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Muslims riots during Ganesh festival in Madhya Pradesh

Posted by jagoindia on September 13, 2011

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh (CHAKRA)

There were Hindu – Muslim riots on the issue of installation of Ganesh idol at Ujjain. Two persons were killed and many got injured during these riots. Curfew has been imposed in the jurisdiction of 9 police stations in the city.

The trouble began on Friday night in the Daulatgunj old town area of Ujjain after a Hindu shop-owner installed an idol of Ganesh at his store, which is
adjacent to a mosque. Police said that some members of the Muslim community objected to it since the idol is un-Islamic and was near the Mosque where
Muslims were praying. Although the idol was on the shopkeepers property,police urged the shopkeeper to shift the idol to another spot to calm the Muslim mob.

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Must read on Godhra Massacre by Islamic terrorists: Without tinder, sparks are useless – Varsha Bhosle

Posted by jagoindia on February 25, 2011

Varsha Bhosle

March 4, 2002
Without tinder, sparks are useless
Friday: In Mumbai, 7 buses have been damaged, 8 BEST staffers injured, and trains blocked by stone-throwing mobs during the strike called by the VHP. In neighbouring Thane, 6 shops belonging to “a minority community” have been set ablaze; a “100-strong mob moved around in the town… appealing to shopkeepers to down shutters and at some place forcibly pulling them down” (The Indian Express).

Question: Why did the shopkeepers ignore the VHP’s call for a bandh? Like agents provocateurs, were they looking for trouble…?

A-ha, you’re thinking, this dame’s accusing the victims for the crimes committed by the Hindu mob! And you’d be right. But I’m simply following our “secular” tradition: When news spread that 59 “Hindu activists” were killed by “miscreants” at Godhra, “the entire Opposition expressed disappointment over the government’s response to their demand for stern action against the VHP for continuing with its mass mobilisation programme in a bid to build a temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya” (The Newspaper Today, February 28).

That’s right. Unarmed men, women and children are massacred by a Muslim mob — and the “secularists” suggest that the Hindus brought it upon themselves by going to Ayodhya.

What really happened at Godhra? According to The Asian Age of February 28, “A mob of 1,500, reportedly belonging to a minority community, attacked a bogie of the Sabarmati Express ferrying VHP activists… using iron rods and swords, and hacked to death over 50 passengers… Inflammable substances were also thrown into the coach, which led to a fire in a portion of the bogie, and several passengers were charred to death.”

Hacked to death with swords before being burnt.

Could the Age be wrong? But the Ahmedabad edition of The Times of India also carried this bit: “‘In our culture, women are respected and not attacked with swords and acid. We should not take this lying down,’ thundered [karsevika] Sushma Shukla.”

While stuff like “frenzied young men brandishing swords, tridents and iron rods have taken over the streets” occupies the front pages today, silence reigns over the swords, rods and acid used by “unidentified persons” or “miscreants” in the attack on “Ram sevaks” or “Hindu activists”.

The man in charge of the Hindu entourage on the train also told the Age, “There were many girls travelling along with the karsevaks and about 10 have been abducted by miscreants belonging to the minority community.” The reporter quizzed District Collector Jayanti Ravi about the abductions, which she did not deny: “The reported abduction of the girls is a subject of investigation, which would be done later.”

Ten girls stated to have been abducted. Have you read about this in our largest-selling newspapers amidst all the details of the carnage that Hindu hordes have wrought? Has anybody inquired about the FIRs…?

On the evening of the attack on the Sabarmati Express, a STAR News anchor admonished a fellow anchor for saying that a Muslim mass assaulted the Hindus: “Please don’t jump to conclusions. As journalists, we have a responsible role to play,” he said. The attack occurred around 8am, and even after 7pm, the newsman wanted to project doubts about the religious identity of the assailants…

How do you think the abducted girls’ brothers must have felt about the news blackout? How do you think the men who collected the shapeless bundles of charred flesh must have felt when the Communists and the Congress stuck to the supposed legitimacy of the Babri Masjid instead of sympathising with the distraught families? Could they have felt that India is their country, too? Wouldn’t they direct their rage at the first Muslim they saw? Then, does this “responsible” press, do these “secular” politicians, have any right to comment on the fury driving the rampaging Hindus? NOT!

