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Pakistani men groom white girls for sex in Britain

Posted by jagoindia on February 28, 2011

Pakistani men grooming British girls for sex

Pakistani men grooming British girls for sex
IANS, Jan 5, 2011

LONDON: Pakistani-origin men in Britain are grooming white girls aged between 11 and 16 for sex with Asian men, a media report said Wednesday.

Police and social services were silent on the exploitation because of fear that it would be termed a racial issue, The Daily Mail reported.

Researchers from University College London’s Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science said the victims were “typically white girls” while “most central offenders are Pakistani”.

The offenders were not viewed as paedophiles but had picked the girls because of their “malleability”.

The report, however, concluded that “race is a delicate issue” that should be handled sensitively “but not brushed under the carpet”.

It said the grooming usually began with older groups of men befriending girls aged 11 to 16 they meet on the street.

The victim was initially treated as a girlfriend and showered with gifts and attention.

But the relationship quickly becomes more “sinister” as the abuser plies the child with drinks and drugs before effectively pimping her out to friends and associates.

The worst cases involve girls being moved around the country to be repeatedly abused.

However, charities working with police to help victims of sexual abuse have publicly denied there was a link between ethnicity and the grooming.

A police officer at West Mercia called for an end to the “damaging taboo” connecting grooming with race.

“These girls are being passed around and used as meat. To stop this type of crime, you need to start everyone talking about it but everyone’s been too scared to address the ethnicity factor,” Chief Inspector Alan Edwards said.

“No one wants to stand up and say that Pakistani guys in some parts of the country are recruiting young white girls and passing them around their relatives for sex, but we need to stop being worried about the racial complication,” he said.

In 17 court cases since 1997 where men were prosecuted, 53 of the 56 people found guilty were Asian, 50 of them Muslim, while just three were white, according to The Times.

Five Asian men were jailed in November 2010 for 32 years for sexual offences against girls aged between 12 and 16 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Judge Peter Kelson said the men were “sexual predators”.

Mohammed Shafiq, director of Lancashire-based Ramadhan Foundation, a charity working for harmony, said: “I think the police are overcautious because they are afraid of being branded racist.”

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There is no radical Islam, no hijacked Islam, no corrupted Islam, no extreme Islam and no moderate Islam: Islam is Islam is Islam

Posted by jagoindia on September 1, 2010

Islam is Islam is Islam
by Victor Sharpe

To quote the old proverb: “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck.” So it is with Islam. There is no radical Islam, no hijacked Islam, no corrupted Islam, no extreme Islam and no moderate Islam: There is simply Islam.

Listening to White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, answering questions from reporters about the planned 15 story high mosque mere yards from ground zero was revealing. He said: “I think you’ve heard this administration and the last administration talk about the fact that we are not at war with a religion but with an idea that has corrupted a religion.”

There again is that oft repeated phrase that the religion of Islam has been corrupted. But does Gibbs and his boss, Barack Hussein Obama, truly believe that Islam is a peaceful religion and not without a major pillar called jihad with its dire implications for all non-Moslems or, as the Muslim world likes to describe them: infidels.

One still hears the phrase by well-meaning but misguided individuals that Islam means peace. No. Islam means submission; not submission to the will of the people but solely to the will of Allah. And Moslems may not ever question the teachings of the prophet Mohammed.

Islam also teaches that it is superior to all other religions. It is Islam über alles. The Moslem is taught that Judaism and Christianity perverted the will of Allah and Islam received the superior revelation requiring, therefore, that Jews and Christians ultimately submit to Islam.

Islam bases its ideology on five pillars – Witness to Allah and his prophet Mohammed; Prayer five times daily facing Mecca and the Ka’ba; Almsgiving to the poor and to the mosque; Fasting during the month of Ramadan; and Pilgrimage to Mecca. But there is a sixth pillar called jihad. This is now the greatest of all threats to Judeo-Christian civilization. Indeed one can say that much of the world faces an existential threat to its survival, not from the manufactured and erroneous science of global warming but from global jihad.

