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Islamic Terrorrism: When did it arrive in India?

Posted by jagoindia on October 31, 2007

When this Islamic terrorism begin in India?  Well, the moment Islam invaders arrived. The sacred book, Quran  of the terrorists has 164 verses on Jehad — holy war on non believers. It is the sacred duty of every good muslim to wage war on the kafir and he is promised heavenly reward for it.

That is why Islam and Islamic terrorism are one and the same.

Alain Danielou, son of French aristocracy, author of numerous books on philosophy, religion, history and arts of India, in his book, Histoire de l’ Inde writes: 

“From the time Muslims started arriving, around 632 AD, the history of India becomes a long, monotonous series of  murders, massacres, spoliations, and destructions. It is, as usual, in the name of ‘a holy war’ of their faith, of their sole God, that the barbarians have destroyed civilizations, wiped out entire races.” Mahmoud Ghazni, continues Danielou, “was an early example of Muslim ruthlessness, burning in 1018 of the temples of Mathura, razing Kanauj to the ground and destroying the famous temple of Somnath, sacred to all Hindus. His successors were as ruthless as Ghazni: 103 temples in the holy city of Benaras were razed to the ground, its marvelous temples destroyed, its magnificent palaces wrecked.” Indeed, the Muslim policy vis a vis India, concludes Danielou, seems to have been a conscious systematic destruction of everything that was beautiful, holy, refined.”

(source: Histoire de l’ Inde – By Alain Danielou p. 222).

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Rich Hasanamba Temple In Karnataka Dilapidated State While State Government Diverts Donations to Fund Mosques and Madrasas!

Posted by jagoindia on October 31, 2007

When will our sleeping Hindus wake up? When will they realize their temple are suffering while their donations are being diverted by the state governments to fund viciously anti Hindu semitic religions like Islam.

Here is the report from the Hindu

Popular Temple In Dilapidated State

Interesting snippets:

The Endowment Department has taken little interest in the development of the Hasanamba temple, said Chandrasekhar, who runs a mess here. His family members are devotees of the Hasanamba deity. Every year a huge amount of money is collected by way of offerings, but no basic infrastructure has been created for devotees, he said

Every year more than Rs. 4 lakh is deposited in the hundi by devotees, while total collections have crossed Rs. 1 crore.

Despite such a large financial inflow, no administrative committee has been formed for the temple. “

Now check out where the funds are diverted . Let us here from the Islamic voice

Karnataka: Wakf Schemes Get Rs. 11 cr

Bangalore : The Government of Karnataka has proposed to spend Rs. 11.22 crore on various welfare and development schemes pertaining to Muslims.  The budget proposals for the year 2001- 2002 have sanctioned Rs. 2.94 crore in grants-in-aid for repair and improvement of Wakf institutions. The Wakf Board has been sanctioned Rs. 1.30 crore in grant-in-aid. Karnataka Haj committee has been allowed about Rs. 10 lakh. Karnataka State Wakf Council will receive 1.50 crore. Karnataka State Wakf Foundation for women has been sanctioned Rs. 98 lakhs. Rs. 1 crore have been allocated for re-survey of Wakf properties under the new Wakf Act 1995.  

The budget proposes constitution of Wakf Tribunal and has given Rs. 1.42 crore for the purpose. It also proposes to set up a fund for the maintenance of divorced Muslim women with a corpus of Rs. 50 lakh. It also proposes to set up a Madrasa Board on the lines of Madhya Pradesh by sparing Rs. 25 lakh. The overall allocations come to Rs. 11.22 crore which is nearly 3 crore more than the funds sanctioned during last year’s budget.

