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India among countries worst affected by terror: US report

Posted by jagoindia on April 30, 2008

India among countries worst affected by terror: US report
30 Apr, 2008, 2319 hrs IST, PTI

WASHINGTON: India was among the countries worst affected by terror with militant attacks in Jammu and Kashmir and in the northeast, strikes by Naxalites and attacks elsewhere in the country taking a toll of more than 2,300 lives in 2007, the US State department said.

The State department, in its annual report on terrorism, said terrorist activities along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir are on the decline but Pakistan-based militant outfits like the Lashkar-e-Toiba and other terrorist groups continue to plan attacks in the valley.

“Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba and other Kashmir-focused groups continued regional attack planning. In 2007, Kashmir-focused groups continued to support attacks in Afghanistan, and operatives trained by the groups continued to feature in Al-qaeda transnational attack planning,”it said.

The report said Indian government’s counterterrorism efforts remained hampered by outdated and overburdened law enforcement and legal systems.

“The Indian court system was slow, laborious, and prone to corruption. Terrorism trials can take years to complete. Many of India’s local police forces were poorly staffed, lacked training, and were ill-equipped to combat terrorism effectively,” the report said.

Noting about the attack on Samjhauta express in February last year, the report said, it was carried out by extremists who tried to incite anger among the Hindus and Muslims.

“These attacks, which killed and injured both Muslims and Hindus, were probably conducted by extremists hoping to incite anger between the Hindu and Muslim communities.

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Dawood Ibrahim’s gang merge with the Lashkar-e-Toiba: Two Islamic Terrorist Organizations come together for Jihad against India

Posted by jagoindia on April 30, 2008

Quote: Asked why the ISI had roped in the D-Company in LeT activities, the official said, “The underworld’s penetration in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu is very deep. Unquote

ISI reach will expand with D-Company merger’

MUMBAI: The merger of Dawood Ibrahim’s gang with the Lashkar-e-Toiba at the behest of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has Indian security agencies worried since the underworld gang will expand the ISI’s reach in the country.

“Many members of Dawood’s gang have been indoctrinated and trained in the use of weapons in the Bahawalpur centre of the LeT near Lahore. Funds are being raised by investments in real estate and SRA projects in Mumbai and through smuggling of diesel and other essential commodities through the western coast spanning from Raigad to Mangalore along the Arabian Sea. We have warned Delhi about the smuggling being carried out by the Dawood gang with impunity,” a security official said.

Asked why the ISI had roped in the D-Company in LeT activities, the official said, “The underworld’s penetration in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu is very deep.

By synergizing the D-gang with the LeT, the ISI’s reach has increased manifold. An outfit like the Students’ Islamic Movement of India could not have provided the kind of reach which Dawood’s gang can provide.”

Government sources brushed aside the hope in certain quarters that the installation of a democratically-elected government in Pakistan would result in a decrease in LeT inspired violence since the ISI, which is heavily infiltrated by fundamentalist elements, is known to pursue its own agenda.

Lashkar takes over D-Company
28 Mar 2008, 0031 hrs IST,S Balakrishnan,TNN

MUMBAI: ‘D-Company’ is now officially part of the Lashkar-e-Toiba’s terror network, with Pakistan’s notorious Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) getting Dawood Ibrahim to merge his gang with the fundamentalist terror organisation as part of a gameplan to crank up its anti-India campaign.

Sources in Indian agencies tracking ISI’s moves confirmed the coming together of the two outfits and the danger that it poses to India.

“The underworld gang and the Lashkar jihadis have been knocked into a single entity and this has serious implications for India’s internal security,” a senior intelligence official told TOI on Thursday.

ISI’s links with D-Company are old, going back to 1993 when Pakistan’s external intelligence agency used Dawood and his henchmen to execute the March 12 terror attack on Mumbai in what marked the first instance anywhere of serial bombings. (TOI was the first to report the detention of Dawood, Chhota Shakeel and Tiger Memon by Pakistani authorities).

There has since been a shift in the dynamics of ISI-Dawood equations, reducing D-Company from being a useful ally to a group of individuals dependent on ISI to escape international law agencies.