According to Abraham Katsh, who wrote the following as far back as 1954 in his book on the Koran:

“The duty of Jihad, the waging of Holy War, has been raised to the dignity of a sixth canonical obligation … To the Moslem, the world is divided into regions under Islamic control, the dar al-Islam, and regions not subjected as yet, the dar al-harb.

“Between this area of warfare and the Muslim dominated part of the world there can be no peace. Practical considerations may induce the Muslim leaders to conclude an armistice, but the obligation to conquer and, if possible, convert never lapses. Nor can territory once under Muslim rule be lawfully yielded to the unbeliever. Legal theory has gone so far as to define as dar al-Islam any area where at least one Muslim custom is observed.

“Thanks to this concept, the Moslem is required to subdue the infidel, and he who dies in the path of Allah is considered a martyr and assured of Paradise and of unique privileges there.”

Now we can see how there will never be a true and lasting peace by the Muslim Arabs – who call themselves Palestinians, or by the Arab and Muslim states – with Israel. Islam will not allow it. So it is pointless, therefore, and against God’s Covenant with His people, to give away one single centimeter of biblical and ancestral Jewish land to the so-called Palestinian Arabs or to anyone else.

Nor can there ever be peace between Muslim Kosovo and the Orthodox Christian Serbs or between Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India, to name a few of the endless Muslim engendered wars raging in the world today. The simple reason is that Islam will never countenance or accept peace with any non-Muslim neighbor: Never.

Jihad requires the Moslem believers to spread what they consider “Islamic truth” by all means, especially by the sword. Now in our modern world, the sword gives way to the most lethal and devastating weaponry in man’s military arsenal. That is why the leader of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, seeks the ultimate nuclear weapon to destroy Israel and usher in what he believes to be the Islamic messiah, the 12th Imam.

As I’ve written previously, Islam, through jihad, is to spread what is called in Arabic, Dar al-Islam, the “House of Submission” meaning those lands occupied and controlled by Islamic states and under Sharia law. Those nations not yet conquered by Muslim forces are in what is called the “Dar al-Harb: the House of War, and must be eventually overcome by endless war.

Islam seeks to impose Sharia law wherever it gains control. It is based upon the Koran and the Sunna and has not been reformed or modified since the 7th century. It can never be changed. That is why we see on the front page of the Times magazine the horrific photograph of the 18 year old Afghani girl whose nose and ears were cut off by her husband, acting according to Islamic Sharia law. Her offense was that she had fled from her cruel family and in-laws and, as a mere woman under Taliban Islamic rule, she had little or no rights.

Saudi Arabia invests endless billions of dollars to build mosques throughout the world. The international blanketing of cities with mosques is just another expression of jihad. In Western Europe, most famously renamed Eurabia by the writer, Bat Yeor, there may soon come a time when there will be more minarets than steeples.

Perhaps the most egregious and blatant example of Islamic triumphalism is the planned construction of a giant mosque in New York, almost upon the site of the horrific destruction of the Twin Towers by Moslem terrorists acting in the name of Allah.

The proposed Cordoba Mosque (named after the Islamic defeat of Christians in Spain during the 8th century) is to be opened in 2011 on the very anniversary of the September 11, 2001 atrocity – a flagrant insult to the memory of the thousands of innocents who died at the hands of Moslem fanatics and believers, most of them Saudis.

It is depressing to see and hear liberals such as White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, and New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, denigrating principled opponents of the giant mosque, accusing them of being against religious freedom. This is a canard and as baseless as the claim by proponents of the building of a mosque at ground zero as being merely Muslim outreach and interfaith understanding.

What liberals and “progressives” fail to understand by the very location of the mosque is what jihad is all about. Subdue the “infidel” at all costs. For Moslems, the Islamic obligation to conquer and convert the unbeliever and impose Sharia law must never lapse.