Why am I not spewing bile at the Muslims, you ask? I won’t; I feel they’re little at fault. A spoilt child is created when the parents, fearing the tantrums he throws, accede to his every demand. He invariably becomes a bully, unwilling to share his possessions with his siblings, who then wait for a chance to get even. However, the error is the parents’, who shouldn’t have indulged him and driven a stake between the siblings. Whether the gruesome acts of the Muslim mobs or the Hindu hordes, none of it would have happened if someone had stuffed all our Nehruvian secularists and pinkos — politician, press and commoner — into a giant box and drowned it at sea in 1947. Then, Muslims would have learnt to live in parity with Hindus, and there’d be no Hindu backlash. Indeed, there would be no VHP.


Saturday: The death toll has risen to 375. In Ahmedabad, even after the army being deployed, Hindu hordes armed with petrol bombs, swords and guns continue to hunt prey. In Bapunagar, where Hindus and Muslims clashed, rocket launchers, automatic guns and bombs were used. Six mosques have been razed in Ahmedabad, Surat and Bharuch. In Naroda-Patia, an entire slum was torched within minutes. The stories coming out are as bloodcurdling as that of the Sabarmati 59 — of entire Muslim families being lynched and set ablaze. In Pandarvada village, 30 were burnt alive. In Ahmedabad’s Gulmarg Housing Society, 35 Muslims were butchered, and similar massacres occurred in Saraspur and Shahwadi colonies…

The list of the dehumanization is endless. Most of the murdered couldn’t possibly have been part of the mob that burnt the Hindus. Most of them must have been innocents with no connection to any kind of violence. But that’s the ugly nature of a riot — no sanity, all fury. Whether the impetus is race, religion or poverty, riots essentially stem from extreme frustration. Communal riots will not go away unless the devout Hindus’ concerns are addressed. Bhosle’s “inflammatory” writing on the Web does not reach the Hindus of Godhra — it is the “national” newspapers, filled with anti-Hindu slants, that fuel their sense of estrangement in their own country. If our “secularists” do not recognise the crime they are committing — the position in which they are placing a minority — such riots will continue. With or without the VHP. Why make a tinderbox in the first place and then guard against a spark?? Chuck out the tinder! The spark will be wasted.

As I hear one horror story after another, the only questions that keep ringing in my mind are: WHY did the Muslims attack the train? WHAT were they thinking?! Did they really believe that no Hindu would retaliate? Didn’t they know that Gujarat is the land of *that* Mahatma Gandhi who had said, “But as a Hindu, I am more ashamed of Hindu cowardice than I am angry at the Mussalman bullying. Why did not the owners of the houses looted die in the attempt to defend their possessions? Where were the relatives of the outraged sisters at the time of outrage? My non-violence does not admit running away from danger and leaving the dear ones unprotected” (cited in The Tragic Story of Partition by H V Seshadri). WHO were these people?!

Prompt came the reply: The ISI, said BJP leader J P Mathur. Which is so much bullshit that I want to puke. Among those arrested (at the time of writing) — on the basis of eyewitness accounts or being caught in action — are two eminent municipal councillors of Godhra, Abdul Dhamtia and Salim Shaikh, the latter’s brother Abdul Gaffar, and two petrol-pump owners who provided the fuel to burn the train. Also, the nagarpalika president, Mohammad Kalota, and councillor Bilal Haji — both accused — are absconding. Besides which, no sane person can believe that Pakistan would dispatch a 2,000-strong army of spooks to one place.

The Muslims who attacked the Sabarmati Express were neither ISI agents nor al-Qaeda jihadis — they are plain old Indians. Sure, the hand of the ISI *is* deep in there — but it’s now being cited by the politicians to shirk the responsibility for their continuing with the Congress policy of indulging the minorities, to the point that Muslims began to think they are invincible. Just as Osama bin Laden thought he would get away with obliterating the WTC, so did the Muslims of Godhra think vis-à-vis the Hindus returning from Ayodhya.