How Much Of Temple Looting Is Done By Our State Government

The Karnataka state devastates Temples by siphoning off their revenue to promote adversarial religions  without any justifiable legal authority. It simply diverts their funds to enhance the Muslim run Mosques and Madrasas and Christian run churches. Such discrimination against Hindus and patronage for Muslims and Christians is highly questionable, illegal and provocative to Hindus worldwide. One might ask how much money is taken by the state from mosques and churches to promote Hinduism? In the year 2002-2003, out of Rs 79 crores of temple revenues, Rs. 59.15 crores was given away to mosques, Madrasas, Hajj, etc. , Rs. 12.75 crores was given to Christian institutions and a mere Rs.  7.1 crores were allocated to maintain over 248,000 temples (attachment B). It should also be noted that during the previous five years the number of temple has been reduced from 267,000 to 248,000.  Some 19,000 temples have been closed down while many others find it hard to sustain and maintain even minimum rituals due to financial strangulation courtesy of the state Govt.

And how would the peace religion Islam pay us back. Here you go…

Qur’an 9:005: So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

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Global Map of Terrorist Activities

Posted by jagoindia on October 30, 2007

 Wow, Check this out….. Islamic critters everywhere on the globe. They seem to have covered only major events. If you talk of regular Islamic killings … like the recent one in Durga Puja Mandap in West Bengal, there should be 10,000 spots in India.

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Hindu Religious Leaders Condemn Gujarat Riot Perpetrators, What About Islamic Leaders?

Posted by jagoindia on October 30, 2007

In the report below  Hindu religous leaders  have expressed shock and disgust at the perpetrators of the riots doing it in the name of Hinduism.  That shows the saatva guna of our religion.

In a similar situation how would the Muslim leaders react — the Ayatollahs, the Mullahs, the Osamas…Would they condemn atrocities on Hindus?

No, very far from it they are ones who encourage their flock to kill and maim dis-believers.  Why? Because that is what the unholy Quran teaches them to.

Kill disbelievers wherever you find them. If they attack you, then kill them. Such is the reward of disbelievers

Holy Quran chapter 2, verse 191

Religious leaders shocked at Tehelka revelations

Several spiritual and religious leaders including Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Swami Agnivesh Saturday said that those behind Gujarat’s communal violence of 2002 ‘should be ex-communicated from the Hindu fold’.

While lauding the courage of the Tehelka journalists for its undercover operation on the perpetrators of violence, the leaders associated with Sarva Dharam Sansad (‘Parliament of Religions’) said that the conduct of those responsible for such cold-blooded crimes distorts the spirit of Hindu thought and philosophy.

Here is a contrasting view from the religous  leader of the peace religion.

Imam ‘instructed British Muslims to kill infidels’

 Abdullah el-Faisal, a 39-year-old imam, addressed thousands of young Muslims across the country on their “pressing duty” to learn how to fire guns, fly planes and use missiles in their mission to “kill all unbelievers”.  The Old Bailey was told that Sheikh el-Faisal instructed his followers on ways to murder non-Muslims, a “wonderful” act that would ensure their immediate entry into paradise.

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Muslim Terrorist Activities in Ahmedabad from 1411 to Present

Posted by jagoindia on October 29, 2007

Title: The saga of Islamic atrocities in Ahmedabad
Author: Nikhil Patwardhan
Date: Mar 16, 2002

Let me tell you the story of a beautiful city state. This city was built on the banks of a sacred river. So rich and bountiful was the harvest that was nurtured by the waters of this river that the river itself was named “Sabarmati” meaning “The provider of nectar”. Along the banks of this river many sacred spots of pilgrimage flourished. The presiding deity of this rich and beautiful city was Devi Bhadrakali, the divine protectress of good Karma. The people in and around this city were such devout Hindus that they built thousands of temples and shrines dedicated to the divine couple Lord Shiva and Devi. Nowhere else was the nine day festival of Devi, the “NavaRatri” celebrated with such pomp and splendor. Colorful Garbas to the accompaniment of Bhajans filled the air.Intricate carvings, sumptuous embroidered cloths, jewelry, foodstuffs, cotton, precious stones all added to the wealth of the city, which soon became famous for its tradition of trade or business.
Lord Kartikeya the son of the divine couple himself was moved to visit this place, when he heard accounts of the spiritual depth and beauty of this city and its citizens. The grand wise sages, the SaptaRishis too came to visit the city and stayed at a spot where Sabarmati merged with six other rivers in a place called the Saptasangam meaning “The Union of Seven Rivers”. It was here that young Lord Krishna rested on his way to the famous Shiva temple of Siddhanath for his “Mundan” (tonsure) ceremony. It was here that the Pandavas rested on their way to the “Swayamvara” competition near the ancient Trinetreshwar Mahadeva Temple of Panchal Pradesh. That was where the heroic Arjuna of the Mahabharata won the competition that won Draupadi for the Pandavas. Such was the resplendent and sacred heritage of this ancient city known as Ashaval, Rajnagar or Karnavati.