Following the Mumbai blasts, Dawood along with his accomplices Chhota Shakeel and Tiger Memon fled to Pakistan. Pakistan has since shielded them from India and the new anti-terrorism sensitivities post-9/11 which saw Dawood being branded a global terrorist by the US.

But the hospitality has a tag attached to it: complete dependence for survival on ISI, which does not mind displaying its leverage vis-a-vis the once ruthless gang.

The merger will, inevitably, transform the character of Dawood’s gang, which did not display any communal tendency before the serial bombings aimed against members of a particular community.

In fact, many of their business partners were non-Muslims like Raj Shetty. Chhota Rajan was also a senior member of the gang before splitting in protest against the serial blasts triggered by Dawood, Shakeel and the Memons.

“The serial blasts were essentially a retaliation for the January 1993 communal riots. But now there is a qualitative change with D-Company becoming part of a jihadi organisation like the LeT. Earlier, this gang’s members were not religiously indoctrinated, but now they are. The motivation now is not money, but religion,” a senior official said.

The joining of ranks with Lashkar, one of the most dangerous terrorist outfits which treats “liberation” of large tracts of India from “Hindu domination” as its religious obligation, can help ISI to further its subversive agenda.

Stints with Lashkar camps can morph Dawood’s band of urban gangsters into well-armed and jihad-driven terrorists.

On the other hand, Lashkar benefits immensely from collaboration with D-Company which continues to attract recruits and has acquired financial muscle by venturing into mainstream commercial enterprises without letting go of its original money spinner, smuggling.

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Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace

Posted by jagoindia on April 29, 2008

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace

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Jama’at-e-Islami hits hard at Extremist Islamic NDF in Kerala

Posted by jagoindia on April 29, 2008

Jama’at-e-Islami hits hard at NDF
Monday April 28 2008 14:38 IST

KOZHIKODE: THE relationship between the NDF and the Jama’at-e-Islami has touched an all-time low with Probodhanam, the official mouthpiece of the Jama’ate- Islami, coming out with a hard-hitting article blasting the NDF for ridiculously imitating resistance movements like the Hamas and the Chechnyan Mujahidheens.

The article `Jihad Unlimited,’ written by `Seethi’ in the latest issue of the magazine lists a number of charges against the NDF which include blocking the marriages of Muslim girls with non-Muslim boys. It puts the blame on the NDF for wrongly interpreting Jihad and spoiling the lives of gullible youths.

According to the article, unlike the NDF, which uses all means to escape from cases, the Hamas never disowned any operations done in the name of Jihad,whatever be the consequences.

But the NDF even went to the extent of bribing the police officers to salvage itself from cases and came out in public denying any hand in the operations.

The article says the NDF always derided everyone who argued that Jihad is not the way to function in a country like India. Those who differed with the NDF are dubbed as cowards who toe the lines of the imperialists.

The article wants the NDF either to admit that they have declared Jihad or agree to the stand that Jihad is not desirable in India.

The article raises another serious charge that an outfit under the control of the NDF had conducted a survey to find out the number of non- Muslims converted to Islam.

A questionnaire was sent to the offices of all Muslim organisations which contains queries like as to how many non-Muslim were converted by the organisations into Islam in a particular year.

According to the author of the article, the NDF which started as an antestablishment organisation quietly became part of the establishment.

The launching of the Thejas daily added momentum to the downfall. The article says that the permission for distribution of Thejas daily was denied in Saudi Arabia even after two NDF supreme council members lobbied for the daily.

Remarks by a Malayali who is working with the Saudi Government was one reason for the denial of permission.

The NDF retaliated by attacking the person at Nedumbassery when he was on way to the airport. The aim behind the attack was to delay his arrival in Saudi Arabia which would spoil the efforts to get permission from the Saudi Government.

Suggested readings

National Development Front – Wikipedia

Interview with NDF leader: The Jihad Within: Muslim extremism in Kerala

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Kerala sits on riot report indicting Cong govt, Muslim League in Islamic Terrorism

Posted by jagoindia on April 29, 2008

Read Islam in Action in Marad:

Kerala sits on riot report indicting Cong govt, Muslim League

RAJEEV PI, Indian Express

Posted online: Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at 0000 hrs IST

The judicial commission probing Kerala’s worst communal massacre in Marad in 2003 has severely indicted almost every arm of the Congress-led United Democratic Front Government: politicians, police officers and top bureaucrats.

