima Parveen, the first woman to perform in the traditional Kashmiri satirical dance-drama form, Bhaand Paather — a tragedy that later formed the core of a play by author M.K. Raina.

Women under Islamist rule
In an article written eight years ago, journalist Suchita Vemuri provided a graphic illustration of what life was like for women under Islamist rule. “Women were pushed into purdah,” she wrote, “deprived of access to contraception and abortion, and prevented from moving freely.” Asma Khan, a senior gynaecologist in the Lal Ded Maternity Hospital, told Ms Vemuri: “Before this problem, there was a growing awareness of contraception in the State, and vasectomies and tubectomies were routine. But for several years now, no vasectomy has been performed; tubectomies have been attempted only in cases where another pregnancy could be life-threatening.” Tanvir Jehan, Jammu and Kashmir’s first woman District Magistrate, made clear that resistance was impossible: “Till 1995,” she said, “I too would do exactly what they dictated.”

Islamists no longer have the military muscle needed to ensure compliance — a fact demonstrated in stark relief by Mr. Ahmad, whose exemplary courage ought to teach a lesson or two to politicians in the State. And that, in turn, has led them to begin to panic.

Writing in the Srinagar-based Daily Etelaat on May 16, commentator Omar Akhtar asserted: “We are losing this battle because we forget [it] is not only about removing the Indian Army from Kashmir and the Indian flag from our Secretariat.” Back in 1990, Mr. Akhtar argued that the “Kashmiri nation … sought to bring about the establishment of an Islamic state, from the suppressive [sic.] influence of the Indian state.” Kashmiris, he claimed, “rose in unison against a perceived ‘non-Muslim,’ ‘unbeliever’.” However, “as a nation, we have failed to stick to the ideals of Islam and we are [therefore] losing this struggle.” “Kashmiris,” Mr. Akhtar said, “are more morally corrupt than ever before; they are more dishonest than ever before; they are more unseemly in their conduct than ever before.”

Arguments like these have long been made by followers of South Asia’s most important Islamist, Abul Ala Maududi. He believed that true believers needed to be insulated from their cultural environment — from the complex interactions with local traditions and religions that gave Islam in South Asia its special character. Islamist patriarch Syed Ali Shah Geelani, drawing on this tradition, has argued that Hindus and Muslims in India are “members of two different nations despite living in the same territory.” For Muslims to stay among Hindus is as difficult as it is “for a fish to stay alive in a desert.” For Islamists like Mr. Geelani, modernity and the pluralist cultural currents which bear it hold out an existential threat.

Through much of its history, Mr. Geelani’s parent organisation, the Jamaat-e-Islami, represented the traditional urban and rural middle class. Enriched by modernity but denied political space by the National Conference, these classes saw religion as an instrument with which to defend their traditional power. The Islamists sought to undermine the National Conference’s influence by representing modernity as a force that threatens Jammu and Kashmir’s identity and honour.

Figures like Ms Andrabi have developed on this tradition, building careers by fuelling paranoia. In the wake of the uncovering of a large-scale prostitution racket in Srinagar last year, Ms Andrabi organised physical attacks on unmarried couples seen together in public. A summer on, the Islamists are at it again — minus the violence, it is true, but with no less venom.

What kind of society do the Islamists want? Mr. Akhtar put it simply and honestly: “There should be no guilt in the effort to establish Allah’s rule over our nation.”

In a fundamental sense, the conflict in Kashmir is not about its stated causes. It is not about India, Pakistan and independence; nor about democracy, secularism, and human rights; not even about Hinduism or Islam. It is, instead, a showdown between the god of the Islamists and the fiercely polytheist icon-suffused culture of modern high capitalism. For better or for worse, young people’s responses to the Junoon concert make clear that Mr. Geelani’s god is losing.

