Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Muslim population in 300 districts in India

Posted by jagoindia on May 20, 2009

State wise 300 Districts of India with Top Muslim Population in Urban Areas

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14 Responses to “Muslim population in 300 districts in India”

  1. Shams said

    Sir,I strongly protest against ur data presentation of muslim population in India.U have referred to Census Of India,2001,But according to the census of India 2001,muslims of India are 13.4% of total population.I want to know politely where have u got this data from and why are u exaggerating muslims population which itself is a dangerous thing.

  2. mojib said

    According to 2001 census report in the year 2010 march 18 crore Muslims population is there i say 22 crore Muslims are there and about 90 crore Hindu,i repeat 90 crore Hindu just in one country that is India, add muslim population of three most populous country India, Pakistan and Indonasia: 22crore+15crore+26 crore =63 crore and Hindu just in India 90 crore.
    Education 2001 census report 75.5% Hindu educated and 60.5% Muslims educated…after taking so much of reservation 7.5 SC+15 ST and 7 OBC in Jobs(Muslims do come under this but let us count how many muslims got job under OBC quota, after taking so much of reservation education among hindu is 75.5& and 60.5% muslims are educated without any reservation come on have moral and think about it and now hundus have got another 27.5 percent obc reservation now in education and jobs……..have moral before saying anything…..

  3. Chirag said

    Well india will surely become muslim in next 30-40 years.

    They have average 5 kids per a wife, many have 10-12 kids……….. so naturally there population will explode like crazy. while hindus are controlling the population as a civilized society will do.

    The muslim cancer is spreading.

    Well hindus kept the tradition alive for atleast 3,500 years. Not a bad thing in itself.

    As they say all the good things must end.

    Well india will become a blood bath of the muslim by muslims.

    Who will muslim loot when the whole country is muslim….other muslim.

    What can we do the cancer of ISLAM is going to kill off india.

  4. siddarth rana said

    its very sad that muslims r spreading like cancer in india…they surely increasing their population with they r uneducated illitrate and their thinking is of 10century..they have to be prograssive and control their population like a good community do…think about it muslim friend…do something for nation rather just increasing population

  5. siddarth rana said

    what future muslims r giving to their next generations…use ur mind muslims u wnat ur next generation work as child labour ..think for their good future…use ur brains

  6. they dont think for these educated things,they are backward people who are so blinded in their religion that they still believe the illusion mad by that narcissist mohammad i.e.allah
    they are so stupid who believe that allah want them to spread their population , kill non muslims and murder them , rape their women to spread their religion and make the whole world muslim
    if allah is god then why is he demanding,he should have powers to do all things himself why is he forcing you to commit sins by killing and raping other religion to increase your religion’s population,
    Shame on you idiots and i personally feel sorry for all muslims who have benn fooled by mohammad since centuries,
    so sorry for all muslims

  7. Still there is hope for hindus. We have to make sure we have elected the right party with a full majority. I really wonder why hindus didn’t voted and elected that party when they were openly declaring their agenda of saving hindus and putting check on atrocities, and injustice against them! Again it is lack of unity which is the most formidable enemy of the people of this land.

  8. ALLAH IS only god to whole man kind he make us so he only knows how a man live so he send art of life through quran & prophet muhammed(sal) this is true who dont believ this truth believe in worlds final day….so brothers&sisters plz try to research about truth about ISLAM and get paradise after death….AASALAMU ALAIKUM.

