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Indian Muslim Minister A R Antulay raises doubts over the killing of Hemant Karkare by Pakistani terrorists, blames Hindus

Posted by jagoindia on December 19, 2008

We have conspiracy theory believers at the highest levels of the Indian government. The Pakis are sure to latch on to this and blame India for the Mumbai attacks. Antulay’s outburst provides a glimpse of the perverted Muslim mind and should caution the government against such appointments in the future.

Antulay raises doubts over Karkare’s killing
17 Dec 2008, 1916 hrs IST, PTI

NEW DELHI: Union minority affairs minister A R Antulay set off a major controversy on Wednesday when he raised doubts over the killing of Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare by Pakistani terrorists, suggesting a link with the Malegaon blasts that were investigated by him.

Opposition parties were quick to attack the minister for his “misdemeanour” and demanded immediate clarification from the prime minister but the Congress party distanced itself saying they were his “personal remarks”.

BJP and Shiv Sena members raked up the issue in Lok Sabha and demanded home minister P Chidambaram, who had moved two anti-terror bills, to clarify the situation.

Maintaining that “there is more than what meets the eyes”, Antulay said Karkare was investigating some cases in which “there are non-Muslims also”, an apparent reference to the Malegaon blasts case in which sadhvi Pragya Thakur and a Lt-Colonel Shrikant Prasad Purohit were among the 11 persons to be arrested.

“Unfortunately his end came. It may be a separate inquiry how his (Karkare’s) end came,” he told reporters outside Parliament.

Antulay said “Karkare found that there are non-Muslims involved in the acts of terrorism during his investigations in some cases. Any person going to the roots of terror has always been the target, he said.

“Superficially speaking they (terrorists) had no reason to kill Karkare. Whether he (Karkare) was victim of terrorism or terrorism plus something. I do not know,” he added.

When he came under attack in Lok Sabha on the issue, Antulay sought to wriggle out saying he had not talked about who killed Karkare but about “who sent him in the direction” of Cama hospital, outside which he was killed.

“Who had sent them to Cama hospital (a lane opposite which he and two other officers were killed by Pakistani terrorists on Nov 26). What were they told that made them leave for the same spot in the same vehicle.

“I repeat what I had said. I had not said who had killed them but only questioned who had sent them there (Cama Hospital) in that direction,” he said in Lok Sabha where BJP and Shiv Sena members attacked him for his remarks.

Anant Geete of Shiv Sena accused him of “misleading” the house and sought Chidambaram’s clarification.

Earlier in the day, describing Hemant Karkare as a very bold officer having great acumen and vision, Antulay asked “How come instead of going to Hotel Taj or Oberai or even the Nariman House, he went to such a place where there was nothing compared to what happened in the three places?”

“Why all the three (Hemant Karakre, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte) went together. It is beyond my comprehension,” the minister said.

The minister’s remarks came under immediate attack from BJP which asked the prime minister to clarify whether his remarks are an “individual misdemeanour or the collective wisdom of the Cabinet”.

“The remarks are obnoxious and deserves a clarification from the prime minister,” BJP spokesman Rajiv Pratap Rudy told reporters.

Reacting to Antulay’s remarks, Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi they should be treated his “personal views” and Congress party does not agree with them and does not support such a formulation.

To a question, he said there was no question of embarrassment to the party.

Samajwadi Party MP Amar Singh, who himself was in the centre of a controversy when he had raised doubts over the killing of a Delhi police official in an encounter recently, said a senior leader like Antulay should before issuing any statement uphold the cherished tradition of collective wisdom of the cabinet.

Not completely disapproving the remarks, Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan said Antulay must be having “more information” since he hails from Maharashtra.

The issue came up when the house was discussing two bills brought in by the government to tackle terror against the backdrop of Mumbai terror attacks.

Geete said the prime minister and several senior union ministers have gone on record to say that Karkare was killed by terrorists.

Not satisfied with Antulay’s reply, Geete charged the union minister with “misleading” the house, which he “did not “expect”. End

One Readers Opinion

nivaas,world,says:To enable to solve the mystery of why three officers were travelling together, I suggest the minority muslim minister to travel to pakistan and seek an answer from his secret contacts in ISI. Jokes aside this is just the tip of the iceberg of what goes on in some peoples mind. I have personally heard some people whispering and admiring the islamic terrorist guts to take on several hundred security men and grudging admiration for the massacre of indians with under the breadth remarks such as “thats our gujerat revenge
[17 Dec, 2008 1936hrs IST]

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Can’t we hang Afzal Guru: The evidence against him is staggering

Posted by jagoindia on December 17, 2008

Can’t we hang a terrorist?
30 Nov 2008, 1026 hrs IST, TNN

NEW DELHI: A terrorist has been on the death row for three years now. Afzal Guru has been convicted by the Supreme Court. Had he been hanged after  fair trail and all due review, it might have sent out the message that India was going to be tough on terror. But that hasn’t happened.

Since September 2005 when SC dismissed petitions seeking review of its judgement upholding the death sentence on Afzal Guru in the December 13, 2001 Parliament attack case, the convicted terrorist has been marking time in Tihar. Why the delay?

Just ahead of his execution, scheduled for October 20, 2006, Afzal’s family filed a clemency plea with the President (Abdul Kalam), who referred it to the home ministry. The file was then sent to the Delhi government under a provision that requires the views of the state where the crime has occurred.

The Delhi government has not been in any hurry to convey its view. In fact, the file has not moved at all. An impression has grown, in the meantime, that the delay is political. Afzal’s sentencing triggered protests in Kashmir. J&K politicians like Omar Abdullah and Ghulam Nabi Azad have pleaded against hanging the convict.

So has the PDP. On one occasion, home minister Shivraj Patil said that hanging Afzal would prejudice India’s attempt to bring back Sarabjit, an Indian on the death row in Pakistan. Comparing Sarabjit, whom India denies was a spy, and a key conspirator in the Parliament attack seemed completely out of place.

Meanwhile, groups claiming that Afzal Guru did not get a fair trial said he did not get proper legal aid, that evidence against him was slim and he was framed by the J&K STF which forced him to become an informer. Afzal claimed he was tortured by STF.