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Kashmiri Hindu: My house in Kashmir is now occupied by a bearded rag picker who became a millionaire from looting Kashmiri Pandit homes

Posted by jagoindia on July 17, 2008

comment in article End the Moral Idiocy on Kashmir
July 10th, 2008 by Andrew Bostom |

Kumar Vijay UNITED STATES Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0 // Jul 12, 2008 (5 days ago) at 5:28 pm

The article is true reflection of facist Islam practiced in Kashmir. On January 1990, all mosques blared from their Loud Speakers ” We want Nizame Mustafa”. The Original inhabitants who were now a minority were selectively killed and the rest fled to the plains of India. My House in Maharaj Ganj is now occupied by a bearded rag picker who used to be a petty foot path pedlar and became a millionaire from looting the Kashmiri Pandit homes of its brassware used in the kitchens! He performed Haj with the loot and is now having a shop of stolen material in front of the Fire brigade and Post Office in Maharaj Ganj, Srinagar, Kashmir. The people address him as “Haji Sahib”

Can there be a greater insult to the intelligence of mankind in this Internet age? Calling Islam a religion of peace? It is a religion of organized and Institutionalized loot and great robbery and fooling the world by chanting peace!

Muslims complain of racial prejudice and keep repeating to put the civlized world on the defensive. Human Rights activisits mainly women have been hired to confuse the civlised west in exchange of serving the physical needs of these sexually unsatiated females.

Greatest robberies of modern age has been unleashed world over and at this rate the civilzed west will become a ghetto of ugly beareded, mousacheless human animals who take pride in looking like human animals and love to keep their women in kennels of black burqa and treat them as objects of lust and sex 4- at a time!

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jihadist speech by Benazir Bhutto (part of And the world remained silent on Kashmir Pandits video)

Posted by jagoindia on July 17, 2008

Hear it here
Time 2:15 to 4:00 minutes, heard the jihadist speech Benazir Bhutto.

Full video is called And the world remained silent (on Kashmir Pandits)

Thanks to Andrews Bostom for bringing into attention in his article End the Moral idiocy in Kashmir

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Forcing Kashmiri Hindus into exile, to create an Islamic Kashmir

Posted by jagoindia on July 17, 2008

Forcing Kashmiri Hindus into exile, to create an Islamic Kashmir
On Oct. 10, just two days after an earthquake killed tens of thousands in South Asia, Islamist terrorists belonging to Hizb ul-Mujahideen and Lashkar e-Tolba killed 10 Hindu civilians in the Rajouri district of Indian-controlled Kashmir.

The attacks were part of an orchestrated campaign designed to cleanse Kashmir of its indigenous Hindus and bring the area entirely under Muslim governance — either through a union with Pakistan, or as an independent, Sharia-based Islamic state. Apparently, not even the massive devastation wrought by mother nature has slowed the terrorists’ murderous campaign.

Kashmir is the only state of India — there are 27 states and seven union territories in the nation — where the majority of inhabitants are Muslim. Indian law prohibits migration of Indians from other states into Kashmir, in order to preserve its Muslim character. In 1947 and 1948, when Hindus and Muslims were slaughtering each other on either side of the Punjab, Kashmir was remarkably peaceful, its Hindu minority lived without fear and the Kashmiris welcomed the Indian army, which protected the population from
invading Pakistani tribes.

How was this spirit of tolerance created? The answer lies in the nature of Kashmiri Islam.

Islam came to the Kashmir valley during the late middle ages. Some scholars argue that the slow and gradual conversion of the inhabitants was the result of an indigenous version of Islam promulgated by local mystics, or Sufis, called Rishis.

Rishis were celibate and pacifist mystics. Like the Kashmiri Yogis and Buddhists who may have been their models, they were tolerant of non-Islamic faiths such as that practised by the indigenous Hindus of Kashmir, the Pandits, whose most famous son, Jawaharlal Nehru, founded the modern state of India.

Rishis established centres of pilgrimage graced by beautiful buildings called Ziarat. Many of these places were honoured by Hindus, and many Rishi saints were venerated by Muslim and Hindu worshippers alike. Until the early 1980s, the Hindu Pandits of the Kashmir valley generally lived peaceably with their neighbours of the Muslim majority.

The basis of this mutual toleration is called Kashmiriat. Roughly translated into English, it means “the Kashmiri style or way of life.” Unlike the Salafist or Wahhabi Islam of Osama Bin Laden and his followers, Kashmiriat versions of Islam tolerate dance and music. (The Kashmiri musical tradition has more than 180 local ragas and myriads of dances that local musicologists are trying to record and disseminate.) For those looking to reconcile Islam and democracy, Kashmiriat provides an example of how a tolerant Islamic religious and cultural tradition can lay the groundwork for secular democracy.

