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Muslim countries flocking to Modi’s Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit – 2009

Posted by jagoindia on January 12, 2009
Video on vibrant Gujarat Summit

First, some facts on Vibrant Gujarat from TOI article

Gujarat has clearly marketed itself well as a destination where there is money to be made. Representatives of 30 countries and 60 transnationals are coming to the two-day event starting on Monday. There are heads of state, diplomats, political delegations, company CEOs, bankers and financial institutions flocking to Science City in Ahmedabad where the event will be held.

At the end of Vibrant Gujarat 2009, MoUs worth Rs 7 lakh crore ($140 billion) are expected to be signed. In this depressed environment, this is simply staggering.

On all growth parameters, Gujarat is ahead of other states, laying stake to its claim as ‘The Growth Engine of India’ — the catchline of Vibrant Gujarat. Link
Pied Piper to the Muslim world
11 Jan 2009, Harit Mehta, TNN

AHMEDABAD: Call it the seven-year itch. Those many years after the 2002 Gujarat riots, Chief Minister Narendra Modi is changing partners. And it is having effect, as the Muslim world too now sees this tainted state and its government in a new light.

The fourth Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit 2009, which will unfold on Monday, is drawing a huge participation from Islamic countries, as well as those which are predominantly Muslim.

This, even as US and European Union continue to deny Modi a visa to visit their countries on the grounds of alleged state complicity in the riots which killed over 1,000 Muslims. Also, human rights groups still allege that the Modi government has continued to thwart the process of justice for the riots victims. And terror organisations place Gujarat high on the hit-list, the latest grim reminder of which came on July 26, 2008, when 19 serial blasts killed 58 people in Ahmedabad.

Among those who have confirmed their participation is AS Vashishi, representative of The Arab League, officially called the League of Arab States. This 22-nation outfit includes members like Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) send a business delegation from the National Investment Office, representing Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain.

There are also delegations from Malaysia, Maldives, Oman, Brunei, Iran and Indonesia in the list where participation has been confirmed.

Prof Dwijendra Tripati, former faculty at IIM-A in business history and former president of the Indian History Congress, said: “Gujarat had rigorous mercantile trade with countries around the Red Sea and Persian Gulf for many centuries. This trade continued even after the East India Company came on the scene. The fourth Vibrant Gujarat marks a distinct change in the outlook of the world towards Gujarat and so the Muslim countries too are coming looking for opportunities.” End

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Delhi blasts: Indian Mujahideen accomplishes Operation B-A-D

Posted by jagoindia on September 14, 2008

Indian Mujahideen accomplishes Operation B-A-D
13 Sep, 2008, 2325 hrs IST, IANS

NEW DELHI: The Indian Mujahideen struck again on Saturday, this time in the national capital, accomplishing its ‘Operation BAD’ – which the intelligence community had deciphered as ‘Operation Bangalore-Ahmedabad-Delhi’.

After more than 20 blasts in Ahmedabad on the evening of July 26, killing 56 people, intelligence officials had intercepted a call made from the across the border claiming “Operation BAD is successful”.

At that time the intelligence officials and the Gujarat police had suspected the BAD stood for Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi – Bangalore, India’s IT hub, had suffered serial bombings only a day before the Ahmedabad bombings. One woman was killed in the July 25 terror attack.

Following the serial blasts in Delhi Saturday, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said he had “specifically informed” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of terrorists’ plans to target New Delhi though he did not have precise information on dates and places.

“Ten days ago, when I met the prime minister, the home minister (Shivraj Patil) and the National Security Adviser (M K Narayanan) in New Delhi, I had specifically informed them that the terrorists being interrogated by the Gujarat police had indicated Delhi was going to be their next target,’ Modi told reporters.

“The terrorists had said they were going to target Delhi in the near future, though we did not have specific dates or places,” he added. The Gujarat police, however, said they had no such specific information.

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Delhi needs a Modi: Where there’s a will,there’s a Gujarat and there’s a Narendra Modi

Posted by jagoindia on September 13, 2008

In view of the Delhi blasts… it will be useful to know how Modi handled the Ahmedabad blasts.

Click below

Where there’s a will,there’s a Gujarat and there’s a Narendra Modi
by Rupang Bhatt

here are some parts:

In Delhi, jobless Congressman Digvijay Singh said in his interview that whenever BJP was in trouble, bomb blasts happened in the country. Digvijay Singh claimed that VHP and RSS were involved in bomb making.

And plenty of fashionable secular media persons too jumped in to telecast and publish Abu Bashr’s parents and brothers and villagers ‘our man is innocent’ brand statements.

Our Terrorist

Now look at the Irony. When our Congress men and their allies were passing all nonsense statements like these and more and section of our media was generating sympathetic stories about Abu Bashr and his family to woo Muslims, the man Abu Bashr whom they were trying to project as ‘The Great Indian innocent Muslim-2008 targeted by fascist Narendra Modi government’ was himself confessing his involvement in Ahmedabad blasts in presence of a resident judge.

For full article click here

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