The SC has dealt with the substantive points. It has noted that Afzal refused to appoint a lawyer, those suggested by him had turned down the brief and he finally had a counsel with experience of TADA cases.

The Supreme Court held Afzal guilty of conspiracy and planning a terror attack after knocking out his confessional statement. Though a confession is admissible as evidence under POTA, the apex court set it aside on procedural infirmities.

The evidence against Afzal is staggering . His mobile number, recovered from Mohammed, a slain terrorist who fell near Parliament’s Gate No. 1, was a crucial breakthrough. The court said that even minutes before the attack, as many as three calls were made by Mohammed to Afzal.

Also, there was evidence that the mobile was being exchanged between Afzal and Mohammed and other terrorists. The court noted that an instrument used by Afzal till Dec 12, 2001 was recovered from a dead terrorist the next day. Also, there was recovery of explosives, fake uniforms, a key laptop and identification of Afzal by a landlord of a premise where the terrorists stayed. So what is the government’s view?

Times view

The Times of India does not believe that man has the right to take another man’s life. But it does believe that after fair trial those held guilty of wanton killing should be punished in accordance with the law of the land. In the case of Mohammed Afzal Guru, it’s been three years that the country’s highest court has upheld the death sentence on him.

As the death sentence is the highest punishment in the country, and as it’s appropriate that the highest punishment should be given to terrorists, Afzal should be executed. The message would be loud and clear — India won’t tolerate terror.

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The jihadi massacre in Mumbai – India pays the price for Muslim appeasement

Posted by jagoindia on December 2, 2008

Dr. Babu Suseelan

Several Jihadi terrorists have stormed luxury hotels, crowded railway stations and an old Jewish center in Mumbai, killing more than 100 people. Hundreds of people were injured. Among the dead were Indians, Australians, Japanese and British. Jihadi terrorists also seized the Mumbai headquarters of the Jewish outreach group center Chabad Lubavitch.

The savage and predatory Jihadi terrorism in Mumbai is aimed at reasserting or tightening Jihadi control over the Kafir country, India. Jihadi terrorism is nothing new in India. It is as old as Islamic invasion of India. It is widespread and systemic. Jihadi terrorism is an intrinsic part of Islam.

Jihadi terrorism could not flourish as it does without the support or at least toleration of the institutions like the media, the judiciary, the police and bureaucracy. The bogus secular Congress government, media and the alienated Indian intellectuals do not openly condemn Jihadi terrorism.  By treating Jihadi terrorism as individual acts of disgruntled Muslims, journalists, social scientists and pseudo secular political leaders conceal the Islamic politics underlying Jihadi terrorism. They whitewash Islamic terrorism with bogus theories and phony social analysis and in the process preclude public discussion on the real cause of Jihadi terrorism namely Islam. Yet without public discussion on the root cause of Jihadi terrorism we cannot plumb the reverberations on the Islamic psyche of feeling permitted to terrorize non-Muslims.

The history of modern India is a shameful chronicle of the pseudo secular Congress party’s disinterest and indifference in curtaining Jihadi terrorism. The Congress government leader’s deliberate trampling of citizen’s rights and their repeated betrayal of public trust has grown up behind a curtain of denial, indifference and ignorance.

The recent Jihadi terrorism in Mumbai proves the horrible betrayal of the ruling Congress party which is nothing than genocide.  The Congress policy on Jihadi terrorism promulgated by Italian Sonia Manio’s government, under the auspicious of Manmohan Singh is a disguised program of appeasement of Jihadis through extra privileges. The Congress government instead of acknowledging its legal and moral responsibilities to the majority and safeguarding freedom and security in good faith, now proposes to wash its own hands on the majority, passing the buck to disgruntled Islamists.

It is time for the majority to challenge the Congress government to reexamine their unfortunate and ineffective policy on Jihadi terrorism. Instead of offering hope, freedom, safety and security, the Congress government is providing despair and fear, frustration instead of freedom, cultural annihilation instead of life in the just society.

It seems that the Congress government shows more interest in preserving and protecting Jihadi terrorists than the peace loving nationalist majority.

Indifference? We have witnessed the growing concern of Jihadi terrorism in all major cities of India. Hundreds of people were dead and injured.  We have watched the justifiably indignant reaction of fellow Indians to the horrors of Jihadi terrorism in New Delhi, Assam, Kerala, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Vododhara, and Coimbatore.  Television has brought into our homes the sad plight of dead people injured people and their families. Yet the government has ignored the plight of the victims and the seriousness of Jihadi terrorism.

The facts are available, dutifully complied and checked over by the police and intelligence agencies. The Congress government’s deliberate ignorance and indifference on Jihadi terrorism is inexcusable and suicidal. The government has almost endless resources to wipe out Jihadi terrorism. But the Congress government and the political leaders responsible for matters relating to security have been outstanding in their indifference and ignorance and remarkable in their insensitivity to the security needs and aspirations of the peace loving, and tolerant majority. More often, government leaders are busy appeasing criminal thinking Muslims and terrorists and buckle under Islamic political pressure. The government leaders make decisions, the policies, the plans and programs to encourage, appease, and promote Jihadi terrorism in order to increase their own importance and stress the need for their own continued presence.

If the majority citizens are to realize their potential, and protect their freedom, safety and security, they have to take part in Indian affairs. They have to flex their muscles. If the present leadership is unable to come to terms with Jihadi terrorism, unable to confront its root cause that is Islam, unable to win respect for the rights and safety of the majority, the public will have no reason to believe that the existing political system has much meaning for them. The public should organize and organize effectively to destroy the Jihadi-Congress nexus. Only by being active, can we ever be at peace.

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Centre govt bid to amend Muslim laws falls flat as no Muslim organization interested

Posted by jagoindia on November 30, 2008

Centre bid to amend Muslim laws falls flat


New Delhi

Nov. 25: The Union government’s attempt at making changes in prevailing Muslim laws and its proper implementation in the country has failed to take off. The report of the Law Commission of India recommending the same, which was forwarded to Muslim organisations seeking their opinion last month, has failed to elicit a response.

Law Commission of India member Tahir Mahmood confirmed that the panel was yet to receive a reply from even a single minority institution on the recommendations.