But during the 1980s, Kashmiriat was dealt a blow from which it may never recover. Moderate Kashmiri Muslims woke up to find that their mosques had new preachers, many of whom had been trained outside of the country. They preached against the old versions of Islam and insisted that their intolerant Wahhabi strain must be adopted by all Kashmiris. Women were to adopt the veil and music was proscribed.

They also preached that indigenous Hindus should be forced to leave, so that Kashmir could become a land reserved for Muslims. No doubt, they were inspired by the world’s silence following the near total expulsion of the 50,000-strong Hindu community of Kabul after its conquest by the Taliban.

After a decade of preaching and fulmination, words led to action.

In 1990, the local Urdu-language press in Srinagar, the capital of Indian Kashmir, published a press release from Hizb ul-Mujahideen demanding that the Pandits of Kashmir leave so that Kashmir could join Pakistan. A poster campaign followed demanding that Kashmiris obey an “Islamic” dress code and that video parlours and cinemas be banned.

Shops, businesses and homes of Kashmiri Pandits were marked out, and notices were placed on their doors demanding that they leave. In villages throughout the region, hit lists of Kashmiri Pandits were distributed. Within a short period, gangs of young men carrying Kalashnikovs began random and indiscriminate killings of Pandit families and any Kashmiri notable who opposed the terror.

The state government of Kashmir collapsed, the Chief Minister went into hiding, and both the regional and national security forces sat idle while a flood of Pandit Hindus were driven out. On Sept. 12, 2004, The Times of India put the case mildly when it ran a story under the headline “Hindu population in decline in Kashmir.”

The American and British governments have confirmed that more than a quarter of a million Pandit refugees have been driven out of Kashmir into neighbouring states during the last 15 years. Yet the Indian government has yet to call these people what they are: victims of terror. As a matter of political convenience, it has labelled them “migrants.” They languish in refugee camps, in squalor and disease — people who were once famous for their pacifist version of Saivite Hinduism and who were once an inspiration to Mahatma Gandhi.

Meanwhile, the new Chief Minister of Kashmir has asked the Pandits to return. But each time such announcements are made, there is another terrorist attack against the remaining Hindu stragglers in Kashmir. The Oct. 10 attack was of this type.

Pakistan was created as an Islamic state. India was created as a secular democracy. Although Hindus outnumber Muslims in India by 10 to 1, the media and the government have always been fastidious in ensuring that their rights are honoured and protected. Allowing the expulsion of a quarter of a million indigenous Hindus from their ancestral homeland in Kashmir is not only a hateful, collective crime — it is also a betrayal of the tolerant creed that has allowed Muslims themselves to prosper. Qudsia Shah, former president of the College for Women in Srinagar put it bluntly: “The exodus of Hindus is not good for Kashmir. We Muslims are the losers.”

The Indian government must first recognize the Pandits as legitimate victims of terror in Kashmir. They must then give them back their stolen property and they must win the war on terror in Kashmir. By doing so, they will also allow the moderate Islam of Kashmir to return to that once fabled Himalayan paradise. Kashmiriat is good for democracy.

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Muslim Panel for ‘Shariat’ court in every district

Posted by jagoindia on July 16, 2008

Muslim Panel for ‘Shariat’ court in every district
Calcutta News.Net
Tuesday 6th February, 2007 (IANS)

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has decided to set up ‘Shariat’ courts in every district of the country, a board member said Tuesday.

‘The decision came in the wake of recommendations of the Maulana Atiq Ahmed Bastwi committee, set up by the Board a few months back, to look into the need of quick disposal of personal law related disputes of Muslims,’ AIMPLB legal adviser and member Zafaryab Jilani told IANS.

Jilani said: ‘The idea was to facilitate common Muslim masses to get their personal law related issues sorted out without having to bear the high cost of regular courts and their prolonged procedures.’

Asked if these Shariat courts would mean the creation of a parallel judicial system, Jilani pointed out: ‘Well, Shariat courts were already in existence in many parts the country and many Muslims preferred to take their personal litigations to these

courts. However, so far there was no organised system of setting up such courts.’