Ayodhya… To understand where I’m coming from, I urge you to visit my column of 1997 before reading further. The razing of the Babri has become the embodiment of everything that’s evil in India — that is, practising Hindus are what’s wrong with India. You see, if a Vinod Mehta or a Dilip Padgaonkar can’t be bothered to wear a janoi or believe fervently in the existence of Ram, it follows that any Hindu who does can’t be a sane specimen. If a Shekhar Gupta or a Kuldip Nayar feels no threat to his self-esteem from a mosque built on land traditionally revered as Ram’s janmabhoomi, it follows that anyone who does is an extremist-Hindu-fundamentalist-activist.

Problem is, there are far, FAR more Hindus who want to see the Ram temple come up at Ayodhya than there are clutches of “secular” opinion makers, historians, politicians and socialites. The alumni of Cathedral School or JNU do not an India make. This country also consists of the people who burnt Bombay and are burning Bharuch.

The root of the Ayodhya issue is the sacrilege of a masjid constructed at the site of what is held as Ram’s birthplace. Muslims — who believe that the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem represent Islam’s third-most holy sites — should have no difficulty in understanding the pulls of blind faith. After all, there is *no* historical evidence to suggest Mohammad ever visited Jerusalem, let alone ascended to heaven from the site on the Temple Mount. Therefore, a court order in favour of Muslims will NOT make Hindu resentment vanish. In fact, it will lead to worse.

In January 1991, when the VHP was negotiating a settlement for the return of the Ram Janmabhoomi, it gave this *written* assurance to the All-India Babri Masjid Action Committee and the government: “We do not even demand the return of the thousands of places of worship that have been forcibly replaced with mosques… We merely want three places back, three age-old sacred places. And we would prefer getting them back from the Muslim community, to getting them back by an official decree… Muslims should understand what kind of message they are sending by insisting on continuing the occupation of our sacred places, an occupation started by fanatics and mass murderers like Babar and Aurangzeb. We do not like to think of our Muslim compatriots as heirs and followers of such invaders and tyrants. It is up to them to make a gesture that will signify a formal break with this painful past.” The three places are Ram Janmabhoomi, Krishna Janmabhoomi (Idgah at Mathura), and Kashi Vishwanath (part of the Gyan Vyapi mosque complex).

I propose that the “secularists”, especially the leftist media, create such a climate that the Muslim leadership would freely cede these three sites to the Hindu activists. You see, there is no other solution. For, even if the “educated” bend-over-and-spread-up Hindus don’t know about the VHP’s affidavit and Syed Shahabuddin’s obdurate inflexibility, the Hindus who can make or break a riot DO. Wait and see what happens should a mosque come up at Ram Janmabhoomi again.

The devout Hindus have already compromised by asking for just 3 sites from among thousands. It is now up to the parent to cajole or threaten the spoilt child and teach him how to share with his sibling. Otherwise, further pampering = added estrangement = more riots. QED.

Varsha Bhosle

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Hundreds of Muslims rampage in Jaipur, 30 policemen hurt

Posted by jagoindia on August 16, 2009

Over 30 policemen injured in stone pelting at Jaipur

Jaipur, Aug 12 (PTI) Over 30 policemen were injured today in stone pelting in Idgah area here after tension erupted following a rumour that a religious place of a minority community in nearby Chainpura village had been demolished.

Residents of the area, numbering over one thousand, suddenly began pelting stones at the police and damaging vehicles when the officials were going to convince them that no such incident had taken place and it was just a rumour, Jaipur Collector Kuldeep Ranka said.

Over 30 policemen including SHO rank officials were injured in the stone-pelting, he said adding that police launched lathicharge to control the situation.

Five persons have been arrested in connection with the incident, he said.

Describing the situation as tense but under control, SP Jaipur (North) Ashok Naruka said extra force has been deployed in the area to keep a vigil.

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Violent Muslim mob attacks Samyukta Karnataka newspaper office in Gulbarga; three seriously injured

Posted by jagoindia on July 25, 2009

Saturday, Jul 25, 2009
Mob attacks newspaper office in Gulbarga; three seriously injured
Special Correspondent
The protesters were upset at a report against the head of a dargah 
Vehicles parked in front of the office damaged
Police have picked up seven persons in connection with the attack

GULBARGA: A group of Muslims on Friday attacked the office of the Kannada daily Samyukta Karnataka here and assaulted the staff. Three employees of the newspaper were severely injured. The assailants were protesting against a report on the head of a local dargah.