The report was forwarded to the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board, All-India Milli Council, All-India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, to seek an opinion from the community leaders, last month. Apart from the minority institutions, the report was also sent to National Commission for Minorities and Delhi Commission for Minorities.

“In fact, far from receiving a response from any of these organisations, we have just received an acknowledgement from two organisations, the Delhi Commission for Minorities and All-India Milli Council, that they have received the report,” Mr Mehmood added.

Sources stated that the less than forthcoming attitude of the minority institutions means that the process of completion of report by the Law Commission may get delayed.

The move had been described as the Centre’s attempts at appeasing its minority vote bank. Sources claimed that the report was forwarded to these organisations in an effort to avoid any controversy that could erupt by the sensitive subject.

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While discussing Islamic terrorism four facts we should not lose sight of

Posted by jagoindia on November 12, 2008

source: Appeasing terrorists will not bring unity by By OP Gupta, IFS (Retd), Organiser

While discussing the Islamic terrorism there are four basic facts which, we Hindus, whether rightist or leftist, should not lose sight of.

Firstly, jehadi terrorism is taking place all over the world so it is not a Hindu vs. Muslim issue but it is a Muslim vs. kafirs [all non-Muslims] issue. It is not due to Hindu-Muslim divide in India though it gets aggravated by this age-old divide. Jehadi Muslims pick up local issues just to increase their local acceptability, for example, Kashmir, Ayodhya, Gujarat riots etc in India, and, ‘unholy presence of kafir Americans on holy land of Saudi Arabian peninsula’, Chechnya, Israel-Palestine etc in the Arab world. In Islamic countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Gulf countries, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia etc where there is neither the RSS nor the Bajrang Dal or the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, jehadi Muslims are conducting terrorist activities as in their eyes rulers of those Muslim countries are not “true Muslims,” or, those rulers are puppets of Christian states [such as USA]. In Pakistan Sunnis are killing Shias and vice versa.

Secondly, all Muslims are not jehadi terrorists but all Islamic terrorists arrested so far from Indonesia to the USA are Muslims, mostly Sunnis. The Al Qaeda is a Sunni organisation claiming to derive its ideological inspiration from the Deoband Islamic seminary located in western UP, India. Abu Basher, 26-year-old, arrested in connection with the Ahmedabad blasts, is a post-graduate of this Deoband madrasa and hails from Azamgarh. No wonder Al Qaeda has time and again denounced Shias as its enemy.

Thirdly, there are about 125 ayats in the Quran which some Muslims quote as Quranic sanction to wage perpetual war against kafirs, to justify violence against kafirs. The jehadis are waging jehad so as to convert the whole world into an Islamic state where nizam-e-mustafa and shariah laws shall prevail, and, where all kafirs including Marxist Hindus, pseudo-secular Hindus and other non-Muslims would have been subjugated and reduced to second class status of dhimmi with no human rights and, no free press and, where civil courts shall be subordinate to shariah courts. But there is a sizeable chunk of Muslims all over the world who do not agree with such Al Qaeda interpretation of the Quran, and they interpret the same ayats to mean waging war not against kafirs but against evils present inside one’s own mind. They interpret the same ayats for self-purification, i.e. jehad-e-al-akbari. Such Muslims are invariably denounced by jehadi or fundamentalist Muslims as ‘non-Muslims’ or ‘not true Muslims,’ and, they are, like kafirs legitimate target for killing by jehadis. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was also declared a kafir for advocating English education to Indian Muslims. There is ‘holier than thou’ war going on within the Muslim community all over the world. In India the Hindu samaj should come forward to help moderate Muslims win their war against fundamentalist Al Qaeda types.

Fourthly, leftist Hindus and Indian media till recently were boasting that Indian Muslims were untouched by the Islamic terrorism taking place in the West and whatsoever Islamic terrorism was taking place in India was not being done by Indian Muslims but by non-Indian Muslims sent by Pakistan. This myth has now been exploded by arrest of dozens of Indian Muslims hailing mostly from Azamgarh district of eastern Uttar Pradesh.
On ground of bringing Muslim youth into national mainstream lest they become easy prey to al Qaeda recruiters, the Manmohan Singh government through the 15-Point Programme, the Sachhar committee and the Rangnath Mishra Commission concocted justifications to reduce educational, employment and economic opportunities of young Hindus by 15 per cent. This reduction is applicable to all categories of Hindus including SCs, STs, OBCs and Marxists. Arrest of homegrown Indian Muslim terrorists has shattered these premises of the Congress Party.

Another argument which is advanced to justify Islamic terrorism is that Muslim youth are driven to terrorism because of lack of modern education, no stake in the system, poverty, denial, deprivation, and discrimination practiced against them in Hindu India. This myth has also got shattered as all the perpetrators of the

9/11 bombing of the World Trade Centre, New York were neither illiterate nor poor. Jehadi terrorists in EU and in UK are educated and enjoy better life standards than that prevailing in countries of their parents. Islamic terrorists arrested in India have been found to be better educated than average Indian Muslims; they are computer engineers, mechanical engineers, medical doctors, post-graduate students, MBAs and even employees of the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd [HAL].

On October 6, 2008, Hasan Gafoor, Police Commissioner of Mumbai, briefing about arrest of 20 suspects, all Muslims, told that many were well educated and one, Mohammad Mansoor Asgar Peerbhoy was a software expert in Yahoo India at annual salary of Rs19 lakh!

On October 4, 2008, Mohammad Surti a Congressman and a former Minister in the Gujarat government was sentenced to 20 years RI along with a dozen other Muslims for organising the 1993 bomb blasts in Surat. Was Surti a poor and deprived Muslim? On October 12, 2008 Jaleel Muhammed, a general secretary of Kerala Youth Congress alleged that president of Kerala Youth Congress, T. Siddique was a SIMI mole. Does it mean that on analogy to pseudo-secular demand to ban Bajrang Dal, the Congress Party should be banned being a party of persons convicted as terrorists?

So the hard fact is that Islamic terrorists are not driven to violence against kafirs by poverty but by their religious ideology which is put into their minds by mullah while teaching them Quran mostly in madrasas whether in India or in the EU or in the USA. One should remember that many terrorists arrested in India are in their twenties.