Today that city is called Ahmedabad.
Karnavati’s name was changed to “Ahmedabad” in honor of a monster by the name of Sultan Ahmed Shah who came to rob and desecrate this beautiful city in 1411. Overnight the thousands of books and manuscripts which spoke of the wondrous Karnavati were burnt to ashes and it’s identity desecrated to Ahmedabad – “City of Ahmed” in an obscene gesture of assertion of power. Sultan Ahmed Shah, the devout Muslim that he was, swore to destroy all traces of “Kafir” (Non Muslim) worship in the land, for the sake of Allah. In Islam it is the religious duty of every Muslim to destroy any place which promotes “Ignorance” meaning any religion other than Islam. In 1414, Ahmed Shah appointed officers to break the idols and strip the riches off every Hindu temple in the vicinity.

In 1415, Sultan Ahmed Shah himself went to Siddhapur to break the Shiva shrine of Rudramahalaya of Siddharaj. The broken pieces were buried underfoot at the entrance and the vast and beautiful Temple was converted into a Mosque. The ancient Bhadrakali Temple at the heart of Karnavati, was desecrated also completely. Idols of the Devi were crushed and broken and buried under the doorstep. Tantric patterns which decorated the friezes and pillars were chipped off. The golden ceiling which was lined with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and jade was stripped completely. The Sanctum Sanctorum where throne pedestals once held images of the benevolent and glorious goddess, was converted into a graveyard. The thrones of the Goddess were used as gravestones. One of the rising spires of the roof was broken off as it was completely covered with carvings of various Shaktis. And since that day the Bhadrakali temple of Karnavati was changed to the Jama Masjid of Ahmedabad.

The walled fortresses and palaces, the Hindu towers which were engineering marvels that shook, the local specialty of incredibly intricate carving skill, the artisanship of stone cutting, the vast Baolis where accountants sat amidst the breeze cooled by the sweet waters of the well, all of these were snatched and converted to Mosques and Muslim palaces for the pleasure of the Sultan’s court. Thousands of the Hindu citizens of Karnavati were massacred or enslaved. Rani Sipri and Rupmati both of who were local princesses were forcibly kidnapped, raped and thrown into Harems. To this day their temple palaces are known by their names, but sadly referred to as Mosques. Muslims soon filled the entire walled fortress area of the city which used to be called “Bhadra” in reference to BhadraKali. The disillusioned Hindus of Ahmedabad had no choice but to reconcile themselves to living with their neighbors.

But soon the Hindus found that they could no longer practise their own faith peacefully within the very city which had been created and nurtured by their hard work. The history of Ahmedabad is riddled with instances of Islamic intolerance forcing the Hindus to defend themselves.

In 1713 , the Hindus of “Ahmedabad” were celebrating Holi, when suddenly they were rudely startled by the agonized sounds of Cows being slaughtered in a deliberate attempt to insult and denigrate the sacred festival by Muslims. Bloody Riots soon erupted when hundreds of innocent Hindus were slaughtered by the Muslims.

In 1892, Muslims deliberately led their Moharram procession through the Hindu quarters of “Ahmedabad”, in the process splattering the blood of sacrificed animals all over the shocked Hindus. As the outraged Hindus protested, the Muslims attacked women and children and forcibly rubbed the blood onto their faces while thrusting pieces of meat down their throats.

In September of 1927, Hindus were singing Bhajans in the Temple during Janamashtmi. Suddenly Muslims began pouring out of Jama Masjid and shouting against the Hindus for interrupting the Namaz. Rocks and glass bottles were thrown at the Hindus in the temple as passerby’s throats were slashed. The result was a full scale communal riot.