The daily’s circulation manager Vilas Deshpande, who suffered serious head injuries, has been admitted to the Government General Hospital, and his condition stated to be serious.

Executive Editor of the newspaper Srikantacharya Mannur, who was an eyewitness to the incident, said that about 15 persons shouting slogans against the newspapers started assaulting the staff in the front office where the circulation and advertisement departments functioned.

The mob tried to storm into the editorial and the computer room before the other staff pushed them out of the main door.

“We were taken by surprise at the attack and initially we were not aware of the reason for the attack and nobody in the crowd was in a position to hear us. Nobody told us why they were protesting,” Mr. Mannur said.

The mob damaged a four-wheeler that belonged to the daily and damaged the vehicles parked in front of the newspaper office before being chased away by the police. The police picked up seven persons in connection with the attack from a building in front of the newspaper office.

Senior officials, including the Superintendent of Police Padmanayan, visited newspaper office and inspected the damage.

The news about the attack on the newspaper office spread and tension prevailed in some parts of the city. Journalists protesting against the attack staged a “rasta roko” agitation at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Chowk. Many organisations, including the Kannada Rakshana Vedike, joined the protest by the journalists. Communist Party of India (Marxist) State Secretariat member Maruti Manpade condemned the attack.

Muslims staged a protest demonstration in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office in the city demanding action against the newspaper for publishing a report which had hurt their religious sentiments.

In a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner, the signatories said: “The newspaper had published indecent allegations and used vulgar words against the Honorable Shaikh Tajuddin Junaidi, Sajjada Nasheen of the Dargah of famous saint Sirajuddin Junaidi, who is known as Shaik-e-Deccan.”

The memorandum said “the paper has printed (the report) without any validity and (regard for) the rules of publishing” and demanded the closure of the newspaper. The senior officials who met the protesters at the Deputy Commissioner’s office said that they would look into the complaint and take action. The officials rejected the demand that the police should release those picked up in connection with the violence at the newspaper’s office.

Karnataka Union Working of Journalists has decided to take out a procession protesting against the attack on Samyukta Karnataka on Saturday and demand protection to newspapers and journalists.

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Over 3000 violent Muslim mob riot in Meerut pelting stones, throwing petrol bombs and damaging shops and public property

Posted by jagoindia on June 18, 2009

Row over parked tractor sparks Meerut riots
Jun 18, 2009


MEERUT: Indefinite curfew was imposed in Meerut on Wednesday after a minor argument over the parking of a tractor — which had come to pick up a Jamait returning from Orissa — spiralled out of control and led to riots in many parts of the city. Now, the incident is being linked to Monday’s demolition of a Municipal Corporation slaughterhouse that has been leased to the family of BSP MLA Haji Yakub for years.

The trouble began at around 4:30 pm on Tuesday when 17 persons, belonging to Singhavali village near Meerut were returning after attending a religious congregation of Muslims in Orissa. A large group of villagers arrived in a tractor to receive the Jamait at the Meerut railway station, parking it in front of a few shops nearby.

A small argument between the shopkeepers and driver turned into a scuffle and two constables allegedly intervened and beat up a few members of the Jamait, five of whom were later rushed to the district hospital and discharged later.

By evening, however, the incident took on communal overtones and mobs began to gather at the hospital upon hearing that Muslims had been beaten up by Hindu shopkeepers and policemen. By 10 pm, the situation went out of hand when a group torched two police vehicles on Bhumiya Chowk. It did not take too long for the clash to spread to other parts of Meerut — at 14 points in four police station areas (Brahmpuri, Lisadi Gate, Kotwali and Delhi Gate) rioting took place between 10.30 pm and 2.00 am.

Over 3,000 rioters, some armed with country-made revolvers, played hide and seek with the police and RAF personnel for almost four hours, pelting stones, throwing petrol bombs and damaging shops and public property.