Jehadi Muslims often cite the following Quranic verses out of many as proof to justify their brand of Islam: Surah (II.39): “And (as to) those who disbelieve in and reject My communications, they are the inmates of the fire, in it they shall abide.” Surah (III.10): “(And for) those who disbelieve, surely neither their wealth nor their children shall avail them in the least against Allah, and these it is who are the fuel of the fire.” Surah (III.12): “Say to those who disbelieve: You shall be vanquished, and driven together to hell; and evil is the resting place.” Surah (V. 33): “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement.” Surah (IX.5): “So when the sacred months [Ramadhan] have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor rate [zazia], leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” Surah (IX.14): “Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and assist you against them and heal the hearts of a believing people.”

Mahatma Gandhi tried all along his life to bridge the Hindu-Muslim divide but he failed and all attempts made after the Partition of 1947 in this regard have so far failed because it is the following interpretation of the Quran which prohibits Muslims from befriending kafirs: Surah (III.28): “Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends rather than believers; and whoever does this, he shall have nothing of (the guardianship of) Allah, but you should guard yourself against them, guarding carefully; and Allah makes you cautious of (retribution from) Himself; and to Allah is the eventful coming.” Surah (III.73): “And do not believe but in him who follows your religion.” Surah (al-Maida 5:51): “O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.” Surah (IV.144): “O you, who believe, do not take unbelievers for friends rather than the believers; do you desire that you should give to Allah a manifest proof against yourselves?”

Till such interpretations are taught in Indian madrasas how can harmony between Muslims and non-Muslims develop and prosper?

There are many ayats [3.64], [4.116], [26.213] etc which make it an unpardonable crime [shirk] to associate any other god with Allah. So when Gandhians sing ‘Ishwar Allah tero naam’, ‘Ram-rahim eik hai, naam dharao du’ and ‘Krishna-Karim eik hai, naam dharao du’, ‘Kaashi-Kabaa eik hai, naam dharao du’ etc., they irritate and annoy fundamentalist Muslims who take these songs as direct insult of the Quran. More Gandhians sing such songs more wide they make the divide. If a Hindu sings these Gandhian songs associating other gods with Allah in an Islamic country, in all probability, he will make himself vulnerable to charge of blasphemy, put behind the bars and most likely get beheaded.

The above ayats of the Quran are also interpreted to prohibit a Muslim to support a kafir vis-à-vis another Muslim; therefore, police forces all over the world find it very difficult to get information from Muslim community on Muslim suspects. This shows scriptural basis why Muslims of Hyderabad, Jamia Nagar, Delhi and Azamgarh offered non-cooperation and resistance on one pretext or the other to police actions against Islamic terrorists. This is the reason Islamic terrorists get safe sanctuary in Muslim localities as bulk of locals shall not report about them to kafir police. Therefore police has to plant human intelligence in addition to electronic ones and the field officers should be exposed to intra-Islamic polemics. This subject of intra-Islamic polemics has been covered in more details in my book Vedic Equality & Hinduism.

Here lies the relevance of sane advice of Arif Muhammad Khan [The Pioneer, October 11, 2008] that the Islamic terrorism has to be fought on ideological plane too, a new strategy has to be worked out and that, the Al Qaeda interpretations will have to be banished from India. AG Noorani, a brilliant intellectual of India, in his thought-provoking article “The Koran and Muslims” [Frontline, July14, 2006] has made a strong case for modernisation in Islam. He pleads to free the Indian Muslim community from the clutches of obscurantist mullahs and ulemas. This can be done only by dialogue and debate, not by ban, not by legislation.

In India madrasas are the main places where Muslim youngsters are exposed to the Quran. Many Islamic terrorists have been found to hail from Azamgarh which has over 300 madrasas. So the Indian state must ensure that Al Qaeda interpretations of Quran spreading hatred against kafirs are not taught there to young Indians. Spreading hatred in madrarsas against any community is violative among others of Section 153A of IPC. Imams of mosques are paid by wakf boards which, in turn, receive money from the government out of taxes collected from we Hindus so they are civil servants subject to conduct rules. Therefore we Hindus have a right as well as duty to ensure that our money is not being used to spread hatred against us or to protect persons suspected by police to be terrorists. An amount of Rs 700 crore out of taxes collected from we Hindus is earmarked for madrasas this year 2008-09.

Till the September 13, 2008 blasts in Delhi, police had not been so active in getting at terrorists except a few foot soldiers here and there mainly because Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been cautioning IPS officers against being pro-active in fighting Islamic terrorism by preaching them to avoid profiling any minority community while fighting terrorism. Prime Minister has denied a free hand to police officers in tackling terrorism. After 9/11 attack of 2001 there has been no terrorist attack in the USA because unlike Manmohan Singh, President Bush never gave such silly sermons to US police restricting their operational freedom.

On October 14, 2008, at the National Integration Council meeting Manmohan Singh said: “At the same time it is important that in trying to counter terrorism wrong methods and means are not adopted. Any impression that any community, or sections amongst them, are being targeted, or that some kind of profiling is being attempted should be avoided. The means are as important as the ends. This is vital, as otherwise it could lead to a major polarisation of society.” Addressing the annual conference of DGPs, PM had said in November 2006: “Wherever the police and security forces have handled such situations with sensitivity, they deserve our fullest appreciation. Our police and security establishment must remain steadfast in its commitment to preserve and protect communal peace and harmony.”

By giving such sermons to desist from profiling a community, he has openly accused Indian police of profiling Muslims and thus demoralised them. By such statements Manmohan Singh has himself put the Muslim community in focus. This Manmohan advisory on one hand has given encouragement to jehadi elements, and, on the other has discouraged police officers to be pro-active. No wonder India under Manmohan Singh is perceived as a soft state. No Hindu leader of prominence has singled out the entire Muslim community for being terrorist or being unpatriotic. It is Muslim leaders and Muslim organisations who allege that the Muslim community is being targeted, that there is Muslim-bashing, etc. It is thus self goal by Muslim leaders. It is thus the Prime Minister, seekers of Muslim votes and Muslim leaders who are communalising the fight against terrorism and in the process are giving bad name to the entire Muslim community.