He added: ‘The Muslim Personal Law Board will now issue proper guidelines for the setting up of such Shariat courts at the district level to ensure that these are not only constituted under a uniform framework but those entrusted with the task of dispensing justice are appropriately qualified people.’

According to Jilani, ‘the board had always been of the view that Muslims should try and get their personal law issues resolved at the Shariat’ courts as far as possible’.

The board proposes to appoint a Qazi (judge) at the district level to head each court. ‘Modalities for setting up the necessary logistics and related issues like remuneration for the Qazi are still being worked out,’ said Jilani.

‘Since such courts were already in place in certain places, we are gathering details about their functioning,’ he added.

And once the district level Shariat courts are set up, the board proposes to create similar infrastructure at lower levels to facilitate dispensation of justice at the doorsteps of the common Muslims.

Maulana Khalid Rasheed, another Board member, who heads Lucknow’s oldest Islamic seminary Firangi Mahal, was quite enthused about the decision. ‘I am sure these courts would also help in reducing the burden of conventional courts,’ he said.

Asked what mechanism would be adopted to make the verdict of these courts a binding on the parties involved, he said: ‘Well, those who are true followers of Islam would voluntarily abide by the decision of these Islamic courts.’

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Bangladesh steals 500 acres of Assam

Posted by jagoindia on July 16, 2008

Bangladesh has encroached upon 500 acres: Assam
July 15, 2008 21:23 IST

The Assam assembly on Tuesday witnessed noisy scenes after the government conceded that Bangladesh and neighbouring states have encroached upon more than 700 acres of the state’s land.

As much as 500 acres were being encroached by Bangladesh along the border, while nearly 87 hectares were illegally occupied by Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Meghalaya and a small stretch by West Bengal, Assam Accord Implementation Minister Bhumidhar Barman said in the House.

The infuriated opposition members, with their leader Chandra Mohan Patowary, demanded a detailed statement by the government on the steps taken in this regard.

The minister said the government had filed a case in the Supreme Court, which directed setting up of a local commission to solve the Assam-Nagaland and Assam-Meghalaya border disputes.

On steps taken by the government, Barman said government-level talks were on with neighbouring states during regular intervals to solve the matter.

On encroachment by Bangladesh, the state had approached the Centre to settle the matter, the minister informed.

Unhappy with the reply, opposition members created a din, demanding an all-party delegation visit the disputed border areas.

Terming the matter serious, Speaker Tanka Bahadur Rai said he would look into the problem.

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Explosive Muslim Population Growth Rate in India

Posted by jagoindia on July 14, 2008

Jaidharma’s blog is being reproduced here to give maximum exposure to the dangers of Islamic population explosion in India. Muslim breeding coupled with their hobby to decimate non Muslims, will pave the way for the extermination of Hindus in India as well. Also read Indian Census and Muslim population growth, Nov 22 2005 |

I recently came across a small booklet written in Marathi by Dr Shrirang Godbole titled, “Ahindu Loksankhyecha Visfot” (published Oct ’04 by “Bharatiya Vichar Sadhana” in Pune.

The book dealt with the explosive growth in non-Hindu populations in India. Below are some of the more startling statistics included in the book. I am not sure if a translation is available, nevertheless these facts will give you a flavour of the contents.

The book starts by noting that the boycott by Hindus of the census in 1921, 1931 and 1941 (I’m not clear about the exact reasons) and the resultant misrepresentation (under-representation?) in population statistics may have led to Hindus loosing out on several important decisions related to opportunities in government and administration, political reforms and constitutional matters at the time of Partition.