It has also found that the massacre was a planned conspiracy involving extremist organizations, including those funded from abroad, organisations, it said, successive state governments have used to cultivate “vote banks.”

And that at least one senior politician belonging to the Muslim League, part of the ruling Congress-led front, had advance knowledge of the conspiracy.

The report of the commission, set up in 2004 and headed by District Judge Thomas P Joseph, has been kept under wraps by the state government which received it two months ago. It has been accessed by The Indian Express.

The report asks the state government—which declined to allow a CBI probe—to hand over the investigation to a special investigation team. Its reason: the state police not only botched up investigation, it planted false leads and avoided looking at the wider conspiracy.

Marad, a sleepy fishing village off Kozhikode, hit headlines on January 3, 2002 when Hindu and Muslim extremist elements were quick to hijack what began as a trivial altercation over drinking water at the public tap.

A couple of Hindus and three Muslims lay dead the morning after.

This was the first communal eruption in this village of 275 Hindu and 191 Muslim families. The police did round up a few men, almost all were found to belong to mainstream political groups, Congress, CPI(M), BJP and the Muslim League. Police later found several had a dual identity as members of a rash of extremist outfits.

No chargesheet was filed for a year and a half— until after Marad erupted again, much more violently, at sunset on May 2, 2003. Armed men chopped and hacked eight Hindu fishermen to death on the beach. One assailant was reportedly hacked by mistake in the melee. The killers then escaped into the local Juma Masjid.

The commission’s report notes the submission of then Kozhikode Police Commissioner T K Vinod Kumar that hundreds of local Muslim women converged on the mosque to prevent the police from entering it to catch the killers.

While the police tried to reason with them, a nearly 300-strong armed Hindu mob gathered as well threatening to attack the cops if they didn’t catch the killers.

Driven to the wall, the cops opened fire after lathicharges and teargassing failed, injuring one man. Vinod Kumar’s deposition asserts that ‘‘the conspiracy was hatched in the Marad Juma Masjid and other places.’’

The cops later confiscated a huge cache of arms from this mosque, including explosives.

By then, the communal rift in Marad was total. The Sangh Parivar had driven away all Muslim families from the village, not allowing them to return and rapidly converting Marad into a saffron bastion.

So much so that even then chief minister A K Antony had to plead with the Sangh leadership to be allowed into Marad after the incident.

Local Muslim families, all 191 of them, had to live in exile in relief camps or with relatives elsewhere, for over a year. The Antony Government did not dare to help them get back to their homes.

The Muslim League, meanwhile, vehemently opposed demands to have the Marad massacre probed by the CBI. Though Antony said his Government would consider a ‘‘partial CBI probe,’’ the Government later submitted to the commission that it decided not to have a CBI probe since a partial probe was not ‘‘procedurally possible.’’

The commission, however, dismisses this Government view saying it would not stand legal scrutiny. Its report cites a Supreme Court order asserting that such a probe was indeed possible, and adds that the Government’s stubborn unwillingness to have the CBI look into the massacre was ‘‘mysterious’’.

But the commission’s documents are more revealing. One is the deposition of N P Rajendran, president of the Calicut Press Club, which the Government sought to help restore peace in Marad. Rajendran told the commission that Muslim League state secretary and then state Industries Minister P K Kunhalikutty had asked him while he was at the Chief Minister’s residence for the Marad meeting: “Where’s the guarantee that the CBI, if allowed to probe the incident, will not arrest me or Panakkad Syed Mohammed Ali Shihab Thangal (Muslim League supremo)?” The commission’s report also says a senior Muslim League leader knew about the conspiracy that later led to the killings.

Its other key findings:

Coming in for strong indictment is then Kozhikode District Collector T O Sooraj, currently director of Industries. The commission has observed that allegations that the Collector was a communalist cannot be dismissed as untrue.

The Collector had taken custody of the mosque from where the police had seized lethal weapons. But, the commission noted, he allowed Muslim League leader E Ahmed, then an MP and now Minister of State for External Affairs, to enter the mosque and offer prayers, even as an explosive situation prevailed in the area.