Smt Zubeida Qureshi, mother of Abdus Qureshi, another terror suspect has proved to have much taller stature as an Indian than Mushirul Hasan or MJ Akbar when she openly said: “Hang my son in front of me if he is guilty.” [HT, Sept 18]. Unlike Hasan and Akbar she did not argue innocence of her son till he was proven guilty by a court.

Since only Muslims are members of SIMI and IM it is simple common sense that police could arrest/detain only Muslims and only those Muslims who fall within the zone of suspicion but this has caused a great amount of anger among GP [gulamiat pasand] Hindus who keep asking, why only Muslims are being arrested, why not some Hindus are also being arrested just to “balance.” It is this sick ‘balancing psychology’ which is forcing Sitaram Yechury, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Paswan etc to ask for a ban on the Bajrang Dal and the VHP though saner advice of MK Narayanan, NSA is that doing so will not be legally sustainable.

People like Amar Singh, general secretary, Samajwadi Party, MJ Akbar, many Muslim leaders and some GP Hindus have rushed to accuse the Delhi Police of framing ‘innocent’ Muslims’. Doubts have been cast on September 19 police encounter at L-18 Batla House flat of Jamia Nagar in which police Inspector MC Sharma and two terrorists [Atif and Shahid] were killed. Some suspected to be involved in the Delhi blasts were arrested and based on their interrogation a list of 13 suspects, all Muslims was drawn up by the Delhi Police. On Sept 24 Mumbai Police arrested five suspects all Muslims hailing from Azamgarh.

The very allegation that ‘innocent Muslims’ are being framed by police shows their total ignorance of Indian legal-administrative system and is therefore deliberate mischief on their part to obstruct police investigation: firstly, because it is the judiciary which determines the innocence or guilt of the accused, not the police. Secondly, police arrests/detains only those who fall within the zone of suspicion. Those accusing police of framing innocent Muslims are thus creating gulf between different sections of people on ground of religion and, creating disaffection towards public authority [i.e. police] and thus are creating new obstructions impeding pace of police investigation. So DGPs should examine merits of booking such mischief mongers u/s 153A and 186 of IPC. To invoke Section 186 courts have held that it is sufficient if there is any act obstructing the execution [here police investigations] of any act by a public servant [(1956) 58 Bom LR 1021].

It was most unfortunate on part of Mushirul Hasan, VC, to have rushed with tax-payers’ money to defend persons suspected by police to be terrorists. If he is so interested to defend terror suspects, he ought to have resigned first and used his private money to defend them. Teachers of Jamia Milia University have unethically started collecting funds for legal defence of its students [Zia-ur-Rahman, BA(Eco) and Md Shakeel MA(Eco)] suspected by the Delhi Police to be involved in terrorism. One state organ is standing up against another state organ in fighting terrorism and, thus, the Indian State under the UPA government is a divided house. Amar Singh was quoted [October 7]: “Shoot them if they are terrorists but if they are innocent then they should be given justice.” One may ask Mr Singh, Who will decide whether they are innocent, and, who will give justice to them”? Not the police, but only the courts can decide based on evidence collected by the police. Amar Singh should know that under Indian law no convict can be shot dead by the State so he is simply fooling the people by saying “shoot them”.

Communal violence in my view erupts as accumulated pent-up anger against propaganda by missionaries and mullah against Hindu gods which they unleash with a view to preparing ground for conversions. By getting Swamiji murdered Christians have self-invited wrath of Hindus in Kandhamal and by publishing Satya Darshini in Karnataka. General body of Hindus gets angry more by running down of their religion by missionaries and mullah than by conversion per se. The NDA Chief Ministers who want to avoid the predicament of receiving letters under Article 355 in which Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister, Orissa and BS Yeddyurappa, Chief Minister, Karnataka have landed should direct their DGPs to take firm actions against missionaries and mullahs u/s 153A and 298 of IPC as soon as they are reported to be running down Hindu gods and Hinduism. Such actions under existing laws would on one hand not allow build up of Hindu anger, and, on the other would get them rich electoral dividends.

The Administrative Reforms Commission headed by Congressman Moily has recommended adopting new tougher laws to fight terrorism but UPA ministers have been opposing new tougher laws. POTA or POTA-like new tougher laws and a federal agency to fight terrorism are the need of the hour. The UPA government has been soft on Islamic terrorists therefore those Hindu voters who wish to keep India free of such terrorism must not vote to the Congress Party, to Communist parties or to parties of Lalu Prasad Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan, Mulayam Singh Yadav etc as Islamic terrorists enjoy their patronage. Terrorists are entering into India riding on warm shoulders of the Congress Party in Assam and the CPM in Tripura and in West Bengal.

If we Hindus want that we and our women and children should be safe in markets, on streets and in our temples we must vote out the UPA parties lock, stock and barrel in the coming elections. This is the surest way to save our children and ourselves from Islamic terrorism.

[The writer retired in the rank of Secretary to the Government of India in the Indian Foreign Service (1971 batch). He has served as Ambassador to Finland, Estonia, Jamaica, Tunisia and Tanzania and, as Consul General, Dubai and Birmingham (UK).]

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Blinkered Indian Muslim organisations see US-style war in India

Posted by jagoindia on September 26, 2008

So what else is new?  The same humbug, awash with platitudes of conspiracy, blaming others, and then go on to demand this demand that crap. These slimeballs do know how to live in a peaceful, secular India.  Let them to to Pakistan and lead their Islamic lifestyles there!
Minorities see US-style war in India

New Delhi, Sept. 22: A conglomeration of Muslim organisations today accused the UPA of “duplicating the American war on terror” and put forward a charter of demands that included a probe into Friday’s encounter.

The Co-ordination Committee of Indian Muslims, set up recently to counter the “targeting of Muslims in the name of war on terror”, has also sought an immediate ban on the VHP and the Bajrang Dal and a probe into “all possible angles of terrorism”. It has also pressed for a high-level judicial inquiry into Friday’s Delhi encounter.

The conglomeration comprises the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind, Jamaat-e-Islami, All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, All India Milli Council and the Muslim Political Council of India.

