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QUESTION: “What is the definition of an Islamophobe?”

Posted by jagoindia on July 8, 2008


Monday July 7,2008
By Leo McKinstry

QUESTION: “What is the definition of an Islamophobe?”

Answer: “Someone who objects to being blown up on the way to work.” The politically correct brigade might not like it but there is a large element of truth in that “joke”.

In recent years we have had to endure a constant threat to our society from Muslim extremists who kill, maim and brutalise in the name of Allah. Yet, in the inverted moral universe created by our Left-wing political establishment, any criticism of Islam provokes indignant cries of “racism” or “Islamophobia”.

But, as the joke implies, the very term Islamophobia is a piece of nonsense. A phobia is an irrational fear. There is nothing remotely irrational in feeling alarm at the menace posed by the jihadists and their apologists. A sense of hostility towards militant Islam is a sign of intelligence, not prejudice.

In the light of today’s third anniversary of the July bombings in 2005, the eagerness of Muslim representatives to don the mantle of victimhood is truly sickening. Last week, Minister for International Development and Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik had the nerve to claim that “Muslims feel like the Jews of Europe” because of supposed persecution.

Meanwhile, the Channel 4 Dispatches programme is tonight examining the phenomenon of so-called Islamophobia, claiming that Muslims are an alienated, vulnerable community under siege.

The intellectually barren argument is that Islam “has an overwhelming message of peace and tolerance”. Try telling that to relatives of those killed in the Twin Towers or in the London bombings.

The Jews suffered the most appalling, lethal persecution culminating in the Holocaust. It would, of course, be grotesque to pretend that anything like that is happening now. Any Muslim alienation stems entirely from their refusal to integrate, preferring to cling on to their own alien customs.

Muslim hard­liners are the ones doing the persecution, using the threat of mayhem against enfeebled governments and tyrannising the more vulnerable members of their own communities, especially women.

If anything, Muslim radicals are the closest political ideologues to the Nazis in their worship of totalitarian power, their hatred of democracy, their vicious anti-Semitism and their addiction to violence.

It is obscene for political commentators to characterise as a disease or a prejudice the wish to preserve our civilisation in the face of barbarism. The real disease of modern Britain is the cringing of our cowardly political establishment towards Islam.

That mood of official surrender was graphically highlighted last week in the call from the Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips for Muslim sharia law to be incorporated within the British legal system, following a similar demand from the Imam – sorry, Archbishop – of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Both men like to present this proposed accommodation with sharia as an example of tolerance. It is nothing of the sort, for sharia is a savagely intolerant medieval code which treats women as second-class citizens and has a wide range of punishments for practices – such as drinking alcohol – that are not even illegal in Britain.

The establishment of sharia would be a charter for legalised misogyny, anti-gay oppression and puritan bullying in Muslim neighbourhoods and prove how successful the Islamist threat of violence has been.

The game was given away by lawyer Stephen Hockman, QC, a former head of the Bar Council, who warned at the weekend that sharia law will have to be implemented “otherwise we will find there is a very significant section of our society which is increasingly alienated with very dangerous results”.

Surely he can’t mean we had better give in or there will be another bombing campaign?

Sadly, it is part of a pattern of official appeasement towards the creeping Islamification of Britain. Contrary to what Islam’s cheerleaders say, Muslims – far from being victims – are now dictating public policy. At a school in
Stoke-on-Trent, several pupils were punished for failing to fall to their knees and worship Allah during a religious education lesson.

But it is unthinkable that any state teacher who has been through the sheep-dip of politically correct training would dare even to ask any Muslim child to make the sign of the cross. Such outrageous double standards can be seen everywhere in our society.

TWO Christian preachers, for example, were threatened with arrest for hate crimes when they were distributing evangelical leaflets in a part of Birmingham. “This is a Muslim area,” police told them. Imagine the outcry if police told an imam to clear off because he was in a “Christian area”. It would never happen.

Abject apology towards Islamists has become the default mode of the British state. It pays shedloads of benefits to Muslim terror suspects and restricts the use of sniffer dogs for fear of causing offence.

When Channel 4 made a programme about hate preachers in Britain’s mosques, the TV station ended up being investigated by West Midlands police for undermining “community cohesion” and “feelings of public reassurance”.

The political elite might blather about “rich cultural diversity” but this is only a recipe for the destruction of our civilisation. In practice, its capitulation to Islam is a form of national suicide.

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