Victor Sharpe is the author of Volumes One and Two of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state. The books may be purchased on line from the publisher or from

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Terror strikes Pune: 9 killed in blast at popular German bakery

Posted by jagoindia on February 13, 2010

Photos of Blast

Terror strikes Pune: 9 killed in blast at popular bakery, February 14, 2010

Terror struck Pune on Saturday night as a powerful bomb ripped apart a popular bakery near a Jewish prayer house, killing nine people, including five women and a foreigner, and injuring 32 others, in the first major attack since the 26/11 carnage.

The improvised explosive device, kept in an unattended packet outside the kitchen of the German bakery, exploded at approximately 7.30 pm, when a waiter attempted to open it.

The German bakery is a favourite food joint for foreigners, located close to the Osho Ashram, which had been surveyed by Pakistani-origin American David Coleman Headley, a Lashkar-e Tayiba operative. Pune’s Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh said nine people had been killed in the blast and of them five are women.

Quoting information from the state government, Home Secretary G K Pillai told mediapersons in New Delhi [ Images ] that one each of the killed and the injured are foreigners, but could not give their nationalities. The rest, he said, were believed to be Indians but the situation could change.

The chief minister announced an ex-gratia of Rs one lakh for the kin of those killed and Rs 50,000 for those injured.

“We are sending a forensic team of the Central Bureau of Investigation and personnel of the National Investigative Agency,” Pillai said. He said that it would take time to identify the victims as the bodies had been charred beyond recognition.

While some foreigners were believed to be among the dead, a senior police official said it was difficult to confirm their identity and nationality, as their faces were charred beyond recognition.

Maharashtra [ Images ] Minister of State for Home Ramesh Bagve, who is a Member of Legislative Assembly from the constituency, said as many as 40 people were injured, three of them seriously. He said five to six foreigners were among the injured.

Teams from the Anti-Terrorism Squad and bomb disposal squad visited the spot to ascertain the nature of the blast.

The scene of the blast, that destroyed the bakery, was littered with thick patches of blood and severed limbs.

“I was traveling by an auto-rickshaw. I heard a loud explosion and then the ground shook”, said Santosh, one of the injured in the blast. An eyewitness said there was a loud bang which shook the entire area, and then “I saw a fire”.

Rohan Jagan adds from Pune: Police sources said five out of the nine deceased victims are foreign nationals, but their nationalities have not been confirmed yet.

Preliminary reports indicate that another bag of explosives has been found at the site

According to sources, on October 12, 2009, the Centre had issued an advisory to the Pune police and district administration, citing a terror threat to the city.

German Bakery favourite haunt of foreigners in city
C P SURENDRAN, TNN, 14 February 2010

The German Bakery located at Koregaon Park, home to the some of the richest, is little more than a shop really. But it has successfully passed off as a restaurant since the late 1980s, when Dnyaneshwar Kharose founded it and in the last few years has found steady and complimentary mention in the Lonely Planet, a sure sign the place has arrived.

All through the day, foreigners flock to the place — bearded men in three-fourths and flimsy shirts open at the neck, and wild haired women in loose cotton pajamas — just normal people wanting a break from their regimented lifestyles in the West.

They lower their backpacks, and sit on low wooden chairs, sipping mineral water or masala chai, or nibble at the Good Life pastry or tofu burger, or a slice of the bitter yak cheese. The food is often an excuse for these budget travellers to take a breather from the bustle of the town.

Diagonally across the Bakery is the Chabad House, a shelter for Israeli travellers run by an orthodox Jewish sect. A bespectacled rabbi could often be seen at the restaurant, no doubt cautioning them against the heathen charms of the sprawling, mysterious and blue-glassed Osho ashram, further down the road. Both these places were recced last year by terror suspect David Headley, who in fact, stayed in a hotel next to the bakery.

Located at the mouth of the main road, the bakery was a little haven for all the world to come together and forget their differences. The blast makes clear that it is not just the five-star hotels that are on the terror hit list. These little places too have no escape.

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