“After the nuclear deal, the Manmohan Singh government is aping the American model of fighting terror to please Big Brother (the US). This is bad for the country,” said Mujtaba Farooq, the committee’s convener.

The panel is giving final touches to a sermon to be sent to imams across the country and read out on September 26, the last Friday before Id. Apart from explaining the circumstances behind the formation of the organisation, the sermon describes how the Congress-led Centre is targeting Muslims in the name of terror. It also includes a list of youths arrested on terror charges.

The committee will hold a rally in Delhi on September 26 where it will demand the dismissals of home minister Shivraj Patil and the chief of the Intelligence Bureau.

On the Jamia Nagar gunbattle, the leaders alleged the government had “sacrificed a good police officer… to save the skin of the home minister”.

The tenants of Batla House, the shootout scene, had placed all documents before police for verification, the leaders claimed, adding that the police could easily have avoided the incident if they had done their duty properly.

“We fail to understand why the alleged terrorists were not caught alive,” asked S.Q.R. Illyas of the Jamaat-e-Islami.

T.A. Rahmani of the Muslim Political Council appeared to echo him, saying “provocative” searches and encounters “smack of a pre-planned conspiracy and betrays the police’s inability or unwillingness to face courts”.

The committee has said that at least a third of the officers in a team combing a Muslim locality should be from the community and minority leaders from the area should be made part of the interrogation team.

“Such steps will restore some credibility to the discredited police and security agencies,” said Zafarul Islam Khan, president of the Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat.

A legal team of the committee has visited the shootout spot in Jamia Nagar and prepared a report that apparently points out a number of loopholes in the police story.

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SIMI’s ‘secular’ admirers (UPA, Sonia, Mulayam Singh, Lalu Prasad)

Posted by jagoindia on September 14, 2008

” Even now, Sonia has not uttered one word against SIMI. Does it mean that she admires it still?”

SIMI’s ‘secular’ admirers
S Gurumurthy, 20.8.2008

A few publicly known facts expose the state of the Indian debate on- Islamist terror. The Ahmedabad serial blasts of July 26 killed over 50 people and injured over 200. The serial blasts in Bangalore, a day before, did not yield the same rich harvest of blood. After the blasts, day after day, the Gujarat police kept uncovering and defusing dozens of live bombs in Surat that fortunately did not explode.

Even as the recovery of such bombs was being telecast live on all channels, on August 5, a court in Delhi annulled the ban on the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), faulting the UPA government for providing “no fresh evidence” to continue the ban.

How did the “seculars” react to the court lifting the ban on SIMI? Mulayam Singh and Lalu Yadav said that the ban was wrong in the first place! Congress party spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed said the order was “no setback.” He went one step further and said, “Wherever terrorist attacks have taken place in the recent past — Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat — it is the state governments that are investigating the matter. It is their responsibility to submit the evidence against SIMI to the Central Government,” almost implying that, as the state governments had not provided any, no evidence existed against SIMI. Other secular parties, the “seculars” in the NDA included, were careful not to fault the government for allowing SIMI to escape the charge of terror.

Stunned by the court’s view that “fresh evidence” of terror was necessary to keep the ban on, the state rushed to the Supreme Court and got the ban continued.

It was against the background of such prevarication on SIMI that the Gujarat police announced on August 16 that it had arrested 10 top SIMI officials and activists who had masterminded the Gujarat blasts; and also the blasts in Rajasthan and elsewhere. It also came out with an irrefutable story of how the terrorists conspired, how many of them and when and where, with identities, dates, sequences and locations.

When the secularists were handing out negative certificate of good conduct to SIMI, thanks to the court order, a study by the Institute of Conflict Management headed by KPS Gill, the terror of the Punjab terrorists, had already catalogued over 100 incidents from 2000 to July this year, that characterised SIMI as a terror outfit. Its cadre had been charged as motivators and perpetrators in major attacks from 2002 to 2008.

State governments, including Congress and communist governments and the UPA government at the Centre, had told courts and the Parliament at different times that SIMI was an anti-national, terrorist organisation; that it was linked to Lashker-e-Toiba and other Islamist terror outfits; that huge quantities of arms and ammunition including RDX were seized from their hideouts and cadres.

In February 2007, holding that the SIMI was secessionist, the Supreme Court said that it had not stopped its activities when its counsel pleaded that, after 2003, there was no evidence to link it to anti-national activities. Moreover, it is the secular Maharastra government’s police that alleged in a chargesheet that SIMI was linked to Pakistan!

And now a brief note on SIMI. It was founded in 1977 by Mohammad Ahmadullah Siddiqi, Professor of Journalism and Public Relations at Western Illinois University Macomb, Illinois, but originally from Lucknow!

To make “the Holy Koran the governing text of human life, propagation of Islam, and jihad in the cause of Islam” were its founding goals.

Javed Anand, a secular icon, has this to say about SIMI: “True to its ideological mooring, in the ’80s, SIMI produced eyecatching stickers proclaiming “Secularism, no; Democracy, no; Nationalism, no; Polytheism, no; Only Islam.” But no one seemed unduly perturbed by this dangerous drift of a section of Indian Muslim youth spreading wings under the loving care of its patron, JeI (Jamait-e-Islami Hind). It was only in the late ’90s that the JeI officially snapped the umbilical cord that organically linked it to SIMI.” But Javed Anand wrote this not in the 1980s, not in the 1990s, not even till August 15, 2008, but only on August 16, after SIMI was seen as the culprit in the Gujarat blasts.

How did SIMI grow to these menacing proportions? The plain answer is that it was receiving open and clandestine political patronage from the seculars. The NDA government first banned SIMI in September 2001 and extended the ban in 2003,which continued till September 2005. The UPA government, which came to power in 2004, did not extend the ban when it expired in September 2005, helping to revive a disintegrating SIMI. This, according to Wikipedia, was the state of SIMI after the second ban: “It was unable to function in any manner because all its members were demoralised or had crossed the age of 30 years which automatically disentitled them to continue as a member of SIMI … and due to lack of offices and as all its accounts were frozen, some of the erstwhile members also had to fight criminal cases foisted against them by the state.”