The commission dismissed as ‘‘untrue’’ the Collector’s deposition that intelligence officials had not alerted him about the possibility of violence.

The commission has taken a serious note of the deposition of state DGP K J Joseph, that the then Assistant Commissioner of Police (Kozhikode) Abdul Rahim “failed to investigate and take prompt action in Marad.’’ The DGP deposed that Rahim not only ‘‘hid the truth from his superior officers’’ but also tried to establish that the key accused in the massacre on the beach on May 2, 2003 were not guilty.

The report talks about the presence of extremist outfits with foreign links operating in Kerala, and slams the current and previous state Governments for their failure to take any effective action against these elements, being ‘‘interested only in the vote banks.’’

The commission has asserted that there was a much larger conspiracy than what the police crime branch has revealed in Marad, and it must be probed.

What happened in sleepy Marad

On Jan 3, 2002 a couple of Hindus and 3 Muslims were killed after a trivial altercation over drinking water.

No chargesheet filed for over a year

On May 2, 2003, 8 Hindu fishermen hacked to death, killers escape into mosque

All 191 Muslim families driven out of the village by Sangh Parivar

Cong ally Muslim League opposed CBI probe, Govt agreed

Then Kozhikode district collector T O Sooraj indicted for bias in favour of Muslim League

The commission dismissed as ‘‘untrue’’ Sooraj’s deposition that he had no intelligence alert

State DGP said ACP “hid truth” from superior officers.

The report talks about the presence of extremist outfits with foreign links operating in Kerala

Suggested Reading

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Marad is a warning


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J&K Pandits who stayed back feel betrayed, ignored

Posted by jagoindia on April 29, 2008

J&K pandits feel betrayed, ignored

Srinagar, April 28: Kashmiri pandits who chose to stay back while majority of the community fled their homes following the outbreak of separatist violence in the Valley in 1989-90 feel they have been “betrayed” by the successive Central governments.

“Even the Prime Minister has during his recent visit to Jammu failed to acknowledge our plight and come up with a package to mitigate our problems,” said a representative body of the minority community here on Monday.

In a statement, Kashmiri Pandit Sangharish Samiti (KPSS) said it welcomes the Prime Minister’s Rs 1,600 package and other incentives announced by him during his visit last week towards ensuring the return of the migrants to the Valley but is upset at his turning a blind eye to the plight of those families from the Brahmin community who stayed back.

“The Valley-based Kashmiri pandits only feel betrayed by the successive Central governments which have ignored their suffering even though it is they who kept a ray of hope alive in the peak of militancy in the state,” the statement asserted.

It sought to draw the Centre’s attention towards the fact that the community representatives have been meeting every visiting dignitary, including the Prime Minister, the home minister and parliamentarians, besides top Central government officials, and at the state level successive chief ministers to narrate their woes but to no avail.

“Each one of them assured our delegations that our genuine demands will be taken on priority basis. But after going through the package details in the press we found that not a single word of encouragement leave aside promising any financial benefits has been made there for the Valley-based Kashmiri pandits,” the statement said.

It added, “It is an agony that the national political parties have always ignored sacrifices made by the members of the community for the great nation called India whether they were in Kashmir or any other state. But in turn they got only lip sympathy and nothing else from these leaders and parties.” It further said that the Centre as well as both Houses of Parliament must give guarantee to the migrants that no harm will come to them before seeking their return to the Valley.

Suggested reading

Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus – Invisible and Unheard Refugees

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UK is Centre of Islamist terror in Europe

Posted by jagoindia on April 28, 2008

See bottom for suggested readings.