But coming back to the real point, here are some highlights:

· Of the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies, Muslims are in a majority in 12. Of these, 4 are in J & K, one in Lakshdweep and the rest are in Kishanganj (Bihar, 66%), Ponani (Kerala, 66%), Jangipur (W Bengal, 59%), Murshidabad (W Bengal, 58%), Manjeri (Kerala, 56%), Dhubri (Assam, 55%) , Raiganj (W Bengal, 55%). However, Muslims hold a decisive vote in anywhere between 90-100 constituencies in the country. In Uttar Pradesh, politically one of the most important states, Muslims constitute more than 20% of the voting population in more than 34 Lok Sabha constituencies (of a total of 543). (Pg 18)

· There is no demonstrable link between illiteracy (or under-development) and Muslim population as many commentators would lead us to believe. In Maharashtra, although Hindus have a lower rate of literacy (both in terms of males and females), Muslims have a higher birth rate than Hindus in every single district (Pg 22)

· Amongst all the states in India, Assam has seen the maximum decline in Hindu population. In the 4 districts bordering Bangladesh (Dhubri, Golpara, Hailakandi and Karimganj), Muslims constitute between 52% ~ 75% of the population. Between 1991 and 2001, Muslim growth rate in Assam in was 29.3% compared to 14.8% for non-Muslims. Today, 10 out of 23 districts in Assam are Muslim majority

· Of the 9 boundary districts in W Bengal, all except 3 have Muslim majority

· In Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh, Muslim population grew by 150% and 180% respectively. Nagaland has 16 major tribes but there has been a “new” addition in the last 10 years – “Semiyan” (persons descended from Bangaldeshi men – “Mian” and Naga women) which is a designated Muslim tribe

· In R K Ohri’s book (“Long March of Islam – The Future Imperfect”, Manas Publications, N Delhi, pp 235, 238), Sarifa Begum has estimated that between 1981 and 1991, 14 ~ 15 million Bangladeshis illegally entered (and consequently disappeared) in India. As conclusive evidence, the population growth in boundary districts on the Indian side has consistently outpaced the growth in boundary districts on the Bangladeshi side (see table below)

Bangladeshi boundary region

Population Growth Rate

Adjoining Indian region

Population Growth Rate

Greater Jessore and Greater Khulna

1.97% and 1.58%

North 24 Parganas, W Bengal


Greater Maimensingh


Garo Hills, Meghalaya


Greater Commila




· In 2003, George Fernandes has gone on record saying that illegal infiltration from Bangladesh into India has consistently been running at a rate of more than 1 lakh persons per year (p 235 of Sh Ohri’s book)

When will we wake up?

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Family planning is un-Islamic says Muslim Samajwadi Party MP

Posted by jagoindia on July 11, 2008

Also read: Muslim Population Growth Rate in India and India misses population control targets for 2010, 2016

‘Family planning is un-Islamic’
5 Apr 2008,  Dhananjay Mahapatra,TNN

NEW DELHI: The law prohibiting a person having more than two children from contesting panchayat elections was challenged in the Supreme Court on Friday by Samajwadi Party MP Abu Asim Azmi on the ground that it violated the Islamic dictat that no Muslim would restrict birth of children.

Azmi, recently in the thick of a controversy for picking up cudgels against Raj Thackeray’s anti-north Indian tirade, challenged a Bombay High Court order which had dismissed his petition by following a 2003 SC judgment upholding the norm for Haryana panchayat elections.

Undeterred by the apex court judgment, Azmi said under Articles 25 and 26 of the Constitution, Muslims had the fundamental right to profess and practice Islam according to the dictats of Quran.

“Profess and practice of religion includes following the essential and integral dictats of the Holy Book Quran, which is the only soul of Islam and Islamic law,”Azmi said through counsel Goodwill Indeevar.

“Not to kill any unborn child or restrict its birth either before or post conceiving is the essential and integral part of Islam,”he said and termed the Maharashtra local bodies norm framed in the year 2000 as violative of the fundamental rights of Muslims.

The Supreme Court had upheld an identical norm enacted by the Haryana legislature and rejected the argument that identical disqualification norms had not been put in force for the assembly and Parliament. It had said that every state legislature was given the freedom to enact suitable laws for panchayats.

Having failed to impress the HC with the argument that the disqualification norm applied only to the local bodies, Azmi thought of drafting in the religious angle into the petition.

The hearing on the petition was adjourned by a Bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justice Aftab Alam as the petitioner had circulated a letter seeking deferment of hearing.

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QUESTION: “What is the definition of an Islamophobe?”

Posted by jagoindia on July 8, 2008


Monday July 7,2008
By Leo McKinstry

QUESTION: “What is the definition of an Islamophobe?”

Answer: “Someone who objects to being blown up on the way to work.” The politically correct brigade might not like it but there is a large element of truth in that “joke”.