But why did the UPA not continue the ban? Because Sonia Gandhi and her party opposed the first ban on SIMI in 2001. They were not only admirers of SIMI, but also its advocates – yes, really, advocates as Salman Khurshid, president of the Uttar Pradesh Congress committee, was the counsel defending SIMI in the high court and in the Supreme Court against the ban.

See how these secular admirers of SIMI defended a terror outfit that was anti-secular, anti-democracy, anti-India according to Javed Anand, when the NDA government first outlawed it in 2001. While speaking against the introduction of POTA in the special Parliament session in 2002 Sonia censured the government for banning the SIMI, which was not involved in terrorist activities!

Sirprakash Jaiswal, UPCC president in 2001, said the Vishwa Hindu Parishad was a greater threat to the nation than SIMI.”

The government of the same party had to re-impose ban in 2006 after its own Maharashtra government found SIMI involved in the Mumbai train blasts in 2006. Later, the very same Jaiswal, as junior minister for home affairs in this government told the Rajya Sabha on April 23, 2007 and the Lok Sabha earlier, that SIMI was linked to LeT and was anti-national and that huge caches of arms and ammunition were seized from its cadre! But this was after SIMI had grown to gigantic proportions and struck at India some 10 times between 2004 and 2008 before it struck again in Gujarat on August 26. Even now, Sonia has not uttered one word against SIMI. Does it mean that she admires it still? Or she is so saintly that, like one of the three noble monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi, she sees no evil whether it is SIMI or LTTE or Nalini or Afzal — the RSS and its allies being the only exceptions!

About the author: S Gurumurthy is a well-known commentator on political and economic issues.

Gurumurthy’s website is here

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The Centre is groping in the dark on the Jammu stir

Posted by jagoindia on August 6, 2008

Centre in bind on Jammu stir
6 Aug 2008,, M Saleem Pandit,TNN

JAMMU: As the agitation over revocation of forestland transfer to the Amarnath Shrine Board entered its 37th day
on Tuesday and the death toll mounted to 10, there was little hope of a quick end to the violence which has polarised the Hindu and Muslim communities in the terror-wracked state.

And to boot, it appears that the original protagonists of the campaign have let the reins slip from their hands. Sources said the intelligence bureau has informed the Union home ministry that the politicians who ignited the agitation in Jammu have lost control over the movement.

“The agitation has been taken over by the fanatic elements,” an intelligence officer said. The May 26 order was revoked following an eight day agitation in Kashmir valley where the land transfer move was dubbed by hardline Muslim groups as New Delhi’s attempt to change the “demography” of Kashmir by allotting land to a non-state subject.

The intensity of spontaneous protests was seen as a revival of 1990 situation and not only led to the fall of Ghulam Nabi Azad’s government but also united the warring factions of All Parties Hurriyat Conference, a conglomerate of 14 separatist groups in Kashmir valley.

The situation took ugly turn in Jammu when on July 1, Azad rescinded the order of May 26 to ease tension in Kashmir valley, failing to gauge the emotive impact on Hindu-majority Jammu. It is unlikely that after so many days, the BJP-led Amarnath Yatra Sangharsh Samiti, which is spearheading the protests, will settle for anything less than the full transfer of land for building facilities for pilgrims.

Samiti leaders started a dialogue with state authorities but pulled out after criticism from hardliner that they were “bowing to the Governor’s administration”. Now, Leela Karan Sharma, president of Samiti, says he will not

The Centre is groping in the dark on how to calm the waves of violence that continue to rock Jammu over cancellation of the land allocation for Amarnath pilgrims, with reports of angry mobs lynching two cops at Jourian near Akhnoor on Tuesday.

The government’s latest attempt to douse the Jammu fire — an all-party meeting on Wednesday — looks unlikely to lead to any breakthrough with BJP strongly arguing that the agitationists banded under the Amarnath Yatra Sangharsh Samiti needed to be directly involved in any peace bid.

The government’s peace overtures have drawn a blank with violence escalating on Tuesday across Jammu and the funeral of two men, Sunny Padha and Sanjeev Singh, killed in police firing acting as a rallying point for tens of thousands of protesters. The death toll in Jammu and the Valley has risen to 10 in the past two weeks.

On Tuesday, protesters ripped out rail tracks, burned several government offices and prevented trucks carrying food, medicines and other provisions from moving up to Kashmir Valley. Three trains, including the 2471 Swaraj Express and 8101 Tata-Hatia Express, were halted at Kathua and Hiranagar by more than 6,000 protesters. Authorities had hoped that the anger would subside after the funerals. But despite the heavy use of police force and the presence of the army, agitationists have been far from deterred.

Even as the Centre groped for a solution, the situation in Jammu was reported as “grim” by a team of senior officials which visited the region. The attempts of the Congress leadership to get BJP on board so as to address the inflamed ‘‘Hindu’’ sentiments does not seem to have worked. Despite informal exchanges between Congress president Sonia Gandhi, foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee and BJP leader L K Advani, no progress has been possible. That the all-party meeting — an exercise involving JMM and DMK — could cover fresh ground looked highly unlikely.

While sending feelers to BJP, the ruling coalition tried the parallel tack as well — stepping up attacks by Congress leaders on the opposition party for inciting the anger over the Amarnath issue for its partisan ends.

This did not seem to have worked either. While BJP may have little incentive to come to Congress’s aid, there were also doubts whether it can use its leverage with the agitators to scale down their demand for the restoration of land.

The assessment that the agitationists are not really likely to respond to either party seems to be gaining ground. ‘‘We reject the all-party meeting. The PM should talk to people in Jammu and not to BJP alone, which is just a constituent of the samiti,’’ said Leela Karan Sharma, a Jammu lawyer who heads the Amarnath Yatra Sangharsh Samiti.

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Central aid for J&K slain Islamic terrorists’ kin, says NGO

Posted by jagoindia on August 3, 2008

Central aid for J&K slain militants’ kin, says NGO

July 30, 2008 17:34 IST
The Centre has agreed to release a package for the kin of militants killed in Jammu and Kashmir  during the past 18 years, an NGO has claimed.

“The central government will be sending a package for orphans of the slain militants. Scholarships and pension will be provided to them similar to the relief being provided to other orphans,” Nirupama Kaul, chairperson of the All India Centre for Urban and Rural Development told media-persons in Srinagar on Wednesday.