In 1941 the Muslims of “Ahmedabad” set fire to the entire Maneckchowk bazaar, because a Hindu businessman was not willing to lower his prices under threat of extortion from local Muslims. Chemicals were poured all over the Bazaar in what was obviously a planned operation and then set ablaze. Many Hindu families were burnt alive and hundreds rendered homeless in addition to an incredible amount of loss of property.

In 1946 the Muslim league gave a call for liberation from India. Thousands of Muslims poured out into the streets in order to teach the Hindus a lesson. “Ahmedabad” burned for three days, as shops were plundered, women’s throats slashed, men mutilated and Temples looted and destroyed by rampaging Muslim mobs.

In 1953 Ganesh Chaturthi happened to coincide with Moharram. When Hindus took out processions, they were splattered with blood from animal sacrifices and told to go home or face the consequences. They were blocked from taking processions through the Muslim areas of the city. Naturally the enraged Hindus retaliated.

In 1963 a Hindu girl was raped and badly mutilated by four Muslims in Junagarh. When Hindus demanded that the culprits be punished, the Muslims threatened them with dire consequences. Angered Hindus tried to catch the criminals to take them to the police, in response the Muslims erupted in large scale rioting. The violence spread to other cities all over Gujarat including “Ahmedabad”.

In 1969 Muslims came out and attacked the Jagannath Temple during the Rath Yatra festival. The idol was damaged and scores of Hindus were injured by the marauding Muslim hordes. A priest was also killed and the angered Hindus retaliated.

Year after Year the Muslim community of “Ahmedabad” pelts the participants of the Annual Rath Yatra with stones and rocks. When Hindus retaliate, engineered riots ensue immediately. The obvious motivation of the Muslims is to provoke and insult the Hindus to make them feel powerless in their own city. It is largely this repetitive, constant provocation by the Muslim community, that has made the Hindus of “Ahmedabad” bring BJP to power. Congress governments over the past decades have not only ignored the provocation by Muslim elements, but even financed many institutions which are used to shelter and breed terrorists of this type.

On March 24, 1998 a huge cache of arms, ammunition and explosives were recovered from Gandhinagar and Dariyapur locality of Ahmedabad. The weapons were supplied by Pakistan’s ISI to the Muslim gangs which lived in Changez Pol and Sadar areas of Ahmedabad. The complicity of the Muslim community with the ISI’s designs was confirmed when protests by Muslims followed the arrest of Latif and Razzaq Abdul Wahab gangmembers.

On October 13, 1998, a plot to assassinate Union Home Minister Shri L.K. Advani and Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel, was foiled when the Muslim culprit was caught. The culprit Abu Kasem alias Ajmal related that his orders came from Pakistan’s ISI and that he had been sheltered in the home of a well known Muslim businessman of “Ahemedabad” city. The weapons and explosives for the attempt were being kept in a Mosque by another ISI agent named Bablu or Usman.

As the Kargil conflict came to an end this July, many patriotic Amdavadis wanted to express their joy and celebration at the Victory of the Indian Armed Forces. In addition the ignominious defeat of Pakistan at the hands of India and later Australia during the World Cup Cricket series, 
motivated the citizens to celebrate with even more enthusiasm. Naturally nationalistic fervor was at an all time high and parades were taken out to salute the Kargil martyrs as well as to denounce the Pakistanis. Effigies of Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif were burnt as cries of “Pakistan Hai Hai” and “Bharat Mata ki Jai” rent the air. It was these celebrations that supposedly “offended and angered” the Muslims.

What could possibly be offensive about these celebrations? Any Indian who loves his/her country would add their voice to the chorus. Should the citizens of India be expected to shout slogans in support of Pakistan’s Jihadis now?? Instead of joining in as any nationalistic Indian should, the Muslim community of “Ahmedabad” started throwing stones at the celebrations. Cries of hatred against “Kafir Hindustan Murdabad” and “Pakistan Zindabad” filled the air within the walled city, where Muslims predominate. It was natural for the Hindus to be outraged and infuriated at this response.