  9. Puri duniya me sab se jyada aabadi MUSLMANO ki hai is ke bad isaiyo ka no. Aata hai.

  10. Indian@Heart said

    “Hindu” was a term which used to represent regional identity of people living around river Sindhu (Indus). Eventually these people spread east and south 0f the region and conquered the land and people. In last thousand years these people were collectively called as Hindus by rest of the world and in last two hundred years all the faiths in the subcontinent collectively known as Hinduism.A very recent development. This term can not be found in 17th century or earlier.
    People of every region do not show equal propensity in adopting new and better ideas.For example ,in the region of Vedas (Punjab,North Pakistan, Eastern Afghanistan) people embraced Buddhism then Christianity and Islam. and then Sikhism. This was not the case in hinterland.
    Spread of any religion lies in the degree of its universal appeal. Individuals must be free to discard or embrace any idea on its own merit and certainly not enforced by others. And Swamy Vivekananda was aware of this fact.
    First thing is self introspection. Assessment of changes in one’s own ideas over time and objective analysis of sources of influence.
    Just consider the issues around status of women in India in last two hundred years: ban on child marriage, provision of divorce, provision of remarriage, abolition of sati-pratha, ban on dowry, provision of inheritance in property….etc. And think about the influences. It is not to suggest that the rest of the world is alright.
    Religion is just one identity out of so many others. A Bengali may share thousand things in common before religion with another Bengali than a Sindhi or Rajasthani.Educated people share a lot in common with other educated people and don’t buy poor facts or opinion from a person of any religion, any nationality, any race ,any income group, any age group or gender.
    Unite people and make this world a better place.

  11. raj said

    muslim is a plague to India….either we hindus clean these guys now or let them convert India to islam.
    It is in our hand and we should take action.
    What kind of religion is this?
    they cant invent something new, they cant help man kind, they can’t have good education system, they can’t have science and technoglogy….but still they call themself the best religion.
    Is entire mankind a fools to listen to these guys?

    Entire world today dont need muslims and everyone is scared of these people due to their terrorist activites.
    So still are they the best people?

  12. sarNSH said

    saransh ,,,,,,,i am not against of islam but iam against of terrorism ………musalmano shame on u …tum log apne aap ko us allah ka follower mante ho aur usi ki tohin karte ho ,,,,,islam me kindness,helpness,altruism,brotherhood ,aur kitni hi achi baaten kahi gayi hai,,,mai ek non-muslim hone ke babjud bhi islam ki kadr karta hun ….,,tum log se appeal hai please shanti se jio or dunia ko jine do…..puri duniya tum logo ke aatank se pareshan hai….jhan dekho whi khoon khraba… ye karne se tum log khud apne aap ko aur pavitra islam ko badnam kar rahe h o babur se le kar auranjeb tak sabhi ne hinduo ko mara unki madire todhi,,,unhe pareshan kiya…………phele tum logo ne godhra kand kiya phir iska jbab hinduo ne diya……..aise ye nahi hona chahiye tha ……..ab sudhar jao …..duniya prem aur moohabbat se jiti jati hai na ki goli se……………..allah tum logo ko maaaf kare
    pakistan me hi dekh lo hinduo ke saath kaisa saluh kiya jaa rha hai…tumhare bhai kaisa bartab karte hai unke saath ….agar tuim logo ke saath yesa yahan ho to kaisa lagega …… isliye pyar se raho aur thoda iske baare me socho

  13. bharat mata ka sapoot said

    i beleive like we use to have asur or rakshas in old time we have muslims muslims brother tell me one thing if u have to read namaz in morning will ur mind be concentreted on namaz if u eat meat in the night or at the the time of bakra id u kill bakras are bhai prophet said give sacrifice of ur beloved if need arises how that goat becomes beloved ur aRE JUST LIKE OLD BRAHMN WITH CHANGED NAME TELL ME ONE MORE THING IF IN ARABIC LANGUAGE MOTHER IS CALLED BY NAME HDFGFFFDFDJSKKSGGGGGGGGGRIRGJ U WILL PRONOUNANCE THIS NAME MUSLIMS BROTHERES TARIQ AZIZ U WILL SAY IS A MUSLIM NAME BUT HE AWS A CHRISTAN MINSTER OF IRAQ WHY U HAVE TO CHANGE NAME BEC U DONT HAVE GUTS TO KEEP COMPLETE BEARD AS PROGHET USE TO KEEP THIS IS DIFFICULT I PUNJAB MUSLIMS HAVE NAME LIKE ABDULLAH SINGH ,IMRAN SIKH THINK ABOUT IT

  14. siddhesh said

    muslims are very rediculous, islam is fake, and also their allah, their allah teaches them to kill non muslims, if it continues then one day we will be forced to accept islam, all this is happening because of congress, they are supporting muslims, muslims are just spreading and building their mosques also where no muslims resides, i have explored mumbai as i live here, but sometimes it seems to me like a muslim city as muslims have builded their mosques everywhere, at evry corner main places tourist places and just forcing hindus to listen their azhans which everybody hates, but all this is happening

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