Kaul claimed she met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on July 25 and presented a charter of demands to him on behalf of nearly one lakh families of militants killed in the troubled state.

“The prime minister assured me that the Centre would be sending a package for the orphans,” she said.

The Union social welfare ministry is working out a package for J&K wherein about 1500 self-help groups will be provided soft loans to set up cottage industrial units, Kaul added.

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The media and Amarnath Shrine land imbroglio

Posted by jagoindia on July 17, 2008

July 20, 2008
Media Watch
The media and Amarnath Shrine land imbroglio

Judging from the attention—or lack of it—given by the media to the disturbances in Srinagar over the issue of forest land being given—and now withdrawn—to the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board, the question arises whether the media has enough adequate staff to go deeper into such issues.

The media’s duty doesn’t end with reporting riots. Why did the riots take place in the first instance? Not many newspapers have taken the trouble to provide the background. But, as expected, The Hindu (July 1) has done the job with an excellent article by Praveen Swami. According to him “for Shri Syed Ali Shah Geelani and his Tehreek-i-Hurriyat, the anti-Shrine Board protests are crucible in which piety and xenophobic paranoia can be forged into a programme of resistance to India”. It is Geelani’s argument that India is trying to turn the Muslims of Kashmir into a minority. The same arguments has even been made by a senior Congress leader Ghulam Rasool Kar in the Urdu-language paper Khidmat. But it is also necessary to remember, as Francois Gautier pointed out in an article in The Indian Express (July 1) that “four lakh Kashmiri Hindus have been forced by death, terror and violence, to flee the Valley of their ancestors in one of the biggest ethnic cleansing in human history.” Syed Geelani obviously does not want to be reminded of it.

Praveen Swami makes two important points: “one, of the arguments against the land use rights granted to the Amarnath Shrine Board stand on firm empirical foundations” and two, “nor is it clear just why putting up pre-fabricated restrooms for pilgrims (in the area allotted) will increase environmental threat”.

Gautier, who, incidentally has been a long-time India expert has his own points to make. One is that “millions of devotees have flocked to Amarnath over the centuries and Muslims from Kashmir should show them generosity because in India, although Muslims have been a minority since the beginning, Hindus have always respected the religion of Islam.” And the other is that “if only Kashmiri Muslims would allow Sufism to make a comeback in the Valley, would permit the spirit of bhakti, of devotion, of tolerance… it could not only save Kashmir, allow the return of their four lakh Hindu brothers and sisters but it might help Islam to regenerate itself”. Some hope! The Indian Express said that the reasons for taking back the land given to the Shrine Board showed “the communal overtones of the issue” and the utter indifference of the government to public welfare.

Deccan Herald (July 1) felt that the political parties in Jammu and Kashmir “have done damage to the cause of communal harmony in the state and helped anti-national elements to fish in troubled waters”. Many news papers have expressed their disapproval of bandhs and the violence unleashed on such occasions.

The Tribune has a solution. In a strong editorial it wrote: (June 27): “Whenever the call for a bandh is made, those who give it should be made accountable for the loss they cause to the economy. This is perhaps the only way in which the menace can be tackled.” What is disturbing is a point raised by Francois Gautier concerning the BBC reportage on Amarnath. Write Gautier: “Reports of the BBC on Amarnath always speak about Indian-administered Kashmir never giving the full picture of Hindus being forced to flee the Valley nor the sacredness of this ancient pilgrimage for all Hindus.” If the BBC correspondent is Delhi-based he must be sharply pulled up. If he is a Pakistan-based correspondent sent to Srinagar to cover the riots, then the Government of India must lodge a strong protest with the BBC in London. In any event the British High Commissioner in Delhi must be told in strong terms that referring to Kashmir as “Indian-administered” is not acceptable. The Government either does not listen to the BBC coverage of the Srinagar riots or is too dumb.

Which makes an editorial in The Hindu (July 1) particularly significant. It says: “The party that leads the United Progressive Alliance government is in a state or moral and political confusion… The Congress has absolutely no idea where it is going… It has resorted to political adventurism. The government it heads has no answer to the spectre of double-digit inflation…. The mishandling of the Amarnath Shrine Land affair has set-off a wave of communal hate and tension in Jammu and Kashmir…. We now have the spectacle of a government that promised transparency and enacted a quite radical Right to Information Act making decisions on key policy issues behind closed door in away that lacks straight-forwardness. A party that promised a secular and forward-looking alternative to the Bharatiya Janata Party is now embroiled in manoeuvres that are as short-sighted as they are deficient in political logic. The Congress might be able to keep the UPA government afloat for a while by cutting a deal with ex-adversaries, but the cost of such expediency will be extremely high.”

Coming as are these comments from The Hindu they show in what a deplorable state the Congress has fallen.

Meanwhile the Supreme Court has strongly criticised the Gujarat police for pursuing criminal proceeding against a distinguished sociologist, Ashish Nandy for an article he had written for a national newspaper entitled “Blame the Middle Class”. The Inspector of the Satellite Police Station, Ahmedabad had issued a summons to Shri Nandy. A Vacation Bench consisting of Justices Altamas Kabir and G.S.Singhvi ordered the cancellation of the summons. Justice Kabir told Counsel for Gujarat, Hemantika Wahi: “There is no ground for harassing a journalist. Let him live in peace. You (Gujarat Government) are prosecuting this man for his article. If a journalist cannot write, then who else will? I have read the article and I find nothing objectionable. He (petitioner) is 71 years old and is a soft target for you.” And Justice Singhvi said: “People coming from the land of Mahatma Gandhi have become so intolerant that they can’t even tolerate an article.” And the Bench said: “Any further summons issued against Shri Nandy in future relating to the case in future will stand quashed”. There is such a thing as Freedom of the Press which all administrations will do well to observe. Harassing journalist is not the best way to run a state. If there is no freedom to criticise a state, what is the media for?

And as Justice Kabir rightly pointed out: “If a journalist cannot write, then who else will?” These words must be written in letters of gold and exhibited in all government offices, just as they do pictures of Mahatma Gandhi or that of the Prime Minster.

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