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Meerut Muslim BSP’s son gouges eyes, butchers, hacks 3 to death: Family shows no remorse

Posted by jagoindia on May 30, 2008

BSP leader’s son hacks 3 to death
SP Singh | Meerut

Gouges out eyes, shoots them for objecting to his stalking ex-Armyman’s daughter

The ghastly killing of three youth, reportedly by the son of a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) functionary, has the western UP nerve centre of Meerut in the clutch of tension. The incident, in which the youth were slaughtered for objecting to the BSP leader’s son stalking the daughter of an Army officer, took place on May 22. A complete bandh was observed in Meerut on Thursday following the confessional statement of Haji Izlal, son of Haji Iqbal and Zubeda, who had unsuccessfully contested the last mayoral election.

Izlal is said to have confessed that he called the three youth to his residence, where he butchered them and got the pieces of their bodies thrown into a vehicle near the Hindon at Baleni, in Baghpat district. He said that Punit Giri, a nephew of Delhi Police inspector Girish Giri, Sunil Dhaka, brother of constable Anil Dhaka, and Sudhir Ujjwal were picked up from Victoria Park swimming pool by Izlal’s driver, Mannu Punjabi, and taken to his densely populated Gudri Bazar residence.

Mannu left the three youth at Izlal’s mercy at Gudri Bazar, dominated by members of Izlal’s community. It is alleged that the BSP leader’s son then chopped off their heads, gouged out the eyes and later shot them in public view. After this brutal display of “power”, the bodies were dumped into a vehicle which was abandoned near the Hindon. The resident of Baleni saw the abandoned vehicle the following day and opened its doors to find the bodies inside. The local police were informed and an investigation launched. The vehicle was traced to Izlal, who has since been arrested.

Raj Kumar Sangwan, an RLD leader, said, “Izlal’s mother Zubeda had contested the mayoral election on a Bahujan Samaj Party ticket, but lost to Madhu Gurjar. Izlal was also aspiring for a BSP ticket for the Assembly elections. With the BSP coming to power in the State, Izlal had turned arrogant and stalked the daughter of a retired Army officer.” He added, “The boys objected to Izlal’s advances towards the girl and he got angry with them. He got the boys picked up and butchered them to death. The lawyers at Baghpat thrashed Izlal in court when he was being produced there.”

Senior Superintendent of Police (Meerut) Alok Singh said, “We have arrested main accused Izlal and recovered a US-made Smith & Wesson pistol, two mobile phones and the car’s papers from his possession. We have arrested him under the NSA and Gangster Act. The Baghpat police had been conducting the investigation but the case has now being transferred to Meerut. ASP RK Bhardwaj has been appointed the investigation officer, along with a team of competent inspectors and sub inspectors.”

Meanwhile, Thursday’s bandh call was given by all the political parties, except the ruling BSP, and it was largely successful. The city is still in a state of shock after Haji Izlal’s confessional statement.

Meerut protests triple murders
S Raju, Hindustan Times, Meerut, May 28, 2008

The brutal murder of three youngsters in full public view last week has angered residents of the city. Students, political leaders and the common man took to the streets, raising their voices for the immediate arrest of all the accused and to book them under national Security Act (NSA).

On the night of May 23, a BSP leader and his aides allegedly kidnapped Punit, Sunil and Sudhir from the Victoria park swimming pool and took them to the densely populated Gudri Bazar locality. The trio were then thrashed and left there to die, after their throats were slit. After that, their bodies were reported placed in a Maruti Esteem car and dumped near Baleni village in Baghpat district.

Sunil and Sudhir were students, while Punit was working as a railway contractor. They were reportedly close to an army officer’s daughter. The BSP leader, Ejlal, developed a passion for the same girl and reportedly decided to eliminate his rivals.

Activists and leaders of the Meerut Bachao Morcha called for a Bandh on Thursday to protest the brutal act of the BSP leader and his aides. The parental body of traders, Sanyukt Vyapar Sangh, has extended its support to the bandh.

“No one has made such a big mockery of law and order earlier. They killed three innocent youngsters like animals in a public place and many accused are still at large,” said Bijendra Aggarwal, president of the association expressing his dismay over the delay in the arrests. “All shops, petrol pumps, gas agencies and other organisations would be closed during bandh,” he declared. Referring to it as the height of brutality, BJP MLA Satyaprakash Aggarwal accused the police officials of succumbing to pressure from the ruling BSP party.

Meerut killer family shows no remorse
The Pioneer, May 31, 2008, Shiv Kumar | Meerut
The residence of Haji Izlal, who has been arrested for hacking three youth to death on May 21 after they objected to his stalking the daughter of a former Armyman in Meerut, is quiet but devoid of any remorse over the brutal act.
Meanwhile, the city remains tense after the cold-blooded murder in the crowded Gudri Bazaar locality. Izlal’s mother had unsuccessfully contested the last mayoral election on a BSP ticket and he also aspired to become an MLA of the party.
The Pioneer visits Izlal’s grand house and is met with silence, but no regret, and no tears are shed over his arrest. Nothing looks amiss since “it (things like the arrest) has become routine due to the family’s criminal background”, say locals. About 20 men sit near the main entrance of the house, which is just 200 yards from a police post. They are all silent, as if nothing has happened. Discouraging any attempt to strike up a conversation, they coerce this correspondent to move ahead.
Since the murders reportedly took place in the congested Gudri Bazaar area in public view, most residents are supposed to be aware of the incident. But no one dares speak a word against the Izlal family. Locals say that the family has a strong following and “people are ready to die for them”, which has allowed the family members to violate law of the land at will. A sample of the family’s clout: Asked about the conduct of Izlal, a local shopkeeper said, “He is very well behaved… I am not aware that he has ever done anything wrong.”
The motive for the murders is said to be the overtures made by one of them towards Izlal’s “girlfriend” Sheeba, who lives in Radha Nagar Colony of Meerut. However, the students of Meerut College — where two of the three slain youth were students — refuse to buy this theory. They say that the murders were carried out for “revenge, haughtiness and overconfidence that with his money power Izlal would easily get away from the clutches of law”
Meerut College students’ union president Nirman Singh says, “None of those murdered had made any overtures to Sheeba. Instead, they had objected to Izlal’s presence in their locality to meet Sheeba and even warned him that it would damage the moral values of youngsters. They had an altercation with Izlal about six months ago but a patch-up was brought about later.”
But Izlal is not the one to forget and forgive, say sources. So he waited for his opportunity and invited Punit Giri, Sunil Dhaka and Sudhir Ujwal to his residence on May 21. After the four had drinks, Izlal and his henchmen thrashed the three youth and then chopped off their heads. The bodies were then abandoned inside a vehicle near the Hindon.
Jagat Singh, a former MLC and RLD leader, says, “Izlal has a slaughterhouse and many illegal businesses and property worth hundreds of crores. The case has been transferred from Baghpat to Meerut simply with a view to protecting Izlal as his writ runs in the city.” Izlal’s family has also been involved in a long-running fratricidal dispute which has claimed the lives of some members of the family.
An elderly woman, who introduces herself as the grandmother of Izlal, says, “He has done nothing wrong. He was just trying to protect himself from the attackers who barged into our house. All of us are hajis and namazis and we keep away from all immoral things.” On second thoughts, she added, “I do not know much about the killings but that seems to be a case related to a woman.”

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