With the situation worsening, District Magistrate Kamini Chauhan ordered curfew in the four affected police station areas. “It is not decided yet when the curfew would be called off but it will remain at least till Friday,” said Chauhan. Meanwhile, 10 rioters were arrested by the police.

On Wednesday, Meerut remained tense, with four companies of the RAF (Rapid Action Force) and three companies of PAC (Provincial Armed Constabulary) deployed along with police personnel in the city.

While the parking scuffle may have triggered the violence, the administration as well as locals say that Meerut has been on the boil for the last few months over the slaughterhouse issue. “We are investigating the matter, but the way the riots broke out simultaneously at 14 places suggest it could have been pre-planned,” said Radha S Chauhan, Administrative Commissioner.

Eyewitness Savitri Jatav shares the view that the slaughterhouse issue may have fanned the riots. “They were very angry over the demolition. It is that anger which spilled on to the street,” said Jatav.

On Monday, the city administration demolished nearly 400 furnaces at the slaughterhouse following a June 6 order from the National Human Rights Commission. The NHRC had given the district administration time till June 23 to stop illegal slaughtering in the abattoir, which though it only has the capacity to process the meat of 350 animals, was being used to slaughter nearly 5,000 animals daily.

Closing the slaughterhouse had figured prominently on local BJP leader Rajender Aggarwal’s agenda during the Lok Sabha elections. “I had promised that the slaughterhouse would be closed. In fact, in yesterday’s rioting, it was not locals but ‘interested parties’ who run the slaughterhouse who disturbed the peace,” Aggarwal said.

The Municipal Corporation gives out the slaughterhouse on lease to a private contractor on yearly basis. However, from 1990 onwards the slaughterhouse was leased out to the family of present BSP MLA, Haji Yakub.

“The slaughterhouse was to be modernised but they started illegal activities, including exporting the meat,” alleged Ajay Gupta, former board member of the Municipal Corporation.

Reacting to the allegations levelled by BJP and the Municipal Corporation, Haji Yakub said, “The riots had nothing to do with the slaughterhouse. In fact, it is just a tactic to divert attention from the police and administration’s incompetence. The two constables who beat up Jamait members should have been suspended immediately and the rioters should have been arrested on the spot”.

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Muslim mob indulge in arson, stone throwing in UP town

Posted by jagoindia on December 21, 2008

All things being equal, Muslims are more prone to violence than those of other religions.  This is a brutal fact.

Murder of Muslim youth sparks violence in Uttar Pradesh town
From correspondents in Uttar Pradesh, India, 05:01 PM IST

Murder of a Muslim youth sparked off violence in Uttar Pradesh’s Bhadohi town as agitated mobs indulged in arson and hurled crude bombs at a police station, a police official said Wednesday.

‘Agitated over the death of a 17-year-old boy Haider, the locals late Tuesday night attacked the Kotwali police station, setting police jeeps and a private bus on fire,’ Additional Superintendent of Police D. Singh told IANS over the phone.

Seven policemen were injured in the violence, he added.

Haider had sustained ‘internal injuries’ in a clash between two groups of different communities in Daropur locality in Bhadohi Sunday and died Tuesday night, police said.

Bhadohi town is around 300 km from the state capital Lucknow.

‘Four people, who are at large, have been booked in connection with the murder while cases have been registered against 30 others for attacking the police,’ police inspector R.K. Singh told IANS.

‘The situation is still tense in Bhadohi. Sensing trouble, additional security has been deployed in the district,’ said the additional superintendent of police.

Senior Uttar Pradesh police officials have arrived in the town to review the situation, he added.

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Violent Muslim mob in Bangalore pelt stones, beat up journalists

Posted by jagoindia on July 12, 2008

Click link for photos of Muslim mobs

Friday, July 11, 2008 8:59:57 PM (IST)
B’lore: Desecration of Religious Places Leads to Clashes at J C Nagar

Daijiworld Media Network – Bangalore (MM/RD)

Bangalore, Jul 11: The Muslims residing in the jurisdiction of J C Nagar police station blocked the roads alleging that their religious places were desecrated in the morning of Friday July 11. Their protest turned violent after they resorted to stone pelting at the police station and some shops.