LONDON- Britain has emerged as the focal point of Islamist terror in Europe, according to Europol, the European police force.
A report on terrorism by Europol has claimed that the UK reported a 30 per cent increase in arrest of terror suspects last year.
Out of 203 persons arrested in 2007 in the UK, a majority were related to Islamist terrorism. In contrast, 201 were detained in the rest of Europe. French police made 91 arrests.
The number of suspects under investigation in Britain has risen from 500 in 2004 to 2,000 last year.
What is worrying is that the number of arrests involved young, radicalised British Muslims, sparking fears that the threat of an attack is growing.
The terrorist plots also linked to groups in Pakistan. The report comes following disclosure last week that 15 plots to attack British targets have been foiled in three years since the London bombings in which 56 people died and over 700 were injured.
At the time of their arrest, all Islamist terrorism suspects were between 17 and 72 years of age. The average age was 35 years, with two-thirds of the arrested being between 23 and 43 years of age.
Over the last five years, much of the command, control and inspiration for planning attacks came from Al Qaida’s remaining core leadership in the tribal areas of Pakistan, the report said.
Suggested Readings

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Jamiat changes stand: bias breeds Islamic terrorism (our suggested readings for Jamiat)

Posted by jagoindia on April 28, 2008

Jamiat’s previous statement: Jamiat opposed to terrorists See bottom on suggested readings.

Jamiat: bias breeds terror
Lucknow, April 27: Leading Muslim organisation Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind has described terrorism as an effect of discrimination against the community, saying the symptom couldn’t be rooted out if the disease wasn’t cured.

This appeared to be a shift of focus from the uncompromising stand taken by the influential Deoband seminary, the Dar-ul Uloom, which in February declared all forms of terrorism “un-Islamic”.

“Terrorism thrives on discrimination. The best way to root out terrorism is to end discrimination,” new Jamiat president Maulana Q.M. Usman said at an anti-terror conference attended by leading clerics from across the country.

The Jamiat, the Dar-ul Uloom’s parent organisation, had split just when it was about to adopt the seminary’s anti-terror fatwa. The Jamiat’s pro-Congress president Arshad Madani was ousted by his nephew Mahmood Madani.

Mahmood Madani, Jamiat general secretary and Rashtriya Lok Dal MP, said a sort of “state terrorism is being waged against Muslims” by some state governments.

“Even the most hardened criminals are allowed their right to self-defence. But the suspects in the Muslim community who are arrested in connection with the so-called jihad are not allowed that,” Madani said last week.

Jamiat sources said the new leadership’s stand was meant to accommodate the dissenting voices in the organisation who were opposed to calling Islamic militancy an unmitigated evil.

The Dar-ul Uloom’s fatwa had raised hopes that Muslim clerics and opinion-makers would make a concerted effort to rid the community of its image as supporters and sympathisers of terrorism.

Accordingly, the Jamiat had called a series of anti-terror conventions across the country. But the split raised fears about the success of the meetings.

Thursday’s meeting drew a distinction between jihad and terrorism. “While one stands for peace, the other stands for destruction,” Maulana Saifuddin Azmi said.

Another cleric said: “Terrorism is the symptom of a bigger disease. To cure the bigger disease, atrocities against ordinary Muslims must stop.”

Usman today dismissed references to the recent power struggle in the Jamiat and said the 90-year-old organisation had always been apolitical. But he acknowledged that the Jamiat supported or opposed candidates in elections.

“Every one of us is free to join any party they like but not the BJP. The Jamiat will fight anyone who joins the BJP,” he said. End

Suggested readings for Jamiat

American Thinker: The Legacy of Jihad in India
Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan & Kashmir

The Magnitude of Islamic Atrocities in India
The saga of Islamic atrocities in Ahmedabad

Destruction of Hindu Temples by Aurangzeb

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Islamic millitants in J&K now getting voter IDs due to Terrorist-official nexus!

Posted by jagoindia on April 28, 2008

Quote: “So far, we have arrested a revenue department clerk, Farooq Ahmad, for issuing a voter ID card to a Pakistani terrorist killed in February,” he said, adding, “The investigations are on and more arrests are likely.” Unquote

Terrorists getting voter IDs in J&K
28 Apr 2008, 0214 hrs IST,TNN

SRINAGAR: The Jammu & Kashmir police have stumbled upon yet another terrorist-official nexus that could prove a major headache for the security forces in the run-up to this year’s assembly elections.

Sending security agencies into a tizzy, the police have recovered voter ID cards — the most authentic identity proofs after the passports — from slain terrorists killed in various encounters in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district recently.