Last week as the Hindus of ‘Ahmedabad” took out their annual Rath Yatra procession, they were stoned yet again by Muslims. Acid bulbs were also thrown at the women and children in the procession in order to disrupt it. It was obvious that the Muslims wanted to retaliate for the Kargil parades. As the procession wound its way through the walled city, sporadic incidences of stabbing started happening. On July 21, a Hindu visitor Nageswara Rao was stabbed in Kalupur. He died the same day. Violence then erupted in the Muslim areas within the walled city such as Kalupur, Dariapur, Shahpur, Raipur, Karanj and Shahlam where stone throwing and arson was reported. On July 24, the Muslims claimed that they had found a boy’s body with stab wounds, as a result they went on a stabbing spree, killing four Hindus in cold blood.

As Police curfew was imposed, tensions increased. Hundreds of instances of stabbing, looting, arson and stone throwing were reported as irate Muslim mobs descended in hundreds upon innocent passersby. Hindus retaliated with full force. They were further infuriated by the fact that the Police began arresting the Hindus instead of the Muslim culprits who were instigating the violence. Over seven people have been killed and forty injured. Of these five of the dead and almost all the injured are Hindus.

Even as the Bharati Majlis(a Muslim Organization) and members of the Congress Party started screaming about the culpability of “Extremist Hindu elements”, the Police unearthed a bomb-manufacturing unit inside a closed textile mill in the Saraspur area. As many as 90 petrol bombs, a huge quantity of raw material and empty shells of hand grenades were seized from the spot. The Saraspur Police had received information that following an attack on Jalampur-ni-chawl, Muslims were getting ready explosives which were to be used to attack Hindus.

The Muslims were using used soft drinks bottles and liquor for making the bombs. An igniting strip was to be attached to the tip of the bottle after filling it with the explosive solution.

How can the Hindu citizens of a city feel safe in such a hostile environment? They are being deprived of their right to practise their religion, culture and tradition in their own city and country. The riots have been deliberately planned to drive out the Hindu residents of “Ahmedabad” out of fear. The only beneficiaries to such a situation would be the Congress, Shankarsingh Vaghela and the Muslim elements of “Ahmedabad”.

Even as cries of denouncement against the “Hindu fundamentalists” fill the air throughout the “Secular” politics and media of India, it is time for the Hindus of “Ahmedabad” and innumerable other Indian cities which have been robbed of their culture, to realize that the problem is NOT temporary. The only way to defeat these dark forces that threaten to overwhelm democracy is by ensuring that they don’t come to power.

For the Hindu citizens of what was once the glorious city of Karnavati, there is only one weapon left in their defense; Their Vote.



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Islamic Terrorists Attack Durga Puja Mandal in West Bengal, Kill One

Posted by jagoindia on October 29, 2007

 Islamic Terrorists Attack Durga Puja Mandal in West Bengal, Kill One

 Vishwa Samvad Kendra, Kolkata 36A, Sahitya Parishad Street (Flat- F/1), Kolkata – 700 006, Phone: (033) 2543-1976 Fax: (033) 2543-1977, E-mail:,, Chief Editor: Asim Kumar Mitra28.10.07

Yet again Durga Pratima (Idol of Devi Durga) of a community Puja pandal was attacked by the Muslims of Murarai in the district of Birbhum in West Bengal . Last year also they attacked Saraswati Idol of a community Puja pandal and desecrated it in the same place i.e. Murarai. Police and bosses of administration had, as usual, promised to take action against the culprits. That was nothing but a tactics to divert the attention of the people. Fact remains that nothing was done about it. And now a repetition of the same kind of attack on the sentiments of Hindus. This time they have killed one person and injured six persons who have been hospitalized in Rampurhat Sub Divisional hospital. Among the injured hospitalized, condition of one person is very serious. The venue of this incident was Paschimpara of Rudranagar under Murarai sub division of Birbhum district. Police had already arrested three persons on the allegation of murder, rioting , looting and arson.