In recent years we have had to endure a constant threat to our society from Muslim extremists who kill, maim and brutalise in the name of Allah. Yet, in the inverted moral universe created by our Left-wing political establishment, any criticism of Islam provokes indignant cries of “racism” or “Islamophobia”.

But, as the joke implies, the very term Islamophobia is a piece of nonsense. A phobia is an irrational fear. There is nothing remotely irrational in feeling alarm at the menace posed by the jihadists and their apologists. A sense of hostility towards militant Islam is a sign of intelligence, not prejudice.

In the light of today’s third anniversary of the July bombings in 2005, the eagerness of Muslim representatives to don the mantle of victimhood is truly sickening. Last week, Minister for International Development and Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik had the nerve to claim that “Muslims feel like the Jews of Europe” because of supposed persecution.

Meanwhile, the Channel 4 Dispatches programme is tonight examining the phenomenon of so-called Islamophobia, claiming that Muslims are an alienated, vulnerable community under siege.

The intellectually barren argument is that Islam “has an overwhelming message of peace and tolerance”. Try telling that to relatives of those killed in the Twin Towers or in the London bombings.

The Jews suffered the most appalling, lethal persecution culminating in the Holocaust. It would, of course, be grotesque to pretend that anything like that is happening now. Any Muslim alienation stems entirely from their refusal to integrate, preferring to cling on to their own alien customs.

Muslim hard­liners are the ones doing the persecution, using the threat of mayhem against enfeebled governments and tyrannising the more vulnerable members of their own communities, especially women.

If anything, Muslim radicals are the closest political ideologues to the Nazis in their worship of totalitarian power, their hatred of democracy, their vicious anti-Semitism and their addiction to violence.

It is obscene for political commentators to characterise as a disease or a prejudice the wish to preserve our civilisation in the face of barbarism. The real disease of modern Britain is the cringing of our cowardly political establishment towards Islam.

That mood of official surrender was graphically highlighted last week in the call from the Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips for Muslim sharia law to be incorporated within the British legal system, following a similar demand from the Imam – sorry, Archbishop – of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Both men like to present this proposed accommodation with sharia as an example of tolerance. It is nothing of the sort, for sharia is a savagely intolerant medieval code which treats women as second-class citizens and has a wide range of punishments for practices – such as drinking alcohol – that are not even illegal in Britain.

The establishment of sharia would be a charter for legalised misogyny, anti-gay oppression and puritan bullying in Muslim neighbourhoods and prove how successful the Islamist threat of violence has been.

The game was given away by lawyer Stephen Hockman, QC, a former head of the Bar Council, who warned at the weekend that sharia law will have to be implemented “otherwise we will find there is a very significant section of our society which is increasingly alienated with very dangerous results”.

Surely he can’t mean we had better give in or there will be another bombing campaign?

Sadly, it is part of a pattern of official appeasement towards the creeping Islamification of Britain. Contrary to what Islam’s cheerleaders say, Muslims – far from being victims – are now dictating public policy. At a school in
Stoke-on-Trent, several pupils were punished for failing to fall to their knees and worship Allah during a religious education lesson.

But it is unthinkable that any state teacher who has been through the sheep-dip of politically correct training would dare even to ask any Muslim child to make the sign of the cross. Such outrageous double standards can be seen everywhere in our society.

TWO Christian preachers, for example, were threatened with arrest for hate crimes when they were distributing evangelical leaflets in a part of Birmingham. “This is a Muslim area,” police told them. Imagine the outcry if police told an imam to clear off because he was in a “Christian area”. It would never happen.

Abject apology towards Islamists has become the default mode of the British state. It pays shedloads of benefits to Muslim terror suspects and restricts the use of sniffer dogs for fear of causing offence.

When Channel 4 made a programme about hate preachers in Britain’s mosques, the TV station ended up being investigated by West Midlands police for undermining “community cohesion” and “feelings of public reassurance”.

The political elite might blather about “rich cultural diversity” but this is only a recipe for the destruction of our civilisation. In practice, its capitulation to Islam is a form of national suicide.

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Indian emigre runs for congress on anti-Islam platform

Posted by jagoindia on July 1, 2008

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