“The fraud was first discovered in February, when we recovered a voter ID card from Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist, Abu Tufail, who was killed in an encounter at Handwara in Kupwara district. Tufail, a Pakistani national, had procured an ID on a fictitious name,” Handwara SP Haseeb Mughal said.

He said, after that, the police recovered several voter IDs from slain Pakistani terrorists killed in encounters in Kupwara distict.

“So far, we have arrested a revenue department clerk, Farooq Ahmad, for issuing a voter ID card to a Pakistani terrorist killed in February,” he said, adding, “The investigations are on and more arrests are likely.” He said the terrorists carried authentic voter IDs attested by revenue officials. “In many cases, the terrorists had used forged stamp of the deputy commissioner for attestation,” he said.

Kupwara deputy commissioner Kachoo Isfandyar Khan, said further issuance of voter ID cards has been stopped.

Alarm bells ring in Valley after militants get EC voter I-cards
Muzamil Jaleel, Sunday, April 27, 2008, Indian Express

HANDWARA, KUPWARA, APRIL 26:The most valuable identity document other than a passport, the electoral photo-identity cards issued by the Election Commission of India, has been procured by top Pakistani militants operating in Kashmir sending alarm bells ringing through the security establishment as the state prepares for elections later this year.

This unprecedented security breach came to light when EC I-cards were found on the bodies of militant commanders Tufail alias Abu Eisa and Abdul Majid alias Osman. The two were killed in an encounter on January 19-20 this year. The Jammu and Kashmir police first thought that these militants had faked the cards but The Sunday Express has learnt that subsequent investigations have shown that the cards were “genuine” and were officially registered with the local Tehsildar who simultaneously functions as the Assistant Electoral Registration Officer.

This startling revelation has turned the scanner on all the 40-lakh I-cards issued by the EC which has already ordered that no fresh cards be issued pending further orders. Photo I-cards for voters were introduced in Jammu and Kashmir during the 2002 Assembly polls.

“We found that the militants had managed these identity cards with the help of an official inside the Electoral Registration office. This was shocking,” said Superintendent of Police Handwara Hasseb Mughal. “There is a very strict procedure that the electoral registration officials have to follow before issuing this identity card. We found that the name and address in the cards were correct. These were actually the names and addresses of genuine residents. One of them was a 60-year-old villager who had never applied for a card. The official in the electoral registration had put a militant’s picture on the card but kept all other identification details intact, “ he said.

The local Patwari has to verify the antecedents of an applicant which then is vetted by another official before the Assistant Electoral Registration officer finally issues the card. Police have arrested election clerk Farooq Ahmad in the Handwara Tehsildar’s office and more arrests are expected.

When contacted, Chief Election Officer of the state B R Sharma told The Sunday Express: “The Election Commission has full knowledge of the Handwara case. The issuance of fresh cards has been stopped. The previous cards were manual and now we are planning to create electronic cards for elections this year. To verify previously issued cards, we are creating a database of all the existing cards. For Jammu, Ladakh and four Assembly constituencies in Srinagar, this has already been done. This will be given to security agencies.”

Official records, accessed by The Sunday Express, show the following I-cards were issued by the Electoral Registration office in Handwara and were recovered from Pakistani and local militant commanders:

•Card number JK 04-060152 was issued to Ghulam Mohammad Sheikh, son of Mohamamd Abdullah of Tumpora, Handwara on April, 13, 2006.

This card was duly signed by Assistant Electoral Registration Officer who is also Tehsildar, Handwara. The police found out the name and the address given in the card as correct, only the picture was different. Sheikh was a 60-year-old villager who had never applied for a voter identity card. The militant commander who had been using this card was Abu Musaib from Pakistan whose picture had been put on the card. Musaib was killed in an operation on February, 26, 2007 at Sodal in Handwara.

• Card number JK 05-017681 was issued to Ghulam Rasool Lone of Kharlgund, Qaziabad in Kupwara on October 8, 2004. This card was signed by Assistant Electoral Registration Officer who is also Tehsildar Handwara. The antecedents provided in the card are genuine except the picture. The card was used by Pakistani militant commander Abu Tufail, who was killed on January 20, 2008 at Mandigam, Handwara.