Sensing that situation was going out of control, police started caning and fired in air and managed disperse the mob. Though the recent reports said that situation is under control, police claim that situation is still tense. Section 144 has been clamped in the locality till Sunday July 13.

Meanwhile, the protestors expressed their concern over the desecration of worship centers. Sources added that three religious places belonging to Muslims have been desecrated by the miscreants on Friday morning.

Though situation was tense from Friday morning, it had been under control after former minister Roshan Baig arrived at the spot and stitched a compromise. But violence erupted suddenly after some miscreants burnt tyres and pelted stones at the police station.

Additional police forces have been deployed on the spot. Meanwhile, senior police officers have continued their efforts to bring law and order situation under control in the vicinity. End

Times of India Report

Tension grips JC Nagar; ban order in force
12 Jul 2008, 0414 hrs IST,TNN

BANGALORE: Life in and around JC Nagar came to a standstill on Friday, when communal tension flared up after pieces of an animal carcass were found in two mosques in Hebbal and JC Nagar.

While a police constable sustained an eye injury, two photo-journalists, including a TOI photographer, were beaten up by the unruly mob, which threw stones at passing vehicles as well as on the police station. Two persons have been taken into custody.

Around 4 pm, the police resorted to a lathicharge and burst tear gas shells to quell the mob. By then, traffic from Cantonment railway station to Mehkri Circle, Nandidurg Road and all roads leading to JC Nagar police station was blocked.

The trouble began in the morning when carcass pieces were found near a mosque in Hebbal Kempapura and Jamma Milia mosque in JC Nagar. Though nothing much happened near Hebbal, people began gathering near JC Nagar mosque.

Senior police officers, including DCP North Syed Ulfat Hussain, rushed to the place, and community leaders like Shivajinagar MLA R Roshan Baig also arrived there. The police held a peace meeting and formed a peace committee to maintain law & order in the area. Members of both Hindu and Muslim communities from the area agreed to maintain peace.

Trouble began after the afternoon prayers, when a group of persons came from the Tannery Road area.

The mob gathered around the JC Nagar police station and began demanding action against the culprits.

Even as Ulfat Hussain appealed to the mob to maintain peace, the mob began hurling stones. Hussain’s security Siddaraju was hit in the eye and was rushed to hospital. The mob turned its ire on vehicles. Police resorted to a lathicharge and burst tear gas shells to disperse the mob.

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Muslim mob sets upon Hindus at Ganga Sagar

Posted by jagoindia on June 14, 2008

Muslim mob sets upon Hindus at Ganga Sagar

Pioneer News Service | Kolkata, June 14, 1008

In what is being viewed as a CPI(M) ploy to shift focus from burning issues and gain back confidence of minorities, who had shifted their loyalties during panchayat election, the police on Friday arrested 15 Hindu pilgrims to Ganga Sagar but let go a Muslim mob, mostly CPI(M) supporters, who on Thursday night attacked and burnt down an inn at Ganga Sagar Islands before assaulting local police men.

The crowd armed with sharp-edged weapons attacked the inn — near Kapil Muni temple — and beat up pilgrims at around 7 pm, said police sources. A few policemen deployed were also manhandled when they tried to intervene. Tapan Ghosh and Sunder Das, both workers of Hindu Sanghati, were also beaten up. The four-hour ordeal continued till a larger contingent of police force headed by the Kakdwip BDO and SDPO arrived.

The mob was led by Sheikh Ismail, a CPI(M) member and chairman of the local panchayat, police sources conceded but refused to arrest the culprits. “Such was the condition that the pilgrims were trembling and even the BDO was injured,” said a source and added finally RAF had to be called in. “The police refused to lodge FIRs against the attackers who burnt down three rooms rented by the RSS for pilgrims,” said sources.

“What was more agonising was instead of booking the offenders the police arrested the victims. At least 15 of them were arrested and booked under non-bailable sections, BJP State secretary Rahul Sinha said. Meanwhile, thousands of BJP workers led by Sinha on Friday staged a blockade at Esplanade in Kolkata. Later, 526 of them were arrested and released later. “The Left Front Government has become weak,” Sinha said, adding that the CPI(M) is trying to appease the minority community by playing a “partisan game.”

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