The attack took place on 22nd October, at about 6 p.m. The Muslim attackers came with full preparation. They were armed with lethal weapons. As the distribution centre of electricity in that area was located in Muslim area, they conveniently switched off the power supply. Suddenly, the whole area immersed into deep darkness and Muslims started their action on the devotees and onlookers. The organizers of the Durga Puja committee were taken aback as they were not prepared. By the time they could put up any resistance a person named Bhabesh Bhuimali (54) was killed by the attackers. After some time police came to the spot and deployed police picket in the village so that no further escalation of the incident could take place.

Actually this incident was preceded with another incident which took place in the morning and where Muslim young men were involved in teasing the young Hindu girls. Every year, in the morning of Dussera, bullock race used to be organized. This was the specialty of Rudranagar village. Hindu young men did not tolerate the audacity of Muslim young men and they opposed the acts of Muslims. Muslims realized that Hindus were organized and their number was also large.

So they fled away. Hindus thought that nothing would follow, because they had got a good lesson. But Muslims could not digest
this defeat and they came back on the scene with full preparation. Hence this attack was there. The Hindu Muslim population ratio in Murarai and Rudranagar was 50: 50.
The Superintendent of Police, Birbhum district, Satyasankar Panda had tried to divert attention from the actual incident and said that there was an old quarrel regarding the harvesting of paddy from the field. The attackers came to take revenge of that. He further said that recently there was theft of fishes from a pond of that village and this had prompted the incident. Because of this incident, immersion of the idol in a nearby river could not take place. Residents of Rajbansipara said that when the
preparation of immersion was going on Muslims from Suryapara fully armed with lethal weapons attacked them. Among the attackers some known criminals were also there.
Those who witnessed the incident from a very close quarter had confirmed that the attack was a pre planned episode. Not only that the electric supply was stopped by them, they had fixed their target beforehand. According to that plan they had chased Bhabesh Bhuimali and some six-seven people applying their own tactics singled him out and killed him by beating. Although the attackers thought that Bhabesh had died, but he was still living. Anyhow Bhabesh could crawl to his house, but ultimately he had succumbed to his injuries in Rampurhat Sub Divisional hospital at about 12 in the night.

On the other hand, under the strong Police ‘bandobast’ Durga idol was immersed at midnight.
The police had lodged criminal cases against 14 persons but they could not arrest all those 14 criminals. Only three alleged criminals could be arrested and their names were Tonic Sheikh, Husmat Sheikh and Sherafat Sheikh. They were produced before the Rampurhat court and they were remanded to jail custody for 14 days by the court’s order. SDPO (Sub Divisional Police Officer) of Rampurhat Mrinal Majumdar said that search for other alleged criminals were on. He had promised that stern action would be taken against these anti-social elements.
In this connection grave concern has been expressed by responsible citizens of the state. Because Birbhum district is situated on the western bank of Ganga river which is far away from the Bangladesh border. Naturally, pressure of Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh should not be there. In fact, Birbhum is not a Muslim majority district. But there are few pockets e.g. Nalhati, Murarai, etc. where Muslims are dominating and they have made the lives of Hindus hell. These Muslims indulge in all sorts of activities to irritate Hindus. Eve-teasing has taken a dangerous shape in these areas. Cow slaughter on the open street is a regular feature. Police do not stop them in the name of secularism although this is an illegal act. Hindus living in these areas have become victims of theft, robberies and abduction of girls from their families. Hindus are not always sure that they
will be in a position to bring home the yearly harvest of paddy, wheat or other products. Cultivation of fish in ponds has again become a risky proposition for these Muslims as they use to steal or at times forcefully loot them. Police and administration are simply slipping over these things for fear of political interference.

On the one hand continuous efforts to build up communal harmony by the majority community with all sincerity is going on and the on the other, minorities, particularly Muslims and Christians, are indulging in increasing number of incriminating incidents by taking advantage of majority community’s magnanimous attitude towards them. If all political parties, perhaps without any exception, pursue such a policy then what will be the ultimate fate of this country.

It is surprising that the media, as a whole, had tried to hush up the whole incident as Muslims are involved in this attack. One or two newspapers published the news without disclosing the identity of those criminals. This type of self-defeating news catering has made the situation more complicated.


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