• Card number JK 04-049263 was issued to Mohammad Yaqoub Wani, son of Mohammad Jamal Wani from Satkuji village in Tehsil Handwara on June 28, 2005. This card is signed by the Electoral Registration officer with his stamp. The antecedents provided in the card are all genuine except the photograph. The picture on the card was that of Pakistani militant commander Abu Sufiyan who was killed in a joint police and 33 Rashtriya Rifles operation at Khan Mohalla Sodal in Handwara.

• On his arrest, Hizbul Mujahideen’s district commander Mudasir Shabir Ganai alias Ilyas was found to have a genuine voter ID card in the name of villager Fayaz Ahmad Malla, son of Ghulam Mohideen of Muqam Handwara. Again, the name and address were correct but the picture was that of the militant.

• Card JK 04-077840 was issued in the name of Ghulam Mohammad War, son of Ahad War of Warpora, Handwara on September, 3, 2002. The picture was that of Pak militant commander Abdul Majid who was killed in an operation on January 20, 2008 at Mandigram in Handwara.

• Card JK 04¿ 053347 was issued to Hilal Ahmad Hajam, son of Abdul Rehman Hajam of Wadipora, Handwara on March 7, 2006. This card was genuine and even the picture had not been changed but Hajam was a local Lashkar militant who was killed in an encounter on January 21, 2008 at Bakiakher crossing.

Deputy Commissioner Kupwara, who is also District Election Officer, Assandyar Khan said: “In 2002 elections, cards were issued in a hurry. Now that the misuse has come to light, we will take serious preventive measures.”

“The issuance would resume after we work out a foolproof mechanism for issuing the cards,” he said.

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bellyad.innerHTML = b2;

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Islamic terrorist LeT’s jehad for the liberation of Hyderabad, Junagadh, Manvadar

Posted by jagoindia on April 28, 2008

LeT vowed to liberate Hyderabad
10 Sep 2007, 0324 hrs IST,Sameer Arshad,TNN

NEW DELHI: The terror threat on Hyderabad looms large as, like Kashmir, Pakistan-based terrorist groups consider the erstwhile princely state an unfinished agenda of partition.

Addressing a conference in Lahore days before the twin blasts in the city, chief of political affairs of Jamat Dawa (JD), Lashkar-e-Taiba’s public face, Hafiz Abdul Rehman Maki called for the liberation of Hyderabad, Manvadar and Junagadh.

“We launch a jehad for the liberation of Hyderabad, Junagadh, Manvadar, and other areas that were supposed to be part of Pakistan at the time of partition. Our relationship with India is that of revenge,” he said. The conference was also addressed, over phone, by chairman of the break-away faction of the Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Shah Geelani. Earlier, on August 14, JD had issued Pakistani maps showing Hyderabad, Manvadar, J&K, Junagadh, and Bangladesh as parts of Pakistan. This was done, according to JD’s website, to tell Pakistanis that it is their duty to liberate these areas, and until this was done Pakistan is incomplete.

Slamming Pakistani rulers, JD chief Hafiz Mohammad Sayed said: “They have allied with evil; they have no right to celebrate Independence Day. The day reminds us of supreme sacrifices and martyrdom. Pakistan is duty-bound to liberate Kashmir, Junagadh, Manvadar and Hyderabad.”

He said JD’s stand on Kashmir hadn’t changed, and that jehad was the only solution. Back channel diplomacy, bus services, trade and commerce are not going to work, he said.

The statements haven’t come as a surprise. “This is part of LeT’s established agenda, and they have articulated it repeatedly. In 2000, JD head Hafiz Mohammad Saeed declared Kashmir was a gateway to capture India and that campaigns in Hyderabad (and Junagadh) were the highest priorities,” executive director, Institute for Conflict Management Ajai Sahni said.

Makki had, at the same meet, proclaimed the formation of a new unit in Hyderabad to liberate Hyderabad from India. From this stage onwards, there has been an augmenting effort by LeT and other groups, including Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and the Harkat-ul-Jihad Isalmi Bangladesh (HuJI-B), to increase activities in the South. “For this, they also set up a core unit in Hyderabad in 2004,” and added, “attacks on Hyderabad are the unfolding of this long-term strategy.”

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